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AVG updated or not; how to know
  Posted by  Stefaan Goddaer  on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 2:45:22 PM (EST)
I Use 602Pro Lan Suite 2002 on a WindowsNT4 machine. It runs as a service. The AVG software is also running (and working fine capturing virusses). The automatic update does not seem to work. I get nothing in the logfile and when I try to update manually; AVG wants me to stop Lansuite service during the update.I did so; and manual updating succeeded (but nothing in the log file). After that Lansuite service was restarted, and works fine.
My question: Is it possible to autoupdate AVG when Lansuite runs? Is there a way to know (or receive a mail) if autoupdate sheduler is working?
Thank you for your time and effort.
  Posted by Abdulghani Abdo  on Tuesday, May 20, 2003 at 4:54:07 PM (EST)
I have the same problem, but I am running win2000 server, AVG, LS 2002 as an application not a service. Every time AVG needs to update the virus signature file, not only it will prompt me to shut down LS2002, but also might mail server will stop sending or receiving. It is a very annoying problem. Anyone can help !!!
  Posted by David Hart  on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 9:19:12 AM (EST)
I have found that the best results are achieved by disabling the AVG service and manually checking for updates once a week or so. The service is NOT required for AVG to scan mail.

It also helps to have net stop and net start shortcuts on the desktop because AVG needs LS stopped to install an update.

As a general rule of thumb I disable all but necessary services to save on memory and cycles. Everything works better.
  Posted by Stefaan Goddaer  on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 2:32:49 PM (EST)
OK, Thank you for your response.
I see the programmers of the lansuite just discovered this problem too ... (?!) and wrote an item about it in their Knowledge base (KB591: AVG requires LAN SUITE be shut down while updating.)

This is a situation I would not call : "but only AVG has complete integrated support" ....

  Posted by Brian Noftsier  on Wednesday, May 21, 2003 at 8:48:49 PM (EST)
Run a shcheduled BAT file to "net stop lansuits" and "net start lansuits"

Just amke sure your AVG update is between the two above commands.
  Posted by Stefaan Goddaer  on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 6:49:50 AM (EST)
Good Idea.
but ... how to update AGV from the commandline ?
I can't find anything in its docs.
AVGCC32 /? or /help or /update starts the console; and AVGINET won't run from the commandline.
I run the suite from a machine with no keyboard and no monitor.
(I use WinVNC in case of 'manual intervention') It would be nice if AGV updates runs automaticaly ( as my MC affee does)
  Posted by Stefaan Goddaer  on Sunday, May 25, 2003 at 7:41:30 AM (EST)
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 10:52:46 AM (EST)

With all due respect, how can you say you don't think AVG is completely integrated? Have you ever tried updating AVG on a computer that has Outlook open on it?

Strange that it's completely integrated with Outlook, yet it gives me a window that says "Please close Outlook.exe" when I try to update and Outlook is open.

Further, I can't think of any application that can update itself without requiring the open files that it is updating be closed first. This sounds more like a problem with the AVG database/update routine or simply the way Windows has a habit of locking open files. So forgive me, but I don't see why you bash LS as it behaves as every other integrated application does.
  Posted by Stefaan Goddaer  on Tuesday, May 27, 2003 at 2:29:59 PM (EST)
I 'm sorry if I have hurt your feelings, Robert.
As I wrote before the Lansuite works perfectly well and the virus scanner proved already its effectiveness in my home.
But ‘complete integrated support’ something does not have to mean 'taking over shortcomings and having to live with it'. That is why I try to find a way around this shortcoming. (a small item when related to the great features implemented). AVG-update has no way to stop the software using its datafile. So the software using it might do something about it. I was thinking of using a scheduler to stop Lansuite , start the update, and restarting Lansuite.
Integrating this ‘thought’ would not need to stop the Lansuite completely , only the mail delivery could be postponed until the virusdata files are again available. Unfortunately I did not find a way to run this update from the command line yet.

I read in other threads on this forum I am not the only person feeling uncomfortable about having to the job manually. ‘Forgetting or postponing’ to update the virus scanner can be a small disaster. As the incoming virus I stopped last week needed the files just 2 days old (I-Worm/Palyh).

As an electronic development engineer and development team leader I am daily searching for solutions , and really, not at all trying to dishonour the work, labour and the hours the 602 software team has done for this, and other terrific software.

By the way I could not find a note on the Microsoft website telling about AVG ‘that it's completely integrated with Outlook’ :-) . And please do not take Outlook as “the” example of how to interact with plugins or non-microsoft software; I am sure You know better than that. This could be taken as an assault by the 602 team ! :-))
  Posted by Michel Vanderheijden  on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 1:08:06 PM (EST)
>Have you ever tried updating AVG on a computer that has Outlook open on it?

It just means that my opinion that AVG is crapy software seems to be proofed again. We use Norman Virus Control and Outlook (or whatever program) does not need to be shut down before/during/after the update. This is rather silly. Also AVG never got a 100% score

The complete AVG package is absolute not userfriendly and has very limited options for advanced users. It is also pretty stupid that i have to buy a 5-user serverlicence just because i use the 5-user Lansuite edition. I never plan to use AVG on any other station than my server and even there only als a scanengine for Lansuite. The rest is disabled and is protected bij NVC.

My motivation is being supported by
Result summary: 1 pass / 19 fails
Result summary:20 passes / 9 fails

This says enough!
  Posted by James Y  on Saturday, May 31, 2003 at 9:07:11 PM (EST)
No server is maintenance free, thats why people hire System Administrators. Pricing is irrelevant, it is common to price server and business software by user/processor, and can be in the thousands quickly.

"Integrated" meaning to the "Mail Server" which will call AVG when mail is "Incoming" to be scanned at the server. Notice that on the AntiVirus tab it says "AVG", no selection for NAV or others, because they aren't "integrated" Using AVG on the server is your option, but a good idea.
Your client machines should also use AntiVirus, here you may use NAV,McAfee,AVG, or whatever.

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