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Webmail  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2003)
Posted by A A on Mon Jul 21 2003 at 11:08:24 AM

The error is
17:10:09 SMTP: [2] WSASocketError: Winsock: Se ha forzado la interrupción de una conexión existente por el host remoto.
17:10:09 SMTP: Failed to send 2ef0a17e.xq message. Next attempt ...

Open proxy?  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2002)
Posted by Peter Maydew on Sat Jul 19 2003 at 1:25:05 PM

Thanks! Sorry it took me awhile to get around to that.

The authentication checkbox seems to apply only to the HTTP proxy. I still get booted off, even with authentication enabled.

Is it possible...

SMTP Receive Mail Outlook Error:0x800ccc19  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2003)
Posted by Patrick Oconnor on Wed Sep 3 2003 at 12:07:50 PM

As an additional note, after attampting to send/receive from the client Lansuite listings return : Connection error (Winsock: An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.).

Also n...

winsock error when recieving email  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2002)
Posted by Mark Rothwell on Mon Jul 7 2003 at 9:01:19 AM

I have lansuite 2002 loaded onto a win98se pc and win98-me clients all work ok but one client has xp home and when I try to recieve mor than one email from lansuite to the client the client times out ...

Cannot send attachment  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2002)
Posted by Paul Harg on Tue Jul 1 2003 at 5:07:20 AM

Having a problem sending attachments, via SMTP. Normal mails work fine, and I can receive emails fine.
SMTP Server tries to send the message and fails with the following error.
Any help would be gra...

Pop3 Email connection  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2003)
Posted by Duwaine Robinson on Fri Jun 13 2003 at 11:14:48 AM

I am trying to setup my pop3 email through prolan and I get a connection error that looks like this...
Connection error (Winsock: Returned by WSARecv or WSArecvFrom to indicate the remote party has i...

telnet on port 25 failed  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2003)
Posted by George Kapelios on Fri Jun 13 2003 at 1:59:48 PM

I'm trying to telnet on port 25 of my Mail Server without success.

The error message seen to the Lan Suite window is: "SMTP connection to 'Mailserver' established' and then 'Connection errot (Winso...

Newbie-socket error  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2002)
Posted by Volker Goedde on Thu Jun 5 2003 at 4:02:05 PM

Hi everybody!

I´ve just installed Lan Suite 2002.
When trying to collect mails with Outlook 2000 from the pop3 i recieve an winsock:connection reset by peer error.
I´ve already read the article i...

SMTP Connection error  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2002)
Posted by Joe Harvey on Mon Jun 30 2003 at 4:09:04 PM

I can send and recieve email without any problems untill I send from my internal exchange server the the 602 server on my DMZ. 'XXX.XXX.150.177 is the IP address of the exchange server but then I get...

HELP! SMTP has stopped working...  (602Pro LAN SUITE 2002)
Posted by Paul Fuston on Fri May 9 2003 at 8:19:01 PM

I have just started having a problem with SMTP timing out in LS2002. It happens with the clients within and also to inbound emails. Here's some log captures:

04:04:45 pm SMTP: [2] Connection erro...
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