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Topic is Open I a new install of eDock.  
It is running on IIE not lansuite.  I have the scripts in the default IIE script folder, the web pages are in the wwwroot folder, the pemission are set etc and the database is running as the system tray Icon is visible.  However I cannot see eDock from the web browser.  The initil redirection pages display to allow the login to eDock_db but the login page does not open.  All I get is 'the page cannot be found'. Any thoughts? eDock Web access and login
by Gene Thompson
2 Sun Feb 18 2007
11:00:53 PM (EST)
Topic is Open If I try to install the client software I get the following message:
Unable to open the setup. Error code -2147185689 

Any ideas?
error client
by Dick Bins
0 Sat Mar 4 2006
6:42:39 AM (EST)
Topic is Open My Grand-daughter was using my PC and somehow, un-installed my eDock what can I do to retrieve it as I had purchased the complete 602Office system and it was included? HELP!!!  Appreciate any help, thanks, Gwynn Owner
by Gwynn Findlay
1 Sat Aug 27 2005
8:34:39 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Can anyone tell me what the maximum size the edock database can be.  I have about 20GB in my documents is this a good idea with edock? Edock database size
by Adewale Grillo
0 Thu Jul 14 2005
1:24:41 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Installed on a Windows server 2000 with regional options set to US, and documents showing dates in the 7/28/2005 US style, I have now changed the regional settings to UK English, pounds, GMT, London, UK, A4, Steak and Kidney Pie etc. but it still shows document dates as 7/28/2005. Please, what have I missed? UK Date Format
by Alex Stevenson
3 Wed Aug 17 2005
2:48:57 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Who has the right settings to get eDock working with IIS 6.
With the settings from the manual isn't working.
I did everything like the manual but nog working.
eDock and IIS 6.0
by C.c.c.j. Turk
3 Sun Jun 19 2005
8:55:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm evaluating edock for replacing our exising document server which costs too much. We'd be scanning from copier to pdf file. While they are image files, indexing wouldn't do much for identifying them. What I need is an OCR component that can scan them and re-save them as a pdf so the edock database can search them. Any ideas? A few questions..
by Doug Lynch
2 Fri May 13 2005
9:53:29 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have installed Edock on a Windows 2000 Server PC running Lansuite. Access rights on Edock folder, Lansuite folder and Common Files 602 software folder are all everybody for reading, writing, deleting .....

When I access to edock using edock client, I have no problem at all to open files.

When I access to edock using a web browser (IE 6), I can access to edock, find files I am looking for, but when I try to open it, I get the following message :
WbicCopyToCache() failed with status: Cannot save source document.
In the knowledge base, the error message :Error: WbicCopyToCache() failed when copying files to eDock seems to be closed to the message I get, so I have check that my system was correctly tuned accordingly to recommended procedure, but without effect.
Can anybody help me?
Thanks and regards
Unable to open documents using web browser
by Luc Simon
0 Sat Apr 16 2005
5:33:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I just installed Edock,  got everything setup in IIS to allow it to run..  installed the client on the desktop,  create a bunch of subfolders.. but I cannot find the file/access permissions settings in web administration mode.

What am I missing?  It seems like it'd be an obvious option and is described as if its staring me right in the face in the manual.  Everything else is up and running with my trial but that! File permissions?
by Luke Walling
1 Tue Apr 12 2005
12:35:53 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Ok.. my server WAS working properly..

Then, out of the blue, this error started popping up.  Any ideas what it means?  This comes up whenever I try to log into edock, or even go to any of the public documents either directly or indirectly. Object has been changed {230}
by Chris Bromley
0 Fri Apr 8 2005
7:20:20 PM (EST)
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