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Topic is Open Help.  I have added a bunch of domains using both DNS names and IP addresses.  All are preceded with *@.  Incoming mail from the specified domains is not deleted.  The affected mail is from remote POP mailboxes.  Does the list only apply to mail sent directly to the LANSuite SMTP server?  How can I geet mail filtered using this list?  Is there a 3rd party add on that would filter mail retrieved from remote POP mailboxes? AntiSpam Control
by David Brown
4 Fri Jul 25 2003
12:51:11 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I've Lansuite 2002 running for months as a server on Windows 2000. I have no icon on the systemtray. I can access the setup with the browser. Now I want to shut down Lansuite for upgrading it to the 2003 version, but I cann't get it shut down.
Lansuite /exit no effect,
running the config again and uninstalling it as service, no effect, taskmanager: cann't shut down, no rights.
How can I stop Lansuite running??? Shutting down Lansuite
by Jg Schutte
2 Sun Nov 23 2003
6:40:18 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am using LS 2002, is it possible to redirect all e-mail to specific user to his / her external e-mail address like hotmail?

Redirect e-mail
by Tal Ben-gal
1 Tue Jun 24 2003
7:29:22 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I can send out message from LS, but receive. Internal mail is ok. I guess the incoming mail cannot pass the firewall, which port should I open for this? Which port should I open in firewall
by Edmund Ko
2 Mon Jul 7 2003
2:42:44 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have the SMTP server enabled and have the check box for IP Filter Defines Access to SMTP Relay checked in order to defend spam since I have already had one instance of someone using my LS SMTP server to relay spam.  Now I can not receive mail from the internet to LS users.  When the message comes in, it is rejected because the server does not match the IP filter.  Is there a way to guard against spam abuse and still have LS users able to receive mail from the internet?  Thank you for any information.  David. SMTP Server
by David Brown
1 Fri Jun 27 2003
9:26:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, I installd w2k prof on a new machine, connected to my good working 602 server. When I open MSN Messenger it can not connect to the MSN server. When I look in the 602 screen it looks like MSN tries to connect like this: @
Mij other working machine does connect to an ip like 207.x.x.x
Where can I arrange in MSN the right IP of the MSN server??? Messenger starts, but opens
by Cor Jagtenberg
2 Wed Jul 9 2003
2:51:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Log in to web mail ok. Message loading message list appears and that is where is stays.  loading message list...


Bill Message List
by William Kinsey
0 Wed Jun 18 2003
7:58:54 AM (EST)
Topic is Open the computer that have lansuite software. I have made a backup of mboxes folder, but if I install again the lansuite a swop the files it don't work. 
What should i do to see recuperate the old email's. what files I need to recover to make it work.
thank you bye My computer has crashed
by SÚrgio ricardo Ferreira
0 Wed Jun 18 2003
6:05:03 AM (EST)
Topic is Open LAN Suite starts up (Splash screen and main window) but immediately shuts down.
This started after I reinstalled it after trying version 2003.
I've tried a complete uninstall of 2003, with a clean-up of my system before reinstalling 2002 but no luck.

Does anyone have any idea?

Startup problems
by Marco Groot
2 Mon Feb 16 2004
3:35:00 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi Everybody,

I'm using Lansuite 2002 on a small Win 2k Server. As we want to forward incoming faxes to our users by mail, lansuite was the perfect solution. But there's a problem: We use the same (modem)-line to enable dial-in into our server (using Win 2k's Accept incoming connections). All incoming faxcalls are disconnected after some seconds, because windows does not recognize, that the faxes are handled by lansuite.

Can anybody help?

Thank you,

Florian Gottlieb Incoming Connections and Faxes on same line
by Florian Gottlieb
2 Fri Jun 20 2003
8:35:56 AM (EST)
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