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Print2PDF 7.0 Server Edition Release Notes

Build Released April 18, 2008

  • [E-mail] Improved the SMTP function to accept an e-mail address in the form: FirstName LastName.
  • [Print Driver] Improved driver installation to use DRIVER_INFO_4 of the Windows AddPrinterDriver API.
  • [Print Driver] Fixed an error that would freeze a 32-bit application when printing from a USER account on an x64 operating system.

Build Released February 4, 2008

  • [Save As Dialog] Fixed some stability problems with the prnpack.exe TSR.
  • [Save As Dialog] Fixed a problem that could cause unsuccessful printing on Terminal Services and Citrix.
  • [Digital ID] Fixed a problem when signing an existing third-party PDF caused undesired font kerning.
  • [Digital ID] Fixed a problem when using a certificate that has a defined Friendly name.
  • [Print Driver] Fixed a problem when sometimes Adobe Reader would show Fast Web View as false even though the PDF was linearized.
  • [Print Driver] Fixed a problem when attempting to copy and paste text from a PDF.
  • [Print Driver] Fixed a font embedding problem with the Senakjr TrueType font.
  • [Print Driver] Fixed an error that caused PDF/A to not validate correctly when used during the trial period.
  • [Convert2PDF] Regression: Fixed an error that caused the /iniconvert command-line switch to crash on folder names.

Build Released December 14, 2007

  • [Save As Dialog] Fixed an error on Terminal Services and Citrix that only allowed the last logged in user to print successfully.
  • [Other] Fixed an error that caused client printer installation to fail when upgrading from Print2PDF 6 to Print2PDF 7.
  • [Merge] Fixed an error that caused error 0x8004ffff when merging and sending the output by e-mail without saving.
  • [Digital ID] Fixed an error that caused no output to be generated when using a certificate that does not exist.

Build Released November 1, 2007

  • [Convert2PDF] Added native application support for Autodesk AutoCAD, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, and
  • [Internal Conversion] Added support for new image formats (dcx, dib, fax, pcx, psd, tga, etc.).
  • [Internal Conversion] Added support for multi-page TIFF images.
  • [Internal Conversion] Fixed an error that caused JPEG conversion to result in a blank page.
  • [Word Macro] Signed the Word Macro with a new code signing key.
  • [InstallShield] Signed the installer with a new code signing key.
  • [Printing] Fixed an error when using the registry entry SDK_UseKey.
  • [Configuration] Fixed an error that caused the compress page content option to not work correctly.
  • [Configuration] Fixed an error when the 128-bit encryption checkbox options were not saved correctly.
  • [Configuration] Fixed an error that caused the page display mode option to not save correctly.
  • [E-mail] Fixed an error that would not accept multiple recpients for TO and CC.
  • [E-mail] Fixed the CC feature to work properly.
  • [Print Driver] Fixed an error that would not allow the output PDF to be created with a zero margin.

Build Released August 6, 2007

  • Added the ability to merge multiple files into one PDF using a profile with Convert2PDF (e.g. create a profile that uses a default file name and Automatically merge after last page).
  • Added the ability to show the complete certificate list using a registry entry (create DWORD HKCU\Software\Software602\Print602\2001\PDF\SignedPDF_ShowAllCerts or HKLM\Software\Software602\Print602\2001\PDF\SignedPDF_ShowAllCerts and set the value to 1).
  • Improved the Select certificate dialog to only show certificates that are valid for signing.
  • Updated the included PDF user manuals.
  • Fixed a client printer installation issue on x64 and Vista that was introduced in a clean install of build
  • Fixed an installation issue when upgrading from previous builds (e.g. RegDB: Error 5 writing HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Print2PDF\PrintDisabled (Access denied)).
  • Fixed a spooler freezing issue on SMP systems (e.g. two Xeon 5160 dual-core CPUs) by moving the Print2PDF printer to a local port called 'Print2PDF'.
  • Fixed the Save As dialog to always show in the foreground on x64 operating systems.
  • Fixed a problem with the Digital ID feature when two or more certificates have the same 'Issued To' name, only the first certificate would be used.
  • Fixed a cosmetic error in the Print2PDF Configuration dialog on Windows XP using the Classic theme.
  • Fixed the automatic file naming feature (e.g. file.pdf, file001.pdf, file002.pdf) when using a default file name and hiding the Save As dialog.
  • Fixed the e-mail error 'The send e-mail address is invalid. Please enter a valid e-mail address' by allowing e-mail addresses with sub-domains (e.g. would work, but would not).
  • Fixed the Convert2PDF command-line switch /iniconvert so it will not crash on folders (e.g. C:\2720\2\Manual.doc would work, but C:\2720\1\3 would crash).
  • Fixed an issue when digitally signing certain encrypted PDF documents that would cause the signature to become invalid (error from Adobe Reader: 'Signature con
  • tains incorrect, unrecognized, corrupted or suspicious data. Support information: SigDict /Contents illegal data.').
  • Fixed an issue when digitally signing PDF documents with multi-language characters that would cause some fonts to be removed.
  • Fixed an issue when printing certain OLE linked Microsoft Excel charts from Microsoft Word.
  • Fixed a dialog error on the Select Certificate dialog using Windows 2000.

Build Released July 23, 2007

  • Fixed a client printer installation issue that was introduced in a clean install of build The registry key HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers\Print2PDF\CopyFiles was not prepared properly.

Build Released July 20, 2007

  • Added the ability to merge output and add a Digital ID at the same time.
  • Added the message 'Digital ID private key is inaccessible. Do you want to try again?' when the Digital ID function fails. This will allow the user to reinsert the private key token and rerun the digital signature process.
  • Fixed an installation problem on Windows operating systems that have translated security group names (e.g. Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc.).
  • Fixed the error 'The file being printed is already in the PDF format. The print conversion will stop.' when printing to the Print2PDF printer from Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

Build Released June 28, 2007

  • Initial release.

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