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Topic is Open Well I'm reinstalling the Edock system. Since it won't work with server 03. Which will be the best OS to install it to? XP or server2000
by Jester Garcia
0 Tue Oct 30 2007
11:48:23 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I noticed this question was asked back in 2004, but was wondering if anything has changed or if someone had come up with a solution.

Can you have an email notification sent to one user when a file is  uploaded to the server? Email Notification
by Bryan Neiman
0 Thu May 17 2007
1:12:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open My Edock is working fine but I can not download the client on windows vista computers. (It works fine on XP) 
Any Ideas ? Downloading Edock client with Vista
by Paul Munk
3 Tue May 22 2007
4:06:53 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Whenever I do a search on the Edock web client I get the following error:

Cannot convert document in this format (-536870898) {226}

I have run the database error tool, but to no avail.

Thanks for any assistance in advance. Edock Search Error
by Mike Arthurs
0 Fri Feb 23 2007
7:29:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open There is string <meta HTTP-EQUIV=content-type CONTENT=text/html; charset=WINDOWS-1250> in all pages of web-client. And browser aalways use this charset by default. That is why I can't properly work with non-english names of files. I need to use win-1251 charset. How can I change meta tag in cgi-pages?

Sorry for my English. How to change META tag in web-pages?
by Pavel Evtikhov
2 Fri Dec 22 2006
6:27:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I've got the 602SQL server running on machine A, with the TCP/IP protocol, on port numner 5001. I would like to connect to this server from machine B, either through ODBC or a native interface. How do I achieve this? How to connect to 602SQL server
by Rik Vanderschalie
1 Fri Dec 22 2006
10:09:47 AM (EST)
Topic is Open When I try to download or open a file from eDock (for instance in Word) which has a name with embedded spaces, the name of the resultant file consists of only the part of the name up to the first space. Saving this file after editing does not have the effect of replacing the original. It simply seems to disappear.
I'm using Firefox 2.0 on a XP SP2 computer.
This would seem to be a serious problem. Files with spaces in their name
by Rik Vanderschalie
1 Fri Nov 24 2006
4:53:51 AM (EST)
Topic is Open There does not seem to be a forum for eDock Desktop 2.1 anymore so I will post my question here.

I am trying to reinstall eDock Desktop 2.1 back onto my system after a hard disk crash but each time I try it gets so far through the process then asks for disk 1 and such and such file from the My documents\username\locals\temp directory, navigate my way to the directory makes no difference.

Any idea what has gone wrong and how I can correct this error?

Thanks in advance. Installation Errors
by Anthony Ridley
0 Sun Jul 30 2006
8:27:39 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Could someone advise if it is possible to share the 602 Suite user database with eDock?

A few of my customers might user this if so.

Many thanks. Shared User Database
by Steven Shaw
0 Tue Jul 18 2006
9:28:33 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have installed an eDock Server 2.1 lately in a Windows XP Professional PC.  It is simply what I need.  I just love it so much.  So I am going to buy a copy of it before the trial period is expired.

Is it possible to change the logo of the login screen so that I can use my own artwork as the logo and I can define the size?  I manage to change the logo but the size is restricted but the hidden commands.  The resolution for now is 150 x 150 pixels that makes my own logo look wired.

Thanks and Regards, How to change the logo of the login screen
by Joseph Chan
1 Fri Jun 23 2006
4:38:28 AM (EST)
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