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Proxy error ?  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Sami Sinisalo on Mon Dec 13 2004 at 2:05:24 PM

Hi all,

I have a little and very annoying problem with the proxy server. While surfing in the net, proxy just suddenly stops working.

Following error comes to log-window
18:50:22 PROXY: 1504 w...

LS2004 confused with removed interfaces?  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Andy Sharrem on Thu Dec 2 2004 at 4:24:07 PM

I have been thinking about your problem, and I think you are looking in the wrong places for a solution. Maybe these pointers will help;

2004/11/24 14:53:00 Dial-up Adapter - IN TCP 1...

Adapter not removed?  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by It Manager on Mon Nov 15 2004 at 11:44:58 PM

We had 602 working on 1X NIC + 1X ADSL USB Modem as the interfaces before. Now we are using a ADSL Ethernet router, but with 2 NICS in the srvr. FW enabled, NAT disabled,Proxy on 8080.
When I look in...

Major POP3 flaw for BBand users  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Laphan Laphan on Mon Nov 8 2004 at 6:54:58 AM

Hi All

I'm hoping that one of you knows the answer to what appears to be a major flaw in this great product.

Basically we have an ADSL connection, which is therefore classed as Permanent not Dia...

Dial-up connection error  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Denise Viljoen on Fri Nov 5 2004 at 5:02:51 AM

I keep on getting the error when 602LAN Suite 2004 is running as a service.
Dial-up connection error (623)
When I dial maunually, it works?
Can anybody assist?

Firewall does not work  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Hans Peer on Tue Mar 8 2005 at 7:22:39 AM

The firewall is still not working :(

My ADSL router is a Allcatel speed touch. In the Firewall tab i see 3 items:
1 Card with local IP
2 Dial-up Adapter
3 Card with IP (connected to ...

Firewall does not work  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Robert Smith on Tue Mar 8 2005 at 8:02:49 AM

My firewall works fine. I would be careful about declaring the firewall as non-functional, because the firewall DOES work if you configure it properly.

I still think you are selecting the incorrect...

Firewall does not work  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Hans Peer on Tue Mar 8 2005 at 8:20:23 AM

Thank you for your reply! I have a feeling that I make a mistake this is why I am not giving up to use Lan Suite because I think it is a great product!

I really have two network cards installed! As...

NAT works only partialy  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Elvis Kukuljan on Mon Oct 25 2004 at 1:58:48 PM

I have dial-up connection (ISDN) and one NIC on XP Pro.
I configured NAT between Dial-up adapter and LAN adapter.
Then manualy started dial-up connection.

If I try to connect with ssh from compu...

Sending Faxes  (602LAN SUITE 2004)
Posted by Pieter Doorewward on Tue Jan 18 2005 at 4:32:55 AM

Installed new modem. Not working...
The problem is, that it doesn't even try to dial the fax number.

I have tested the fax line, it works. I have made a dial-up connection with the modem and the s...
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