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Topic is Open It looks like e-doc client won't run on Win 98SE.  Have I got this right? Win 98SE
by Grant Nicklin
1 Sat Apr 12 2003
12:01:22 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is the user licensing per concurrent users? or something else.
Alan Sawyer Concurrent Users??
by Alan Sawyer
1 Fri Apr 11 2003
4:21:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello all
I have this installed on a Win2k sp3 server using IIS5.  I wanted to be able to point the file storage to a NAS instead of my web server is this possible?

Magnus indexing files on a remote server
by Magnuus Hjorliefsson
8 Fri Apr 11 2003
3:16:02 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello all
Does any one know if Edoc is supported on the linux platform.  I would like to use Red Hat 7.3 but any flavor of Linux would do.

Magnus Edock 2.0 on Linux
by Magnuus Hjorliefsson
6 Wed Apr 9 2003
2:03:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am running eDock server 2.0 on Win 2000 PRO with Lan suite 2002.

eDock server!! ref: Previous message
by Pieter Doorewward
1 Mon Apr 7 2003
1:44:42 AM (EST)
Topic is Open (
This is the url I am redirected to once I try to log in to the server (using MS Internet Explorer 5). After that I get a page cannot be found error.

Any advice? Having trouble running eDock server login page.
by Pieter Doorewward
2 Fri May 2 2003
9:10:58 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hy
Does anybody know what to do for edock to accept western european caracters (with accents for example). When I try to add some documents with an apostrophe, which is very commun, I get an error message something like illegal caracter, and acute grave and circumflex accents are replaced with unreadeable caracters.
Please Help !!!!
PS Apologies for my poor english
Luc Western European caracters
by Luc Simon
1 Thu Apr 3 2003
3:17:01 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Has anyone downloaded the trial? Does anyone know if it will work with apache for Windows? 

I got it working great under LAN Suite, but I want to use it on my apache server.. Can I use eDock with Apache?
by Robert Smith
2 Wed Apr 16 2003
5:50:58 PM (EST)
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