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E-Mail and DNS problems
  Posted by  Hal Wade  on Sunday, February 29, 2004 at 4:02:16 PM (EST)
After installing LAN Suite on an XP Pro machine (that was upgraded from Win98 SE)that is directly connected to a Cisco 7312 router that gives access to a T1 for a small Novell 3.12 network (1 server and 4 clients) I get the following errors.

1. When LS (LAN Suite 2003) is starting up it gives the following error box: "LANSUITE.exe - Entry point not found. The procedure entry point SUNMAPLS_IP_EBP_$) could not be loaded in the dynamic link library KERNAL32.dll "

2. After OK-ing the above box LS opens and the event log soon displays " Error 3 when starting DNS proxy ". I've even turned off (unchecked) the DNS proxy Tab but the message still displays. I've searched the manual and KB and here but couldn't find this error listed.

3. AS the mail server functions start the log states " Request for mail for proxy was not successfully sent to proxy". This happens whether the SMTP or the POP3 functions are turned ON or OFF.

4. The connections for the internet browsers work for a Win98SE and XP client but NOT reliably for a Win 2000 client. I ran the WINXP disk -Other Functions choice- Set up home or Office network - on the LS server
and the 2 working stations. That disk and function will not run on the Win 2000 station- as the disk itself says when it runs. Naturally, this is the MOST important station to get on the Internet at high speed. Any thoughts ?

5. No matter how tightly I adhere to the manual, I cannot get the Pop3 or SMTP functions to work at getting the mail in or out for Outlook Express on any of the stations. I've tried both ways just sending the mail to their existing ISP mailboxes or for SMTP directly to their DNS addresses.


The IP set ups:

A. In The LS server I set up the NIC facing the router and Internet to get it's ip address automatically. The NIC facing the network I set as

B.The stations I tried setting them to fixed AND automatic ip addresses.

Please help I need to finish this badly!

Thanx to any and all for help!
  Posted by Robert Smith  on Monday, March 01, 2004 at 1:39:33 PM (EST)
First things first, I think all of these are related and if you fix one you might fix most (or all) of the other problems. First the Kernel32.dll error..

I searched google and most of the stuff I found points to problems with old 16 bit compatibility. The only thing I could think of that would cause this is if you had installed LS on Windows 98 and then upgraded to XP. You should reinstall LS to fix the problem. Even if you didn't do it this way, I would recommend a complete removal and reinstall of the software.
  Posted by Andy Sharrem  on Monday, March 01, 2004 at 3:15:51 PM (EST)
Before LS2003, the XP had 2 NICS and was the first gateway for the clients???
For this config to work the XP Gateway must use NAT or Bridge. My guess is you use XP Connection sharing (ICS). ICS is also a DNS proxy...this is the first conflict as first DNS proxy loaded wins. Turn off ICS.

NAT and proxy work very differently. The LAN no longer needs a default gateway when the proxy is on the same subnet and no NAT will take place. This means your email clients will never connect direct to the ISP Mail unless you setup 'Mapped Links'. Your email clients shold now connect to LS which will collect mail on their behalf.

It is not clear how the XP connects to the Cisco Router...If the XP machine picks up an Internet IP directly, I would think you have some sort of PPPoE client connection to the router. AS long as this client is visable in the 'Network Connections' of XP as an adapter, LS should be able to use it. This client may be the cause of the first 'Entry Point error'.
If the XP picks up a LAN address from the router which then use NAT, then LS should be able to use the NIC as a 'permanent' connection.

Using the DHCP Server of LS for the clients should aleviate your client stability issues.
  Posted by Hal Wade  on Monday, March 01, 2004 at 3:52:56 PM (EST)
Thanx for the replies. This was my reply to the first answer:

I didn't install LS until after I'd already upgraded the Windows. Plus I have uninstalled it once (or maybe twice) and reinstalled it and it still had the same problem.

Re: the Win2000 machine: it was working briefly (just Internet access, not email) until I renamed the LS machine back to Proxysvr (which is what it was when I first installed the LS). Also I edited the LS dhcp ip settings from (which I didn't know how it got that) to

Re: the 2nd answer email: the LS server-to-be was upgraded first, new NIC was added second, connected to the network for first time third, and connected to the Cisco last.

I didn't knowingly enable ICS and I haven't seen it in the Network properties of the proxy machine. I suppose the XP disk did set that up though thru the running of that disk on the 2 clients that work. I will find it and turn it off if it's on.
I haven't installed a PPPOE client on the proxy machine, I just thought it was the proper way to connect it to the Cisco automagically.
The T1 (and Cisco)provider gave us a "customer IP address" of a gateway of and subnet of with their DNS ip's of and 36 . I tried configureing the "outside" NIC with that ip address originally and am not sure if I should go back to it instead of getting an IP address automatically.

Also, originally I assigned ip addresses to the client machine NIC's before changeing them back to get automatiaclly. Just trying to sort it all out.

I have the url's and the ip addresses of the email provider and have beeen working on that issue as well.
But first solid connectivity for all clients has to be acheived.
  Posted by M Blande  on Tuesday, March 09, 2004 at 10:17:47 AM (EST)
Check with Cisco supplier but what you wrote suggests that the LS DHCP server should set to give out addresses in the 10.0.1.X range. 192.168.x.x is ok for internal networks and so is 10.x.x.x but it maybe that the Cisco router is set to use the 10.0.1.x range on the internal network side.
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