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Topic is Open hi, if I only use Lansuite 2003 as the webserver running edock and will not use Lansuite's other features, do i need to pay for Lansuite's license according to the number of edock users? Thanks edock on lansuite
by CheeYuan Foo
1 Wed Jan 28 2004
4:10:16 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Dear fellowes,

Lansuite 2002 version on this recently installed eDock server 2.1

Set was going fine and according to the manual. Now when I try to login by Web, I got the announcement Connection has expired Please login again

By eDock client  No eDock store found . During setup no errors or whatever, before I installed eDock server 2.0 and before the upgrade I deinstalled it first.

Suggestions anyone ?? Connection expired Login again
by Rody Klop
8 Wed Nov 5 2003
3:04:34 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello
My edock server is accessible at, so you can eventually test my problem with user = tous and password = tous.
When I try to use search feature, I always get the answer that no document match the query, although lot of them do. For example, try with searching name, frequently present in the *.doc files that are in documents publics folder. Everybody can access that directory, and going directly to these files through edock works fine.
What is wrong ?
Thanks and regards
PS I'm French, so apologizes for my poor english Search feature doesnt work
by Luc Simon
2 Tue Dec 16 2003
7:43:11 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have the server set to backup every day and have found that it just seems to stop backing up from time to time.  I then have to reset it to get it going again. Has anyone experienced that and if so is there a remedy for it.  Secondly, is there any value to backing up my data files directly with a third party backup program and if so, where do I find my data? Backup Problems
by Joe Forman
2 Fri Nov 28 2003
6:57:16 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am thinking of using eDock server as a means of allowing sales staff to come into the office and access documents from their laptops (via Wireless LAN) or from the Internet. So far the testing looks pretty good - although I have yet to access the files over the Internet. I am a bit unsure as to what is backed up with the SQL database back-up option. For example, I am thinking of backing up to a second disk drive on the Windows 2000 PC hosting the eDock server. In the event of a hard disk failure, would I get all user settings and user data reinstated by re-installing the eDock server software and restoring the SQL database after replacing the hard disk?

As an aside - Windows 2000 Professional I believe, has a limit (10?) to the number of users that can access the workstation concurrently. Is this the case with eDock running on Windows Professional or is this circumvented by the use of the web server?

Thanks to anyone who can advise on these questions.


Paul Disaster recovery
by Installer Installer
8 Fri Sep 12 2003
11:21:37 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is it possible to have the eDock server appear as a drive letter on a client machine using the eDock client software? I figure this would be a good solution for automated off-site backups? eDock Server as drive letter
by Jonathan Wilson
2 Fri Jun 13 2003
9:01:26 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I can't connect eDock Client to my edock server from a remote location via the internet. I have ports 5000, 5001 and 5002 opened in my firewall.

On the inside network 192.168.x.x evething works fine.

From the outside i can't connect. 

How do i configure the url for the server in the client ??

Best Regards

Kim Nielsen eDock Client via internet
by Kim Nielsen
6 Tue Oct 7 2003
6:30:22 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I accidentally copied an index.htm file to the Protected Documents folder in eDocks.  When I click on the link for Protected Documents, the index.htm page loads instead of being displayed as a file in a list.

Is there any way I can get this index.htm page removed as it is not needed.  I was attempting to transfer it to the LANSUITE\DOCS folder and decided to use eDocks to get it transferred across.

Thanks!   Frank I Need to Remove a File from eDock Server
by Frank Wagoner
1 Thu May 29 2003
4:43:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am testing Edock server. So I wonder: how could I add multiple files in my account?

If one catch into serious Edock server solution, and have a lot of documents files, he has to input them one file a time! It is tedious operation!

I believe that it has to be a way to do this operation!

Any suggestion? Any confirmation?

Bye from Pasquale adding multiple file in Edock server
by Pasquale Pizzichetti
4 Wed Feb 4 2004
3:13:28 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am testing eDock.  I added a few wpd files for testing by using the MS Windows client.  When I do a search, the content is not found.  Is there another step after adding files in order for the seach to find the files? search indexing
by Roger Hork
1 Tue May 20 2003
4:23:52 PM (EST)
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