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www: 1363 www disabled
  Posted by  Tina Lammon  on Monday, May 21, 2007 at 5:15:05 PM (EST)

Our organization has been using 602LAN for several years & I inherited the setup. I am not an IT person, so please dumb it down for me! 602LAN has been working fine up until several days ago. Then users sporadically would not be able to access shared resources on the network. They were able to send/receive external email & surf the internet fine. There is no pattern at all to who is allowed to log onto a mapped drive on the network from day to day.

The server is W2k sp4 using Active Directory
Every workstation is XP pro sp2 addressing scheme static entries for all pc’s.

Users see the following message:

Error ccurred while reconnecting R://servername resource MS Win network local device name is already in use this connection has not been restored.

It has nothing to do with idle server timeout’s for users that leave share open too long. Nor are there any MS licensing issues. & as far as I can tell from 602LAN settings none have been changed (I would be the only one with access to do so). Nor are there any error’s found in the servers event viewer. The only errors that I have found to support the denial of access were within 602LAN’s logs.

My question is has anyone seen these type of errors before? What do they mean? Is there any documentation that explains how to understand and troubleshoot the entries? I have read the manual over & over, looked through every article on the KB & have looked at every entry in the forum for an answer. I have also looked up understanding w3c log file formats & I am still at a loss as to what the problem is and how to fix it.

Thank you for your help.

6:48:55 AM WWW: 1664 Request: /
6:48:55 AM WWW: 1664 WWW disabled.(03)
6:48:56 AM PROXY: 1516 Connection has arrived.(03)
6:48:56 AM WWW: 1664 Connection closed.
6:48:56 AM WWW: 1516 Request: /sysvol
6:48:56 AM WWW: 1516 WWW disabled.(03)
6:48:57 AM PROXY: 1196 Connection has arrived.(03)
6:48:57 AM WWW: 1516 Connection closed.
6:48:58 AM WWW: 1196 Request: /sysvol
6:48:58 AM WWW: 1196 WWW disabled.(03)
6:49:01 AM WWW: 1196 Connection closed.

Another question is… should I be concerned when I see the following in the log files?

6:49:41 AM NAT: 0870 TCP> Connection has arrived.
6:49:41 AM NAT: 0744 19618B/645s
6:49:41 AM NAT: 0747 729B/644s
6:49:41 AM NAT: 0748 63801B/634s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0751 1712B/484s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0752 16023B/483s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0753 12176B/468s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0754 45265B/478s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0756 12853B/476s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0758 70670B/476s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0759 4777B/467s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0760 7190B/477s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0761 32096B/477s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0762 50801B/476s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0763 2101B/467s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0764 986B/467s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0765 1651B/475s
6:49:42 AM NAT: 0766 1941B/476s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0767 75850B/470s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0768 5939B/470s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0769 6004B/468s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0776 1199B/467s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0779 7977B/440s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0780 18084B/466s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0782 3126B/467s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0787 10977B/466s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0790 1826B/467s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0791 2071B/467s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0793 10644B/467s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0794 21942B/467s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0798 39794B/440s
6:49:43 AM NAT: 0799 9772B/440s
6:49:44 AM NAT: 0801 39020B/442s
6:49:44 AM NAT: 0802 84851B/442s
6:49:44 AM NAT: 0805 25465B/441s
6:49:44 AM NAT: 0808 2140B/441s
6:49:44 AM NAT: 0809 8194B/324s
6:49:44 AM NAT: 0812 4795B/441s
6:49:44 AM NAT: 0814 3159B/441s
6:50:05 AM NAT: 0867 Connection closed.
  Posted by Eric Praske  on Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 3:06:47 PM (EST)
"6:48:58 AM WWW: 1196 WWW disabled.(03)"

It looks like the WWW server is disabled. You may want to check the configuration under the WWW tab. Make sure there is a check next to the web server and that it is configured properly (ie. correct port number).
  Posted by Tina Lammon  on Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 8:38:36 PM (EST)
Thanks for the response. If it was only as easy as that. We are not running a web server, so checking the enable box wouldn't do us any good.

  Posted by Tina Lammon  on Thursday, May 24, 2007 at 8:42:15 PM (EST)
Actually, the www looks like it's denying users access to shared drives. I'm trying to figure out why & where the mistake is. This happened suddenly & there had been no recent configurations done upon the server itself or 602lan to explain what happened. I keep very detailed records of what got changed & when... so if it doesn't work, I can undo the change.

Which is why I'm trying to figure out what the codes mean. & what triggers them.
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 at 10:02:16 AM (EST)
The stuff on the bottom are NAT requests. Do you see where it says NAT: [data] in the log snippit?

Basically it sounds like something is blocking your requests on the local network. It's probably not NAT causing this problem..

Maybe your users are trying to get to this drive via Internet Explorer instead of Windows Explorer?
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