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Topic is Open Hello,

When I add the smtp service, sending e-mails takes for ever, any ideas ?

by Jose Perez
6 Mon Nov 17 2003
9:21:25 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello All

I have LS2003 installed on W2K adv server, and am having the following problems.

1. if I have proxy enabled on a client I can not go to my usual home page. for some reason IE tries to download a file and tells me it is a risk do I want to open or save file, if I try to open it does nothing?

2. if I have proxy enabled and try to log into various forums including this one my password is not accepted.

However if I turn proxy off both of the above situations dissapear.

Steve Proxy problems
by Steven Walker
2 Mon Nov 17 2003
7:33:01 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Im trying to connect to an ftp site to upload our web page but all clients behind the LS Proxy will not connect.  The error I get is website is read only because the proxy server is not set up to allow full access  To get around this problem i have to use the machine that physically has the LS program installed on it.  Does any1 know how i can use the client machines instead of the server to acces this site?? Proxy error via FTP
by Daniel Kelly
1 Thu Jan 11 2007
8:03:54 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
After having upgraded to 2003 the following (strange) behaviour showed up:

- LS 2003 Runinng on Xp Home with latest SP and HF's
- internal nic with
- external nic with
only using tcp/ip stacks on both of them

firewall/web/proxy/mail activated
used as web, mail, firewall and proxy server

once started everything is running smoothly - SMTP&POP is all green as well as the webserver

1) somewhat later it is not possible to reach the webserver from the external Internet) connection - yet SMPT&POP are still running

2) If you try to access it from the internal network everything seems ok (Site comes up again)

3) Now, if you try to access it from external again - it works!! 

4) sometimes - even the connect attempt from the internal network does not help - and you have to restart the system

i have checked the logs, both LS and windows - no abnormal message

BTW: sleep modes, and stuff like this is deactivated for system and nic's 

who knows the reason?

kind regards

Richard Webserver fails
by Richard Haindl
3 Mon Dec 1 2003
1:01:22 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anybody know how to get php working in 602pro lan suite 2003 on windows 98. I have got the web server working great but it is useless to me without php cgi and mysql.
by David Jones
4 Thu Nov 27 2003
10:08:21 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I can not connect to Ftp server in IE6,1 or Frontpage 2002.
get timed out and  500 error

but i can connect throgh Coffeecup ftp and cute ftp like no problem..
What am i doing wrong.
i got ftp poxy on 80 and tryed 21 too FTP access in Frontpage and IE
by Sigurdur Kristjansson
1 Tue Nov 18 2003
5:55:17 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi 

I have LS 2003 (free,5 users) installed and seems to be running fine. The email is set to be sent/checked every 2 hours via dial-up. For general day to day running this will be more than frequent enough.

However, what if I am expecting and important email in the next 30 minutes. Is there a way of manually causing the dialup check to occur on demand ??

And the flip side - I have an important email that has to go now. Can I manually cause this to happen ??

Obviously the ideal would be a one click solution :) Can these tasks be done with out having to dive into the settings ?

fast email ??
by Barry Wheaton
2 Sat Nov 15 2003
4:08:32 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
I had an alias emailadress that i want to block to send emails to the LS2003. 
Mailrules didn't work because the name after 'to:' changes al the time. 
I want to block a alias emailadress in the mailserver.
thanks a lot for helping me out.
Marco Block a alias emailadress
by Marco Roebersen
4 Tue Nov 18 2003
1:43:18 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I put in my pop3 details and set it up to route emails too  route according to address  it then connected to the server downloaded and deleted my emails. Where are they now ? Disapeared emails
by Paul Bleakley
1 Fri Nov 14 2003
1:28:53 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Could somebody please tell me where {%Path_Images%} and the like are defined? I cannot find it anywhere.

Thanks. {%Path_Images%}
by Sean Westfield
0 Fri Nov 14 2003
12:25:16 PM (EST)
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