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Topic is Open Hi,

I had lan suite on a w2k workstation and it worked just fine. Since I have installed Norton Internet security, it just hangs either if I shutdown the firewall and all the stuff!. It works only for a few minutes and then hangs forever. I decide to reinstall it in my w2003 server and it works fine as well, but after a while, it just hangs. Anyone has some ideas ?


Windows 2003
by Jose Perez
3 Tue Jan 27 2004
5:33:03 AM (EST)
Topic is Open If you go into www alias and then select ADD, you will notice the following.  

  1. The 'alias' name is on top
  2. The 'path' is second.

When you select 'ok', after entering the above info, you will notice that the 'alias' actually contians the 'path', and the 'path' contains the 'alias'.

When I enter the info on the add screen, I have to put the ALIAS in the PATH, and the PATH in the ALIAS .   

Either it is not used too often, or am I the only one noticing that the path and alias are reversed in the ADD WWW ALIAS screen. Web Aliases
by Russell Waddington
0 Sun Jan 25 2004
4:04:38 AM (EST)
Topic is Open well, when i receive picture file or documents in attachment forms ..  its seems not to be viewing in the window ..  i can only see the link to download it . wat setting shud my mail server be change in order to see it .. its a hassle to downloads all the pictures my frenz send to me to see it.. then open it.. maby configurations?? webmail
by Simeone Yap
4 Sun Jan 25 2004
1:46:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello, anybody knows how to set-up wap access in Lan suite 2003 ?


Jose WAP
by Jose Perez
2 Sun Jan 25 2004
7:59:43 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Despite the curent tips & tricks (second part) I'm not able to connect to a VPN using the Cisco VPN 4.0 client.
Anyone who has succeeded and willing to share his/her knowledge ? Connecting to a VPN
by Rik Vanderschalie
0 Fri Jan 23 2004
3:37:11 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Despite the current tips and tricks (second part) setting up a VPN connection (CISCO VPN 4.0) to a remote computer doesn't work. Anyone who has succeeded and would like to share his/her knowledge? Connecting to a VPN
by Rik Vanderschalie
1 Tue Feb 3 2004
3:31:09 PM (EST)
Topic is Open downloaded 602ProLAN SUITE 20 today, internet explorer works great, but when try downloading all seeing eye and game spy it comes up can not find server. Ive tried the ingame browser on medal of honour to find servers but they dont show up, also tried connecting by ip address but that times out, any help would be great help
by Darren Murray
3 Fri Jan 23 2004
5:13:35 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I want to keep my incoming mail on the LS server so that the same mail can be seen from any PC on the LAN using Out.Exp. Can this be done? Thanks!

Bob Can mail reside on LS for LAN viewing?
by Robert Nusly
3 Mon Jan 26 2004
10:24:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Occassionally, a proxy client will see the following text in their web browser instead of the requsted page:

To many users from one IP 

Browsing can not continue until the user closes all instances of IE, waits for say 30 seconds and then opens a new instance of IE.

In testing I have experienced this with just one user connected to lansuite with a single instance of IE open. 

Just in case it is relevant:
- lansuite running as a service on XP Pro
- lansuite's proxy cache feature is turned off
- client is IE 6 on XP Pro

What does this meassage actually mean and how do I prevent it from happening ? Proxy stops due to Too many users from one IP
by Edward Crowe
2 Mon Feb 9 2004
6:45:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Ive been using LANSUITE for about 8 months now and i really like what it does and the cost aswell :)

Was just wondering if there was plans to gets reports etc out of it.  It would be really good if you could get data such as sites visited and ip addresses etc. Graphs, CHarts etc all the pretty things that bosses like

by Daniel Kelly
1 Thu Jan 22 2004
6:18:34 AM (EST)
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