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Outgoing Mails Not Being Sent
  Posted by  Taiwo Yemi  on Monday, June 16, 2003 at 11:33:04 AM (EST)
Initially, when LS 2002 was installed, I was able to send mails. Suddenly, after about one week, it stopped sending mails and will be displaying about 190 attempts.
How can I solve this ?
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Monday, June 16, 2003 at 2:22:42 PM (EST)
Sometimes the mail server can not contact the remote mail server for some reason. This can be caused by anything from network problems to the server physically not being connected to the internet. You can try deleting it out of the queue and resending it to see if that takes care of the problem, but it should bounce in 72 hours by default.
  Posted by Taiwo Yemi  on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 3:37:34 AM (EST)
But I have uninstall and reinstall more than 8 times now and the problem persist. Most astonishing is the fact that those outgoing mails will not even leave the server when the local network is working perfectly and the internet connection on wireless is superb.
  Posted by Taiwo Yemi  on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 3:39:33 AM (EST)
However, I need to add that the server is runing on Windows 98 Platform. Also, I do not use the Fax Server of the software.
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 10:55:40 AM (EST)
Uninstalling and reinstalling the software will not fix this problem. There could be many different reasons this is happening, as I said before.

Have you looked in your log files for the error? I bet it's a DNS problem. Did you add the DNS servers to the advanced sending parameters as suggested in the LS manual?
  Posted by Taiwo Yemi  on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 12:49:51 PM (EST)
Dear Robert,

Thanx for your versatility on LS products. I need to ask you 2 questions:

Does the ISP SMTP Server on the SMTP configuration stands for my Internet connection Provider's SMTP Server or my domain mail server i.e. ?

The DNS you mentioned above, are they the ones for my domain or for the ISP that provide Internet Connection ?

I have a domain name being hosted by Anythingemail Inc. in USA while my local internet connection provider is Multilinks.
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Tuesday, June 17, 2003 at 3:54:43 PM (EST)
1.) It depends on which one allows you to relay. You can send the mail directly from LS if you wanted to by removing that option which is what i recommend since most isps don't allow relaying.

2.) These are provided by your ISP.
  Posted by Taiwo Yemi  on Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 5:45:27 AM (EST)
Hi Robert,

I have disabled the option of sending outgoing mails through ISP's SMTP Server. But I still put the SMTP address of Multilinks (provider of physical Internet connection) into the ISP's SMTP Server tab.
I have included the DNS Server of Multilinks in DNS1 and DNS2 of the Advanced Sending Parameters.
Below is the log entries after the above.

--- Thursday 08:20:03 06/19/03 602Pro LAN SUITE v. 2002 START ---
08:20:03 am SMTP: Initializing 602Pro...
08:20:03 am SMTP: Internet addresses read - total of 6 addresses (aliases) for 3 users.
08:20:03 am SMTP: Initializing Windows Sockets...
08:20:03 am POP3: Initializing POP3 service...
08:20:03 am POP3: Waiting for incoming connection...
08:20:03 am POP3: POP3 server started.
08:20:03 am SOCKS: SOCKS server started.
08:20:03 am NS: DNS requests processing started.
08:20:03 am PROXY: 0508 FTP-Client proxy uses
08:20:03 am PROXY: 0516 Telnet proxy
08:20:03 am PROXY: 0524 WWW/FTP/security proxy and WWW uses
08:20:03 am HTTP: WWW/Proxy software started as configured.
08:20:03 am RAPROXY: RealAudio proxy started.
08:20:27 am DIAL: Establishing dial-up connection "Multi-links
10:41:12 am SMTP: Processing 2ed071cf.xq message...
10:41:12 am SMTP: Requesting MX records for domain ''...
10:41:18 am SMTP: MX records for domain '' found.
10:41:18 am SMTP: Requesting MX records for domain ''...
10:41:23 am SMTP: MX records for domain '' found.
10:41:23 am SMTP: [2] Connecting to '' ( ...
10:42:08 am SMTP: [2] Connection to '' failed.
10:42:08 am SMTP: [2] Connecting to '' ( ...
10:42:53 am SMTP: [2] Connection to '' failed.
10:42:53 am SMTP: [2] Connecting to '' ( ...
10:43:38 am SMTP: [2] Connection to '' failed.
10:43:38 am SMTP: [2] Connecting to '' ( ...
10:43:44 am SMTP: [2] Connection to '' failed.
10:43:44 am SMTP: [2] Connecting to '' ( ...
10:36:06 am SMTP: Failed to send 2ed071cf.xq message. Next attempt to resend in 5 minutes.
10:37:07 am SMTP: 2ed071cf.xq message - 239 s. until sending.
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Thursday, June 19, 2003 at 3:12:09 PM (EST)
Contact your ISP then, because you're not getting DNS resolution.
  Posted by Taiwo Yemi  on Monday, June 23, 2003 at 6:27:15 AM (EST)
Dear Robert,

It is becoming increasingly frustrating and I'm in a total mess. After having tried one or two things, see below the log entries:

14:38 am SMTP: Processing 2ed07428.xq message...
11:14:38 am SMTP: [2] Searching for ''...
11:14:38 am SMTP: [2] Connecting to '' ( ...
11:14:38 am SMTP: [2] Connection to '' ( established.
11:14:38 am SMTP: [2] Waiting for identification...
11:14:38 am PROXY: 0568 Proxy.
11:14:38 am SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to '' established.
11:14:39 am SMTP: [2] 550 not local host, not a gateway
11:14:40 am SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to '' terminated.
11:14:41 am SMTP: 2ed07428.xq message cannot be delivered to 1 addressees.
11:14:49 am PROXY: 0568 12791B/9s

As you have been told already, I used "" as my SMTP Server while their DNS Servers were specified as "" and "" in the Advanced Sending Parameters Tab.

I have also calle Multilinks to ask if they have blocked anything to which they replied no.

Pls, try help me out of this.


Yemi Taiwo (Lagos, Nigeria)
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Monday, June 23, 2003 at 11:06:28 AM (EST)
11:14:39 am SMTP: [2] 550 not local host, not a gateway

I assume you are using the "use ISP's outgoing SMTP server" option, in which case this message indicates that "" is not a valid gateway. In other words your ISP (I assume this is your ISP) is rejecting the mail. Again, something your ISP has to handle for you. This is a common anti-spam measure and they should be able to set it up so you can relay the mail from your domain through their servers.

My suggestion is to run the SMTP server as a standalone SMTP (ie, do not use your ISPs SMTP server to relay the mail).
  Posted by Taiwo Yemi  on Monday, June 23, 2003 at 1:04:15 PM (EST)
Hi Robert,

It's a great pleasure to thank you for your contributions to finding a lasting solution to my problem.

Now, I can send outgoing emails after checking the "ISP SMTP Server Requires Authentication" in "Advanced SMTP Sending Parameters" Tab.

I then providedmy login name and password. That was all.

Thanx so much and wish you continual knowledge enrishment.


Yemi Taiwo (Lagos, Nigeria)
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