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Topic is Open Hi,
I'm having this little problem of LS 2002 completely closing every hour on the hour.

The OS i'm using is win2k pro. The only programs loaded on the machine is acrobat reader and LS

Any suggestions? Lan suite 2002 auto shutdown!
by Pieter Doorewward
1 Thu Jul 10 2003
3:02:36 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I've got this problem when starting LS2002:
SMTP <E> POP3ReceiveMessageToInQueue_ 0xc0000005 and windows display a fatal error message about SMTPDLL.DLL . Your help is appreciated. SMTP / POP3 + WIN CRASH ERROR
by Muntoni Marco
2 Thu Jul 10 2003
10:01:09 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi.. I have been running lansuite 2002 successfully for a number of months and now I am having some problems with my 56k modem disconnecting after a short time (5 minutes at the most). I can get a much longer connection (20 minutes+) if i shut down lansuite and go online direct.
Any ideas what might be causing this? 56k modem disconnecting
by Chris Freelund
3 Tue Jul 8 2003
11:40:25 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have lansuite 2002 loaded onto a win98se pc and win98-me clients all work ok but one client has xp home and when I try to recieve mor than one email from lansuite to the client the client times out and lansuite shows a winsock error and the only way to retrieve the mail is to manually move all the mail data files from the mailbox to a temp dir reboot and move the data files back one by one and retrieving each email in turn. Any help appreciated winsock error when recieving email
by Mark Rothwell
2 Mon Jul 7 2003
9:01:19 AM (EST)
Topic is Open When I attempt to log on to an IRC server, I get booted off with a message such as
Open wingate/socks proxy or
Unsecured socks5.

If I shut down LANsuite first, it's all right. What can I do to fix this? Open proxy?
by Peter Maydew
2 Sat Jul 19 2003
11:54:21 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Every e-mail going out to AOL not sending becuse I am using dynamic IP ?????? Cant send to AOL
by Tal Ben-gal
7 Mon Jul 7 2003
8:49:06 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Having a problem sending attachments, via SMTP. Normal mails work fine, and I can receive emails fine.
SMTP Server tries to send the message and fails with the following error.
Any help would be grateful

WSASocketError: Winsock: Connection reset by peer
06:26:18 pm SMTP: [6] 06:26:18 pm SMTP: [6] WSASocketError: Winsock: Connection reset by peer
06:26:18 pm SMTP: Failed to send 2e7163ba.xq message. Next attempt to resend in 10 minutes.
06:26:21 pm SMTP: 2e7163ba.xq message - 598 s. until sending.
06 Cannot send attachment
by Paul Harg
1 Tue Jul 1 2003
5:07:20 AM (EST)
Topic is Open 
I have un-installed my AVG AntiVirus from my machine, since then I am not able to start my LS2002 service, I am getting the following error message :

could not start the 602pro lan suite service on local computer.
Error 1075: The dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.

I have installed LS2003, hopeing that would solve the problem, but no change, I am stil unable  to start the lan suite service and receiving the same error mesage.

I wonder if anyone have been in my shoes before.

Error 1075
by Abdulghani Abdo
1 Mon Jun 30 2003
12:45:11 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am running LS 2002 build # build 2002.0.02.0912, on Win2k  server, and AVG antivirus server version. 
My problem, every few days, my server can't receive email , few days ago I had to change the POP3 port number to a random number and then change to back to 110. That did solve the problem !!

Today, I have the same problem again!

Am I missing important patches ?

Is it AVG AntiVirs causing all these problem ?

Can I upgrade to LS2003, and how should I go about this ?


Abdul Abdo
cant receive mail pop3
by Abdulghani Abdo
1 Mon Jun 30 2003
12:16:20 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Dear sirs,
 Im need to connect Outlook to more than 1 server, is it possible to do this?
I have tried mapping,  and as I ahve tought before, it did not work.

Thanks in advance,
 André Mapping more than 1 pop server
by André Barone
3 Fri Jun 27 2003
11:15:44 PM (EST)
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