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Topic is Open Wondering if anyone out there has come across this problem:

When my users add files to the Edock server through their local client tool, specifically excel,word docs and powerpoint presentations they can upload multiple files no witout problems. Then if you need to go and view which files you have uploaded using the client but viewing it through the web, you only see the default windows icon beside the file. 

I know the type of file is not the problem here. If the user goes back into Edock through the Web and re-uploads the file through the web interface, the web interface will then recognize the type of file.

The thumbnail icon, however, still says waiting for indexing.

I know my users cannot afford to spend time uploading all of their files via the web client. I have to get the Local Client uploading properly.

My latest test proved that no matter which file a user uploads to the database through the local client, they are certainly able to open the file through the local client because of local file association rules. Howver when they try to open that very same document through the web interface it errors out saying no document found. I know the data is there and is valid data. Wow, please let me know if anyone out there has encountered this problem.
(Frustrated) Tom
Waiting for Indexing??
by Tom Nightingale
3 Tue Apr 6 2004
3:40:08 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How do I remove the desktop icon when uninstalling eDock Server Remove desktop icon
by Bren Day
0 Fri Apr 2 2004
2:47:17 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I know I'm looking Stupid again. First off, what is the encryption strength of eDock server?

Stupid question, but I swear I have no idea what to do - the manual does not give enough info on how to do this: How do I get eDock to be browseable on the Internet? I mean, according to Software602 (they are right as well) eDock can be browseable to anyone who has an internet connection. But how do you publish it on the net if you're only running LAN Suite 2004 and not IIS or any other major servers? Publish eDock to the NET
by Pieter Doorewaard
2 Tue Mar 30 2004
8:46:45 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I realize this is making me look stupid, but I can't find the answer in the manual.

How do I restore a previous backup?
In the manual it says: To restaore the database file from a previous backup do the following:
1. Click Browse....... etc. etc. etc.

I f you click on browse, you don't have the option to restore a backup. It doesn't show the backups even though the folder is full of previous backups.

Can someone please explain to me. I need to give my boss training on eDock. 

Thanx, Eddie eDock Backup restoration
by Pieter Doorewward
1 Tue Mar 30 2004
4:54:54 AM (EST)
Topic is Open For several years I have been a happy 602 Software user (LanSuite).  Currently have IIS 5.0+ installed on a separate PC as a HTTPS server for file access.  Works fine but would like to have more versatility that eDock offers.  Here's the problem, one that I see others have had on this forum.  I can get to the log in page just fine, however after log in the service jumps from HTTPS to HTTP, thus losing its secure connection.  I know I can use the security features in eDOCK but prefer HTTPS.  Has anyone gotten this product to work solely over a HTTPS connection?  If so how?  Help would be greatly appreciated. eDock and SSL
by Gregoryb Little
1 Fri Apr 30 2004
5:30:26 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am centralizing files onto a new eDock server installaton.  

Question is:

When I add files to the database, I see no way to retain the ORIGINAL time and date stamps on the files.  When they go into eDock, they are added with the current time/date.....

Is there a way to get files into eDock while maintaining this information?

This is an important factor if installing into an environment that must be able to maintain/verify the originality of a file, ie. in US law firms..... File Attribute Preservation???
by Robert Rose
0 Sun Feb 29 2004
10:49:39 AM (EST)
Topic is Open install was normal through this point, but when the installer tries to connect to the database, I get this error. I have used most of the defaults, so I don't know what the problem could be. I am using IIS 5.0. Can anyone shed some light on this for me??

Thanks. cannot connect to database
by Todd Carpenter
4 Tue Mar 9 2004
11:43:42 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have eDock running on Win2k Server with IIS5 (interal use only).  The installation when smooth, and all seemed to be ok... at first.

I had not used or looked at it in a few days.  Today, when I tried to go to the login scree, I get the page cannot be found error.  If I use the URL for the public folders, all the image links are broken.

Any idea what might have happened? eDock Server 2.1 Files
by Dave Spalla
1 Mon Mar 1 2004
10:59:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Can the login page be edited? I would like to use our own logos on the login page. Edit login page
by Jack Gilliam
3 Tue Mar 30 2004
7:50:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is it possible to acces the edock server directly from a visual basic or c++ programm ?

Is there any api or com-interface with wich I can store and load my data direct form a self written program ? automated access to edock
by Manfred Bott
1 Thu Jan 29 2004
7:37:33 AM (EST)
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