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Users getting "Reached licensed user limit"
  Posted by  Roland Deherder  on Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 4:57:14 AM (EST)
We have a license for 10 users and even though there are only 6 computers turned on at the moment, one of them is getting the message:

"602LAN Suite has reached the licensed user limit. Purcase a larger license to prevent this error in the future."

when opening .
The amount of opened proxy ports is 5 at that time.
The same error is also occurring at another company of ours which still using the free 5-user version.

Shutting down LAN Suite and retarting it solves this problem but ofcourse should not be the solution.
Any idea's anyone?

  Posted by Robert Smith  on Tuesday, November 29, 2005 at 12:34:00 PM (EST)
Do you use DHCP or have more computers than your license allows? It's possible that you're getting new addresses that is making it look to LAN Suite that you're going over the limit.

I have a customer that had the exact same problem--he ran 2 shifts, no more than 25 people on at one time, but they all had their own computer (about 45 computers at the location). When the first shift ended and the second shift started, they would have this problem due to the fact that LS keeps track of IP addresses.

As far as I know, the only way to fix this is to upgrade to a higher user license or just wait an hour or so and the IP table will reset.
  Posted by Roland Deherder  on Wednesday, November 30, 2005 at 4:49:10 AM (EST)
Hi Robert,

Thanks for your reply. The DHCP-server is not running. I even got this license-message this morning while there was only 1 computer turned on in our entire network!

I've been doing some more research and it seems there are a lot of connections coming from outside our internal network to LanSuite, all add-related. Shutting down the internal network connection on that pc so it became a stand-alone computer had no effect on the amount of proxy requests. That means those requests could not come from a computer on our network and therefore have come from the internet.
Here are some proxy-connection logentries:

0:00:02 PROXY: 1564 Request:

0:00:09 PROXY: 1360 Request:

0:00:10 PROXY: 1592 Request:

0:01:12 PROXY: 1568 Request:

This continued all night and alot of requests a minute. It even has our IP-address in them. Now I'm puzzled and getting scared! Shutting down the Proxy server also had no effect. No-one on the network could ofcourse use the proxy and LanSuite would deny above requests but the requests kept coming.

The only remedy so far has been to close port 80 in our router but that now means no-one can access their E-mail on LanSuite from the internet.

If anyone has any idea what is happening please leave a message.

Roland de Herder
  Posted by Roland Deherder  on Wednesday, November 30, 2005 at 5:10:37 AM (EST)
Update: Just added an IP-filter in the proxy-server so only our internal network has access and reopened port 80 in our router. The requests are still coming in from the internet but are being "Access denied by IP-Filter" by LanSuite.
I wonder if the outside requests are ever going to stop.
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