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Topic is Open Does anyone know if you can convert Worperfect 9 files to PDF format?  I'm not having any luck!!

Thanks. Converting Worperfect Files to PDF
by Doug Olinger
1 Mon Dec 2 2002
4:54:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I don't know who can answer this or where to click. The problem is that I received an Outlook Express e-mail attachment and it had one of those open with.. messages. I clicked on 602Text and now all my text attachments are opened there. It is not only time consuming, but the message is 80% code and I have to searach for the message. I deleted and reinstalled 602Text but it grabbed again. The icon on my attachments is the blue T diamond. I don't even remember what it used to be but I think it was just a FW: Help re Outlook express and 602
by Alicia Fitzgerald
0 Sat Oct 19 2002
9:58:38 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there any way to control where Print Pack puts the pdf files it generates? Controlling File Destination
by Ivan Berger
1 Thu Sep 26 2002
4:13:24 PM (EST)
Topic is Open After 1st page gets loaded into Pro Print Pack, Error message (Unable to open temporary file, Mabe disk is full). Any solutions?
All temp folders are emptied regularly. Why only accepts 1 page?
by Terry Smith
1 Fri Sep 13 2002
4:58:40 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a desire to pass the destination email address programaticly. I have been told there is not an API capability. Any ideas on how I can pass the email address for a set of documents? Passing into the config file would be acceptable? Providing email address - Print2Mail
by Mark Buck
0 Tue Aug 20 2002
10:37:46 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there anybody with information regarding how to produce tagged pdf file using 602Pro Print pack?

I used to print hotel reservations and purchase receive, as well as techinical document, that later I want to read in my Mobil PC. Due to the screen limitations the PDF Acrobat reader show me a document unreadble since they are not tagged PDF files. Producing Tagged PDF
by Aaron Ranson
0 Sun Aug 18 2002
7:46:19 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have set all of the settings for AOL 6.X on my 7.0. Wanted to know if there are different settings becuase i cannot connect Can not connect to AOL?
by Ahmedali Meghani
0 Tue Aug 13 2002
10:06:17 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Can I convert documents with the extension .pub? how can I convert documets?
by Juergen Stritesky
1 Sat Nov 2 2002
8:45:07 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Since I upgraded to PrintPack2002, I notice my forms that I'm printing from Peachtree Accounting are cut off on all four sides.  Anybody have any ideas what I can do to fix this? Page cut off
by Diane Koers
8 Mon Mar 24 2003
11:51:45 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a client that bought the print pack and it's been working.  However, the printer vanished and now she can't print to it.  She has gone in and reset everything and it say's two printers have been installed, but when she goes to use it they aren't there.  If she goes to Start and Printers they are not there either.  

Please HELP! Printers Vanished
1 Tue May 13 2003
1:39:58 PM (EST)
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