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Topic is Open I left my friend to upgrade 602LAN Suite for me. I've been using it for nearly 2 years with no trouble what so ever. Now all I keep getting is an error box saying 'The program has not been correctly installed on this computer', 602LAN Suite then closes. I have deleted the main folder and ever taken all references to 602LAN out of the registry. Every time I install 602LAN I keep getting the same error. I'm a self employed engineer and need external email facility. According my friend all he did was install the new 602LAN Suite over the old one but to tell you the truth I don't believe him. Can any body help me? Cant install software
by Peter Simpson
2 Sun Nov 26 2006
8:52:41 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

How can i export or retrieve the passwords, or include the password field using the export utility or any other method ? Exporting Passwords
by Dalton Acosta
0 Sun Jul 10 2005
11:16:34 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How can i get the whole contains of my email ( that is including Folders and emails on in ) when i use the pop3 ?

Or is there any other way to get thouse folders too ?

Cause rigth now, i only managed to get the root emails with the pop3.

-Thank You. pop3 the folders
by Dalton Acosta
2 Sun Jul 10 2005
9:07:25 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Have been adding to a text document for months, opened it today & it is all in code or gibberish, what can I do?? Text turned to Gibberish
by Wendy Perry
2 Tue Jul 5 2005
12:07:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How should I configure the 602Pro LAN SUIT 2003 to work with SKYPE 1.1? VoiP - SKYPE
by Ricardomartinho Dossantos
2 Mon Dec 24 2007
1:38:11 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have 2 personal computers with Windows XP in a local network.
Both computers are connected to a multi-user ADSL-modem (Alcatel Speedtouch 510).
Both computers have an independent access to the internet.
I want install a webserver on one of both computers inside the local network (intranet).
The local webserver may not be accessible from the internet. 
The computers in the local network can connected to the local webserver.
I have installed the webserver 602Pro Lan Suite.
The webserver can be reached from the own computer. 
When I try to connect to the webserver from the other computer with a request in Internet Explorer or Mozilla, then there comes no answer.
In the logfile on the webserver is the message Connection has arrived from the other computer. 
After a while I see a the next messages timeout in transfer, blank URL and Connection closed.
On both computers is the Windows firewall active.
A virusscanner is installed on both computers.
Why is there no connection possible?
Who can help me with this problem? Connection problem in intranet
by W.d.j. Ter braak
1 Sat May 14 2005
4:14:13 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi

Please help, When I try tpo send a fax from windows XP pro SP 1, the client di not prompt me for a fax number, and the fax is not send.

It runs OK on WIN 2K Pro SP 4

anybody got a clue Fax client do not promt for fax number in XP pro
by Morten Skov
0 Tue Mar 15 2005
6:29:51 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm being told I cannot email from my 602 PCSuite because Outlook Express is not my browser - and I don't want it to be. Isn't there a way I can make my current browser work with my 602? Cant email
by Toni Bias
2 Mon Apr 4 2005
11:16:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I think I have everything set. I can receive emails but nothing will send. I have static DSL and DNS thru No-IP. My ISP is a small company and all they provide is just the internet connection, no email or any fringe benefits. And before someone says switch, I can't. The plan I live in says you have to use their provider, which their holding company also owns. Cant send emails
by Curtis Spence
1 Fri Feb 18 2005
1:23:21 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm currently using Lan Suite 2003.0.03.0828 and have had mail rejected as spam by one mail server that I'm aware of because Lan Suite is sending an invalid helo/ehlo domain name.

Presently my Lan Suite set up appears to send the NetBIOS computer name in its helo/ehlo. According to RFC2821 only resolvable fully qualified domain names are permitted.

I've downloaded the free version of Lan Suite 2004.0.05.0207 with a view to upgrading to it because it has a new feature for customising the helo/ehlo command but it too sends the computer name in its helo/ehlo.

Suggestions on how to get either version (2003 or 2004) to send a compliant helo/ehlo is appreciated. Invalid helo/ehlo domain name
by Kevin Tually
1 Wed Feb 16 2005
8:15:50 PM (EST)
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