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Topic is Open About 3 times a week my PC crashes. And everything stops.
It alway happens after collecting POP mail from my ISP
Sometimes I get this line in the log.
19:56:11 SMTP: : POP3ReceiveMessagesToInQueue_ 0xc0000005

Please help.

regards Antonie PC crashes with LAn Suite
by A.W. Vonk
5 Mon Mar 8 2004
3:23:50 AM (EST)
Topic is Open After installing LAN Suite on an XP Pro machine (that was upgraded from Win98 SE)that is directly connected to a Cisco 7312 router that gives access to a T1 for a small Novell 3.12 network (1 server and 4 clients) I get the following errors.

1. When LS (LAN Suite 2003) is starting up it gives the following error box: LANSUITE.exe - Entry point not found. The procedure entry point SUNMAPLS_IP_EBP_$) could not be loaded in the dynamic link library KERNAL32.dll 

2. After OK-ing the above box LS opens and the event log soon displays  Error 3 when starting DNS proxy . I've even turned off (unchecked) the DNS proxy Tab but the message still displays. I've searched the manual and KB and here but couldn't find this error listed.

3. AS the mail server functions start the log states  Request for mail for proxy was not successfully sent to proxy. This happens whether the SMTP or the POP3 functions are turned ON or OFF.

4. The connections for the internet browsers work for a Win98SE and XP client but NOT reliably for a Win 2000 client. I ran the WINXP disk -Other Functions choice- Set up home or Office network - on the LS server
and the 2 working stations. That disk and function will not run on the Win 2000 station- as the disk itself says when it runs. Naturally, this is the MOST important station to get on the Internet at high speed. Any thoughts ?

5. No matter how tightly I adhere to the manual, I cannot get the Pop3 or SMTP functions to work at getting the mail in or out for Outlook Express on any of the stations. I've tried both ways just sending the mail to their existing ISP mailboxes or for SMTP directly to their DNS addresses. 


The IP set ups:

A. In The LS server I set up the NIC facing the router and Internet to get it's ip address automatically. The NIC facing the network I set as 

B.The stations I tried setting them to fixed AND automatic ip addresses.

Please help I need to finish this badly! 

Thanx to any and all for help! E-Mail and DNS problems
by Hal Wade
4 Tue Mar 9 2004
4:02:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi There

I am probably not your typical user of Lansuite! I have win XP home addition. I want to run an ASP website on my home PC. Windows 98,2000,XP Pro all have got the facilities (IIS - Internet information services) to do this, but XP Home Addition does not!.

Therefore I have set up Lansuite added a user and added all the directories etc. Have even added index.asp to index file name in the administration panel.

However I still can not get the asp site to run.

Many thanks in advance for any help offered. Newbie ASP Problems
by Ady Smith
1 Mon Mar 1 2004
1:30:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi. Have installed LS2003 on Windows 2000 Pro machine that is turned on every morning and off every evening. 

How can I get LS2003 to autostart when PC turned on? I thought it would by default, and have tried copying icon into Start UP folder, but to no avail).  

Does LS2003 run as a service in Win2000?  At present is appears as a task on the taskbar - it would be preferable if it could appear as an icon in the system tray. Is this possible?

Many thanks,
Paul T. Win 2000 auto start
by G H
4 Mon Mar 15 2004
10:02:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I have Lansuite 2003 virus edition running on my server. It also runs Symantec anti-virus, with both file system and email checking enabled.
When an infected email arrives, it is first detected by Symantec Realtime File System protection, deleted, and Lansuite never gets a chance to handle it.
How can I stop Symantec from killing the email and make Bitdefender handle the infected email properly?


Willem Bitdefender and Symantec on one server
by Willem Deboer
2 Sat Feb 28 2004
3:55:43 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Lan suite has been working fine until yesterday now I get

The server responded with an error. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: POP3, Server Response: '-ERR Connections are allowed only from the local host ( is not a local address)', Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 0x800CCC90, Error Number: 0x800CCC90
Can any one help

Mail me Lansuite 2003 & Outlook Express
by Alan Lawrence
1 Sat Feb 28 2004
7:54:13 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Any one can help?  Install Lan Suite on Win2003 server which configured as AD Domain Controller.  Lan Suit installed without problem but unable to start.  Unable to registered the Product ID.  Uninstall/install 3 times, no luck. LAN Suite on Win2003
by Joe Lau
2 Mon Mar 1 2004
10:50:00 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi to everyone.
I have multiple domains pointing my public static IP. Is it possibile to specify multiple domains as local domains?
I have and and I want that when people send mails to or would be the same. For doing this I must specify 2 local domains, but the field is only one!
Please, if someone knows something please tell me!
Henrik Multiple domains
by Henrik Sozzi
2 Fri Feb 27 2004
5:23:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I would like to remove the 602Pro Lan Suite Users Address Book from Web Mail.  I do not want clients see each other in the address book.  Anybody know how to do this?  Thanks in advance. Remove 602Pro Lan Suite Users Address Book
by Dan Winterhalter
2 Sat Feb 28 2004
12:53:55 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi - 

let me explain my setup

im running a Total 9 computer peer-peer network - the main file server is running XP Prof and it serves the requirements of a certain software to 7 computers for simplicity lets call it NETWORK A. 

The other network lets name it as NETWORK B is of the two other computers basically the main web proxy server ( runs Lansuite it is installed on an XP HOME.  Sharing resources between both these computers is a little bit of a problem but i wont bore you to death on this minor issue of lesser consequnce 

The problem arises when i try to connect a mapped network drive from any network A computer to teh server computer to feed a directory resource for a software It gives the following errors

An error occured while reconnecting to Y:\.......
 Microsoft Windows Network   Not enough server  storage is avaible to process this command
this connection has not been restored 

on another attempt when trying to connect to the proxy server ( computer via network neghbourhood, i see the shared folders but when trying to access the folder contents i get the following prompt

\\XYZ........ is not accessible you might not have permission to use this netowrk. Contcat the adminsitrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path was not found

my gutt feeling was that it might be a 5 user license limit of XP HOME and thought i might hove to up the system to a server edition.
what really stumps me is that one fine day everything funtions like a breeze and other days (mostly) it just is stubborn i have kicked the CPU's once of twice to get them to behave but i think Bill Gates wants me to curse him even more 

I am baffled - would appreacite any help XP Home Edition License prob
by Awab Alvi
3 Sat Feb 28 2004
3:18:14 AM (EST)
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