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access via gateway
  Posted by  Richard Neil  on Friday, July 30, 2004 at 6:24:33 PM (EST)
I have LS2004 running on a Win2000 server on a small home network that connects through a Smoothwall firewall to an ASDL connection. The internal side of the server is running. However niether SMTP nor POP establish a connection to the Internet. I know the Smoothwall is transparent to email. I've used another email server at work with it and did not have to touch it to get that server to work. I can also browse the internet from the server and have disabled its SMTP service.

The error message both ways is '...not found..' which I don't quite get since that implies a DNS error but I can browse the net which implies DNS works.

I'd appreciate any ideas about how to move forward with this.
  Posted by Flaviano Tresoldi  on Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 4:22:31 AM (EST)
Hi Richard,

I'm testing too 602 LanSuite,
I putted it to work with an ADSL Router/Firewll.
I had problem too and I'm still trying to solve them.

At the beginning I could use Web and send email but I was not able to receive it.

I ends up putting the 602 PC in DMZ, now all is working and I'm checking things to make it work normally.

At least you can do this try to check if all is working.

  Posted by Richard Neil  on Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 5:37:19 AM (EST)

I had seen your previous thread in the forum. To move the LS isn't practical for me.
1) I would have to shut it down and put another network card in to create a working DMZ.(Smoothwall is a specialist Linux distro running on an old PC and I have not setup a DMZ having no need for it)
2) I would then have to run another cable about 25 metres through several walls to the server PC.
3) I would have to move the LS software to a machine put in the DMZ and I don't really have a machine spare to do that.
4) there is still the issue of getting the mail from the DMZ to the clients on the green(internal) network.

So I would really, really rather not have to do this. Especially as I have got LS to work on the network at work using a WinXP machine as host, again behind a Smoothwall firewall. I know the Smoothwall there is set up exactly like the one here and I don't remember doing anything particular in the setup of the LS to make it work. The only difference is that there I was on an dialup connection. Trouble is that was a test setup many months ago then scrapped so I can't go back and compare settings :( I don't think I had MX set in the DNS there and I don't here. As I read things that should not be required with a server sitting in a private network space behind a firewall sending mail to and from my ISP only. I'll have to check on Monday. What I'm looking for and don't see is some way to tell the LS to look to the firewall for DNS resolution/as a proxy and the error message 'not found' does imply LS is not managing to locate and route through the firewall.
  Posted by Flaviano Tresoldi  on Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 6:27:38 AM (EST)
Did you already checked your system ?

Did you try to stop IIS on the Win2000 Server ?
Or did you check if you still have some program on it using ports for email (25 and 110).

It could be some mixed used of ports.

You could check a with a free trial network protocol analyzer (I've used that of
to see if port 25 or 110 are used on the server.

  Posted by Richard Neil  on Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 8:50:22 AM (EST)

Solved! You have to make the firewall your preferred DNS server in the network connection setup. I had my internal DNS server as preferred and the Smoothwall as alternate. Reverse the two and the server works. Smoothwall bounces internal queries back to the internal DNS server anyway so internal browsing is unaffected.

Evidently using it as I had them the internal DNS doesn't bounce what it can't resolve onward to the smoothwall. Perhaps that needs a forwarder rule or something. Still a little new a this game. Anyway. At least I have a functioning mail server.

  Posted by Richard Neil  on Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 9:00:04 AM (EST)
Ooops! Little hasty here.

SMTP works fine
POP goes ...
Connection to ... established
login as 'username'
login error: -ERR could not determine server.

Any ideas?

  Posted by Flaviano Tresoldi  on Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 9:07:59 AM (EST)
Try 620 webmail,
if it goes the problem is with your setup of Outlook (or anything you use).

As connection you should have it unchecked (or Lan),
as account and password you should have your 602 user data and for POP3 and SMTP your PC's IP
  Posted by Richard Neil  on Saturday, July 31, 2004 at 9:23:52 AM (EST)

Error is a username problem. My ISP wants users to log in as 'username%'ISP name'. Documentation wasn't all that clear about this but I tried the option and it worked.

Everything resolved. Excellent!
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