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602LAN SUITE 5.0 Groupware Release Notes

Build Released April 8, 2008

  • [InstallShield] Fixed the installation to work correctly with Internet Information Services 7 (IIS7).
  • [InstallShield] Fixed a random error that caused ERROR 30004 during installation.
  • [602SQL] Upgraded to 602SQL and optimized disk flushing parameters.
  • [602SQL] Fixed an SQL index repair error that could lead to other problems.
  • [Console] Added a function to the Console that allows Rebuilding the database.
  • [Console] Improved the Database repair process to perform prerequisite actions automatically.
  • [Console] Fixed the console to work correctly on Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.
  • [Console] Fixed an error in Database repair that reported more repairs than errors.
  • [Console] Fixed an error in Database repair that incorrectly reported the number of repairs performed.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Added the ability to login to the IMAP server with an alternate mobile login (e.g. bob = bob_mobile).
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Improved the speed of the IMAP CHECK command.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Improved the IMAP server to avoid an error in Mozilla Thunderbird that caused duplicate messages.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed a random error that occurred while working with large e-mail attachments.
  • [Web Admin] Fixed a localization error that caused an error in the SSL Configuration.
  • [Web Client] Fixed an error in the Reminder pop-up that caused an error when viewed over HTTPS.
  • [Outlook Connector] Upgraded the Outlook Connector plug-in to version 3.1.7.
  • [InfoPanel] Fixed a conflict that occurred with a permanent login.
  • [InfoPanel] Fixed the text on the Simple MAPI client to show "602LAN SUITE Groupware Client" instead of "GWMail".
  • [Print2Fax] Fixed an application error in Print2FAX.

Build Released February 14, 2008

  • [602SQL] Improved the performace of bulk write operations.
  • [602SQL] Upgraded the data storage engine to 602SQL Open Server 11.
  • [Web Client] Improved the Event/Task Alert window to now close automatically after removing all reminders.
  • [Web Client] Improved the speed of bulk operations (e.g. move/copy/delete, etc.) on messages.
  • [Web Client] Improved the speed of opening a folder with many messages.
  • [Mail] Fixed some text in the information box for automatic deleting of old messages.
  • [Mail] Fixed an error that caused the right margin to be cut when printing an HTML e-mail.
  • [Mail] Fixed the automatic hyperlink function to not include invalid characters.
  • [Mail] Fixed a problem that caused some characters to be incorrectly handled and displayed (e.g. Danish characters).
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed a loop that occurs when an automatic reply is sent to a mailbox with an automatic reply.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed a language localization problem in the statistics files (lansuite.csv and infected.csv).
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed a problem that interrupted the backup process when old files could not be deleted.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Removed the IMAP ID information from the server log.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Improved the delivery speed of Delivery Receipts.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed multiple errors in processing large amounts of Bayesian learning messages.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed a problem with time zone handling on Windows 2000.
  • [WebDAV] Regression: Fixed an error that caused the WebDAV service to not work properly.
  • [WebDAV] Fixed a problem when renaming document folders with Windows Explorer.
  • [WebDAV] Fixed a problem with when uploading or downloading large files.
  • [Outlook Connector] Fixed a problem with recurring events if the server runs on Windows 2000.
  • [Documents] Added more descriptive WebDAV error messages.
  • [Search] Fixed the Advanced Search date format to follow the user defined date format.
  • [InstallShield] Added the ability to automatically download and install the Microsoft .NET 1.1 Framework.
  • [InstallShield] Fixed the port detection dialog to not report ports in use by IIS, when IIS is used for installation.
  • [Console] Added a message that contains the number of errors found and repaired to the Database Repair feature.
  • [Console] Added a feature that can check and repair the integrity of system objects under Database Repair.
  • [Console] Fixed a problem that caused the unwanted creation of an IIS virtual directory for administration.
  • [Web Server] Improved the speed of concurrent .aspx requests.
  • [Web Server] Fixed the default index page to correctly link the Admin and Client on the correct ports.

Build Released January 7, 2008

  • [Web Server] Added the ability to access the Groupware Client or Groupware Administration with the port number only.
  • [602SQL] Fixed an error that caused table indexes to become damaged under certain conditions.
  • [Outlook Connector] Fixed an error that prevented SSL IMAP connections from working properly on Windows Vista.

Build Released December 12, 2007

  • [Web Admin] Added the ability to initiate the backup process on-demand.
  • [Web Admin] Added UP and DOWN buttons to the NAT IP filter.
  • [Web Admin] Added a function to check for the existence of the anti-spam mailbox.
  • [Web Client] Added a new command to select all items in the folder.
  • [Mail] Added the ability to send a Signed or Encrypted e-mail without selecting the Contact.
  • [Calendar] Added a line through Completed tasks.
  • [Contacts] Added the ability to view Properties of a Contact.
  • [Documents] Added more information to the WebDAV URLs.
  • [Outlook Connector] Added Danish support to the Outlook Connector.
  • [Thunderbird Connector] Added the time zone and language environment from Thunderbird to all requests.
  • [602SQL] Improved the SQL engine to throttle CPU cycles under heavy load.
  • [Calendar] Updated the New Task and New Event icons.
  • [Other] Updated the Help pages with the current PDF documentation.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed an error with POP3 downloaded messages that have a Forward/Reply/Notification rule.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed a problem with anti-virus updates after software activation and the service was not restarted.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed an error that allowed a deleted user account to login temporarily.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Fixed a login problem that was caused when the user table was locked.
  • [Console] Fixed minor text errors on the Database Repair dialog.
  • [Console] Fixed minor text errors in the Database Repair log file.
  • [Web Admin] Fixed a minor text error on the Program Update dialog.
  • [Web Admin] Fixed some duplicate IP address entries found under NAT and Firewall.
  • [Web Admin] Fixed some minor text errors under Local anti-virus scan.
  • [Web Client] Fixed the Select all checkbox to only select messages from the displayed page.
  • [Today] Fixed the date format to work properly.
  • [Mail] Fixed a Javascript error that was caused by certain non-HTML encoded characters.
  • [Calendar] Fixed an error that caused no scroll bars to appear when viewing Availability per Day.
  • [Calendar] Fixed a minor text error on the References sub-tab.
  • [Calendar] Fixed the Calendar Event to show correctly when content is very large.
  • [Calendar] Fixed an error that caused scroll bars to not appear under the Links sub-tab.
  • [Calendar] Fixed a text error in the message subject when a Task was assigned a due date.
  • [Calendar] Fixed text under the View Event listbox.
  • [Calendar] Fixed text under the View Task listbox.
  • [Calendar] Fixed a rare write exception when viewing a Shared Calendar.
  • [Contacts] Fixed an error that allowed a user with Administrator rights to delete from the Local Users list.
  • [Contacts] Fixed some minor text errors on all sub-tabs.
  • [Settings] Fixed the error 'Specified argument was out of the range of valid values' that was caused by certain time zones.
  • [Search] Fixed an error where the TO: and FROM: terminology was reversed under Mail -> Advanced Search -> Basic.
  • [Thunderbird Connector] Fixed LDAP synchronization to work both ways.
  • [InfoPanel] Fixed a minor text error on the Documents section of the InfoPanel.

Build Released November 14, 2007

  • [Migration Utility] All Anti-spam settings now migrate properly.
  • [Migration Utility] Sent items now migrate properly.
  • [Outlook Connector] Added support for Spanish (es), German (de), French (fr), Italian (it), Turkish (tr), and Portuguese (br) to the Outlook Connector.
  • [Outlook Connector] A message attached to a message is now visible using the Outlook Connector.
  • [Thunderbird Connector] Corrected an issue where some messages would cause a date range error when deleted.
  • [Web Admin] The ISP SMTP Details password field will no longer show as blank when a password is saved.
  • [Web Admin] Network interface selection caused incorrect Firewall rules to be displayed.
  • [Web Admin] Added the ability to add External users and the Anonymous user to the LDAP users group.
  • [Web Admin] It is now possible to disable default Firewall rules.
  • [Web Admin] Aliases can now be added to the Web server.
  • [Web Admin] Corrected some text under the License Summary.
  • [Web Admin] Setting the user Trash time limit from the Web Admin now works properly.
  • [Web Client] Corrected an issue where large amount of objects in one folder may cause the application to hang.
  • [Web Client] Corrected an issue where MSIE 7 on Windows 2003 x6 would crash after login to the Web Client.
  • [Web Client] Corrected an issue where it was not possible to copy some e-mail messages.
  • [Calendar] Corrected some text under Calendar - View - Event.
  • [Calendar] Corrected some text under Task delegation.
  • [Calendar] Correct some text under the Calendar drop-down list.
  • [Calendar] Enlarged the Save and Close button under New Task.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Corrected an issue where the Content Filter user limit will only affect the Proxy server user limit if the Content Filter service is enabled.
  • [602LAN SUITE Server] Text changes to Web server and Proxy server log messages.
  • [602SQL] Corrected an issue where some deleted messages caused errors to fill the 602SQL log file.
  • [InstallShield] Made some minor text changes.
  • [Console] Added advanced database repair settings.
  • [LDAP Server] The LDAP server will now work properly on non-English Windows operating systems.
  • [Today] Correct some text issues on the Today screen.
  • [Mail] Plain text e-mail printing is now formatted correctly.
  • [Mail] Correct Manually now works in the Spell checking utility.
  • [WebDAV] Added support for the Windows Vista WebDAV client.

Build Released October 24, 2007

  • Initial release.

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