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Topic is Open Are there any known issues with faxing to 0800 numbers using the FaxClient? 

It seems to fail regularly when other numbers go through sucesfully. Faxing to 0800 Numbers
by Leia Fee
0 Fri May 14 2004
11:58:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have an error on loading Lan 602 it goes through the normal services loading. But will not process DNS. It give me the following error.
NS: Error 3 starting DNS proxy
ICS is turned off and process dns requests are set up on proxy services. 
How can I get this error to stop as it is causing problems on the system. DNS Error on Loading
by Richard Hardy
0 Thu May 13 2004
8:07:19 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Having trouble getting the LANSuite 2003 firewall to work and am about at the point or giving up and installing a third party firewall which would be a shame as the whole point of our using LANSuite was that it was an integrated solution.

Here's what I've got.  All suggestions welcome.


Windows 2000 (workstation)
1 NIC (internal interface)
1 external modem.


Any firewall settings of medium or above causes the server to become isolated from the rest of the network.

Attempting to browse the workgroup produces the error 
“The list of servers for this workgroup is unavailable”

Attempting to browse a shared folder produces the error 
“There are no logon servers available to service the logon request”

Setting the firewall security to low works but extremely slowly--too slow to be useful really and the low setting does not provide the desired level of security anyway.


Things I’ve tried which didn’t work...  Mostly based on posts in these forums from other people's similar problems.

Adding extra permission sets to allow local network access and file sharing.

Enabling the NetBEUI protocol.

Neither of these worked so were removed again for troubleshooting purposes. Firewall and LAN
by Leia Fee
1 Wed May 12 2004
5:23:05 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi!
Using larger blacklists for Site Access Control results in large response times of the proxy. My question is: is it faster to use more entries or is it faster to use more wildcards, e.g. *, *, *, ... or *.sex*  

Peter Site Access question
by Peter Mitterboeck
0 Sun May 9 2004
5:31:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open My friend installed Lan suite for me an set it up so that my main computer with a cable modem grants internet access to my other computer via an ethernet connection (using lansuites proxy capability).

Now I have replaced that one (the one connected to the internet via an ethernet lead) with a new computer. when I pluged it in nothing happend, neither computers think they are connected to each other.  The new one doesnt have an IP address, I tried to asign it a default static address but still nothing.  As I said, I didn't set it up before so I'm not really sure what Im doing! Newbie connection question
by James Bull
0 Fri May 7 2004
1:42:18 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I have setup my LanPro 2003 on Win 2000 Server. The workstations have XP Pro on with Office Pro (Outlook 2002). I have 5 users at home, all is receiving mail, all aliases to the right PC everything except, no one can send out mail. I have checked in the online manual, everything is supposedly as per the instruction. Outlook 2002 is also setup as per the manual, but when you test the account settings, it shows Unable to send test message. Any ideas? Cannot send mail.
by Jan Hitge
1 Thu Jun 3 2004
1:04:06 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I successfully copy all incoming emails to a mail.log user using aliases.  How can I achieve the same for outgoing email?  I could set up a rule in every user's Outlook setup but that is clumsy and open to user interference.  I have tried a few combinations in Webmail but been able to get it working.  Any ideas please? HOw can I monitor OUTGOING email?
by Derek Neil
1 Sun Jul 11 2004
6:25:02 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How do i delete items in the queue that are already active? How to delete active queue items?
by Etienne Grove
0 Mon Apr 26 2004
6:02:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I cannot find anywhere to accept domain literals. ie user@ip address. This is required in some situations and highly unwanted to help filter spam. cannot recieve email literals
by Lewis Amos
0 Fri Apr 23 2004
7:33:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I cannot find anywhere to accept domain literals. ie user@ip address. This is required in some situations and highly unwanted to help filter spam. cannot recieve email literals
by Lewis Amos
0 Fri Apr 23 2004
7:33:46 PM (EST)
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