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Topic is Open We're on eDock Server 2.1 and recentl;y encountered this error message with a couple remote users - does anyone know if this is tied to a certain browser, security settings, server bug, etc?

(message from wbsqllog.txt)
18.8. 15:25:31 W ARTWORKS Log: user 'artworks' from
18.8. 15:25:39 W __WEB COOKIE_TEST: Cannot decrypt cookie Cannotr decrypt cookie
by Larry Mccarthy
1 Thu Aug 19 2004
2:58:59 PM (EST)
Topic is Open An error occurred in the Internet client:
can't select language by SelectLanguage statement) 

http://myserver/edock -> redirected
then reload and the above page..

This message I have after registration of the Edock Server, trial worked perfectly. 

Note: new server, new Lansuite installation (works stable for 2 weeks now), installation of Edock (worked stable for 2 weeks). Now this again. See my trouble before, i am going to cry......:-( An error occurred in the Internet client
by Rody Klop
6 Sun Jul 18 2004
4:00:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am receiving the following error message when I try to perform the one-click install of the eDock Client. The Set-up Player cannot be referenced from this Web page. Check the syntax of your applet tag.  

Netscape has the following Java Plug-in 1.4.0_01 for Netscape Navigator 7.0 installed. Any thoughts? It seems to work ok with IE 6.0 eDock Server Client
by Julian Sadler
1 Wed Jun 30 2004
6:12:46 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Q: Can I have edock create an automated email message to a user when a new file is placed into a directory that is owned by that user?


Dave Automated Emailing
by David White
1 Mon May 10 2004
1:03:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open In Edock Server 2.1, is there a way
to prevent normal user with Read only
access to save a public folder files into
his/her local hard disk. I noticed that any
user (with whatever rights) can point at
that file and use mouse right click and
choose Save Target As... to save 
whatever files to his/her local hard disk.
Is there a way to prevent this? Disable "Save Target As..."
by Cyber Tech
1 Mon May 10 2004
6:50:38 AM (EST)
Topic is Open For edock server 2.1, if a user forgot
about his password, how can the
administrator reset the user password?
I can't seems to find it under eDock -
Administration. Reset User password
by Cyber Tech
1 Mon May 10 2004
6:44:52 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi does anyone know if there is a way to link a microsoft access database to edock as you would in microsoft SQL server? if not does anyone know if a product is in development.


steve database Server
by steve del-nevo
1 Mon May 10 2004
4:29:45 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I have setup my LanPro 2003 on Win 2000 Server. The workstations have XP Pro on with Office Pro (Outlook 2002). I have 5 users at home, all is receiving mail, all aliases to the right PC everything except, no one can send out mail. I have checked in the online manual, everything is supposedly as per the instruction. Outlook 2002 is also setup as per the manual, but when you test the account settings, it shows Unable to send test message. Any ideas? Cannot send mail.
by Jan Hitge
0 Sun May 2 2004
12:53:57 PM (EST)
Topic is Open We are evaluating a number of Doc Mgmt systems, and yours looks of interest. However, we need to be able to load some image files automatically into specified folders that can be viewed. To explain: our main system internally is a UNIX-based factory management system. We have just purchased an add-on that enables customer documents (orders, invoices etc) to be output to '.tiff' files and printed to laser. Copies of these files need to be stored automatically on a documentation server and made accessible to all users internally. Your system has the right type of user front-end for displaying the files easily. The problem is, can we load the files automatically so that they can be viewed and searched on within a folder, without user intervention? Your comments please.

Loading files from external applications
by Tom Millington
1 Thu Aug 19 2004
10:55:37 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi All..,

Is there a way to re-create the default folders if you delete them while testing..?

Thanks Default Folders
by Douglasg. Palmer
0 Thu Apr 8 2004
3:49:58 PM (EST)
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