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Topic is Open Dear Team 

One of our clients doesn't have the MX record, we can able to send mail to them from our webmail. But we are unable to send mail from 602 lansuite 2004 server. The mail has return back us the bounce back says unable to send “message even in 72 hours”.  The queue management log says the domain doesn’t have valid MX record. We want to send the mail to particular domain. How can I disable MX record search option for the particular domain?     
SMTP issue
by Sk Mutha
0 Tue Feb 23 2010
5:07:22 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi 
I am ussing Lan 602pro 2003 in one of my domain member computer it has windwos xp sp2 the problem I am facing is when ever i am going to use yahoo messenger or any other voice chating software I am not able to connect due to the error of you are behind the firewall. same problem i am facing to access is anyone can help me to solve this probem. Behind The Firewall
by Nader Sabouni
1 Sun Oct 7 2007
1:14:34 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Can anyone advise me on how to setup 2 network cards on a network with 25 nodes? Firewall
by David Lyles
0 Sat Jul 28 2007
5:53:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open the users have complained of an annoying slowness in the navigation, moreover I have received some times the following message “network is unreachable”.
what I must make?
I just tried almost everything! slow navigation
by Demétrio Ferreira
2 Mon Dec 24 2007
4:09:12 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Good day I wonder if you could help I work at a school with a DSL line connected 24/7 days a week we are using LAN Suite pro 2003 unlimited edition, during school time I use the IP filter to keep the pupils from going on the Internet but when the teacher wants to let them use the Internet I have to go and enable the IP filter to allow some computer to go on to the Internet. The problem is that the boarding house wants to start using the Computer centres at night to do research, is there a way to schedule LAN Suite pro to allow the computers to gain access to the Internet for a specific time on a specified IP address? Time schedule for DSL line
by Eric Vanderhorst
1 Thu May 17 2007
8:15:28 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have replaced one the network cards used for NAT but I can't see in the NAT tab at all.

This has happend before when adding a third network card. 
it looks like it take one day or so to be shown in the NAT tab.

Any ideas about it?

Thanks a lot.
NAT & added network card doesnt show up
by Jesus Marquez
0 Thu Apr 26 2007
8:23:50 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Help please. I added a POP3 mailbox to Lansuite 2003. The POP3 account was configured for the received messages to be delivered to the user per alias (i.e. e-mail address). The user however had a typo under their aliases. I now cannot locate the mail. I've opened the mailboxes folder in Lansuite but don't know how the mailbox folder names link up with the POP3 accounts in the software. Any ideas on retrieving this mail? Mailboxes and POP3 accounts
by Tiziana Ghindi
1 Mon Dec 24 2007
3:36:18 AM (EST)
Topic is Open plz help me with my lansuite coz the proxy server with lansuite works fine with yahoo messenger but the workstation always disonnects after 15 me what should i do Yahoo Messenger Always Disconnects
by Sonny David
0 Sat Feb 24 2007
7:18:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Story so far (in brief)
- I have Broadband connection through a DLink ADSL router.
- I use lansuite602 to share my internet on LAN.
- I can use Webcam & VoiceChat (thru Yahoo Msgr) on main PC.
- But I cant use both services on any PCs on LAN.
(Error Msg: You are behind a restrictive firewall.)

Will port forwarding help in this situation. How do i do it on Lansuite602? Do I also need to turn of ICF / XP firewalls on all PCs.?

Please help.
Opening Port 5100/5101 for Webcam & voice chat
by Ashish G
2 Tue Feb 13 2007
4:13:19 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have LAN Suite 2003 unlimited. I need to move the program to a new server. Does anyone know how? I read KB333 which said to copy the LANSuite directory to the new server, then install over top of it. That did not work for me, it generated a new registration key so my license key will not work.

Move to new server
by Eduardo Otero
5 Mon Dec 24 2007
8:21:41 AM (EST)
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