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Topic is Open Well! It appears my SMTP server is sending email for other people.  I have shutdown LS.  Everytime I restart it, I goes into this sending mode again.  Apparently, email is from random addresses to 20 or more receipients each.  When I start the server one line says DNS process requests started, then it just starts processing all this email.

How do I get rid of all this?  How did I prevent this in the future? SPAM! Im sending Spam!
by Jano Mitchell
2 Tue Mar 9 2004
10:00:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have had to take steps to restrict users access to a limited set of business related web sites, using the site access feature. This works fine, however when I need to add new permitted site I have to reboot the system to allow the newly added site(s) to become available to the users.. Is this usual, and is there a workaround for this. Also I was wondering where the list of url's is acutally stored and if in a text file could this be edited directly rather than through the remote admin or the config screens. 
Any help gratefully recieved...
Nick Restricted site access
by Nick Collinson
1 Thu Feb 26 2004
11:34:30 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I've been using LS for about two years now and have installed many perl scripts with no problems.  I have always installed them at the server.  I am now trying to install a script remotely using ftp.  since the cgi-bin is outside of the web space, i.e. it resides outside of the docs directory, how do I use ftp to upload files to the cgi-bin driectory? ftp to cgi-bin?
by Mark Weyer
1 Wed Feb 25 2004
11:22:31 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Even though I have the 'check e-mail messages using LAN SUITE ati-virus' checked, and the virus definitions are up to date, the Netsky virus is not being picked up. I know this because I'm picking them up using Norton on the desktop.

1) Why are they not being picked up
2) is there any way to ban attachments of a certain type


Mike Virus problem
by Mike Hall
4 Thu Mar 4 2004
11:07:37 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is it possible to access details from lansuite via a scripting language (PHP)? I would like to create a default home page for internal users to view summary stats like those that the administrator has access to. For example - Dail up connection time, Number of messages to be sent, Number of messages received (by user?)

Bill Scripting access to Lansuite?
by Bill Wood
0 Wed Feb 25 2004
7:35:48 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anyone have any experience of using Skype on a client machine connected to the Internet through Lan Suite? Should it work? Are there any issues requiring attention? Skype - any experience
by Michael Davies
0 Wed Feb 25 2004
2:06:13 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Why the computer does not connect to the internet if i have in queue a message who i want to deliver immediatly and the atemps is 0 and the status is waiting. problem with connecting the mail server
by Razvan Buicescu
1 Tue Feb 24 2004
8:51:30 AM (EST)
Topic is Open 
Hai All,

I have installed LS-2003 on Win98 SE with 5 user trial license. My ls-20003 working in the network of 20 PCs out of which 8 are configured for Proxy.

When i start using ls-2003 it working fine for some hrs. after that I am getting an error 
This program has perform an illegal operation an will be shutdown... 

When i click details of the pop window shows

lansuite caused an invalid page fault in module WSOCK32.DLL at 017f:01781BD6, after this error i have to start ls-2003 once again. Then it will work fine for an hrs.

Please help me 

How to fix this error........

Anbu.a sharing disconnected
by Anbu Rp
2 Mon Feb 23 2004
7:10:00 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have moved the lan suite 2003 to another machine and now it won't let me uninstall it on my old one.

i get this error message;


error loading

the specified module cannot be found.

I need to take this software out of this machine. can anyone help?

Thank you

CR cannot uninstall
by Christian Reynolds
1 Sat Feb 21 2004
1:25:23 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I want to play online games om my client pc.
How does port setting s work.
Can anyone explain that to me.
Server running lan suit 2003
client is

port settings
by Ronny Rouwenhorst
0 Sat Feb 21 2004
7:09:52 AM (EST)
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