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Backup and remote access
  Posted by  Arnon Zeira  on Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 6:50:00 AM (EST)
Hi all,

I was using the 5 user version for evaluation and I must say that Iím quite happy so far. I do have two questions for which I did expect to find in the forum and the knowledge base.
1. Is there any way to keep the copy of the email on the server for backup needs?
Naturally, I can set the email client to leave a copy on the server but I did want to know if someone as used it to keep something like 2GB per mail box.
2. Are there any issues concerning a maximum size for mail box? Can oversized mailbox slow server down for some reason?
3. Can I backup mboxes folder while LS is running (looks like technically I can copy the whole LS folder)?
4. Is it can I use such a daily backup for restoring users mailboxes?
5. Any way to keep the mailboxes of users on the file server for backup reasons?
6. Any other solution for email backup? Did I miss anything here?

Remote access:
As my router is currently blocking any remote access, I do have some issues I would like to verify.
1. I did understand from the forum that opening ports 25 and 110 to the server would allow me to use web mail using my external IP address. I guess it can only be used to access mailbox via mail client by using my real IP address as SMTP and POP3 server address. Am I right in here?
2. Using the web browser to remotely read mail can be dome by opening port 80 as well?
3. Is the www server needed to log into web browser mail and remote administration plus users folders? Is that what the www server all about?
4. Is there any way to allow web access by web browser and block the remote administration from the web?
5. Are there any important issues concerning the web access vulnerability?
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Thursday, July 14, 2005 at 10:01:39 AM (EST)
1. Yes, this is set up through your mail client. Usually the account settings have a "leave a copy of messages on the server for x days" option.

2. Any time you have a large amount of files, you're going to take a performance hit as Windows looks through these files to find what it's looking for. This would not be a lan suite problem, but one with your disk i/o subsystem. You shouldn't notice a difference in performance from opening the folder in Windows Explorer. If it takes a long time to open the folder, it will take a long time for lan suite to perform file operations on files in this folder.

3. Yes.

4. Yes, but if you need to restore the backup, you will need to restore the entire lan suite folder. If you're looking to keep a copy of all messages, I'd look in to the new archiving feature that was highlighted in June's tips and tricks for lan suite.

5. No. the mailbox folders must reside in the lan suite folder on the same server that lan suite is running on.

6. Yes. Archive feature (see 4).

1. No. Web mail runs on port 80. 25 is for SMTP, 110 is for POP3. You'd use these ports for a mail client like outlook express or mozilla thunderbird.

2. See #1.

3. Yes, the web server is required to use Web Mail features.

4. No, but there is an option to set it so it's password protected. Check the knowledge base for details.

5. Not really. It's a straightforward web server as far as I can see. Most of the security issues i've seen has been via web mail--and those are usually promptly fixed by software602.
  Posted by Arnon Zeira  on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 9:14:08 AM (EST)
Thank you Robert for the full and quick reply (I didn°¶t expect such a quick respond). If I had any questions regarding LS support, I guess I cleared that issue. Éļ
I do have some further questions (took me much longer to sort them). Regarding backup and NAT+firewall:

One of my first requirements from a mail server is the ability to do a quick easy backup in order to be able to restore the user°¶s email.
1. In order to restore user°¶s mailbox (PST problems, HD crash etc.), all I need is to pate a copy of the user°¶s folder in \mboxes\ folder (something like \LanSuite\mboxes\5CF44F2F) then rerun LS install to the LS°¶s path?
2. The new archiving feature is nice but I am not too sure about restoring user°¶s mailbox with that feature (even if it°¶s doable to filter single user°¶s mail then restore it, it°¶s far from being friendly). Therefore, I was thinking of another way: If I can afford doubling the number of mailboxes per user (for example, having John@mycompany as well as John-backup@mycompany), would I then be able to restore user°¶s email box by pasting the full content of John-backup into John°¶s folder? Do I then need to rerun install? (naturally, I do need to know the equivalent of John=5CF44F2F).
Would such a setup work? (I can also do a daily backup of *-backup folders in the file server and a backup of the initial setup).
Would I then avoid the performance compromising issue you have mentioned? (I am not going to ever open the *-backup folders and the work folders are being automatically cleaned after several days).
3. Is there any straight forward way I°¶ve missed? Does anyone use a better way to backup mailboxes with LS?
4. Are there any future plans to support IMAP?

The configuration I was thinking of implementing is Modem>VPN+Firewall box (SBox)>box with LS and two NICs>switch connected to PDC and workstations.
I am a little confused about the implementation of firewall and NAT in LS:
1. Normally, I am working with either router + NAT where I need to open ports and forward incoming packets in specific ports to specific internal IP or working with bridge (but normally with no NAT)°K Therefore, I need to know:
1. Does LS use the first, second or both ways?
2. Should/must/can I use the same subnet mask for both NICs (with NAT and router, I need to use a different IP range as router is working on layer III and working with bridge we use the MAC address and I need to use the same IP range.
3. The IP filter under NAT enables me to allow access from IP address + SM to another IP + SM. What about the incoming ports?
2. To use the VPN access of the additional firewall, do I need to customize firewall rule SSL WWW and open the needed UDP and TCP ports from there?
3. Can/should I rout some incoming traffic to a specific address or do I bypass LS in some way and broadcast to the entire network?
4. How about support of RADIUS in order to allow authentication of global usernames? (means that all LS users would be taken from PDC). Currently, if I understood correct, I need to define and authorize user in LS and PDC separately. Would LDAP help in any way other than LS only address book?
5. Can I avoid using WWW server and still allow remote users read their email using email client (opening ports 25 and 110 or SSL ports while port 80 remains closed)? Are there any more uses for the www server except for web mail, user pages and simple web server of course?
6. I was trying to access the web address www.software602/mail but I got 404 error°K Do you use exchange? ;-) or°K
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Wednesday, July 20, 2005 at 10:01:35 AM (EST)
1. No, that's how to recover from a SERVER crash. You might be able to get away with just dumping the folder into the mboxes folder, but you must understand that this is not how LS was intended to work. What I suggest is maybe store the PSTs on the server and make daily backups of the PST files. Easily done through Outlook/Express.
2. I don't know what the archive feature is intended to do exactly, but it seems to me it's just a way to keep copies of mail. It's not designed to be some kind of user accessable end-all archive like you would see in MS Exchange. You have to understand a $1500 mail server is not going to have the exact same feature set of a $10,000 groupware solution. :) I hear a full-blown mail archive is coming in the next version in the form of a groupware solution.
3. Don't back up the mailboxes, back up the PSTs.
4. I think that's supposed to be coming in the next version.

1. Use the first, second or both ways of what?
2. No. LS can act as a bridge and therefore doesn't need the same subnet/IP mask as the LAN nic.
3. No, the IP filter for nat is for defining incoming ports on the LAN side. The nature of NAT is such that it automatically blocks Internet requests unless you forward the requests. This is why you see the broadband routers advertised with a built-in firewall. It's a byproduct of NAT technology.
4. RADIUS auth isn't supported with LS.
5. You don't need the web server if your users are using pop3/smtp clients like outlook. The only mail functionality provided via the web in ls is the web mail client, and even that can be set up to use IIS on the same machine. There's instructions in the knowledge base for doing this.
6. I wouldn't know how they're set up, I'm just a reseller. :)
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