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Topic is Open help! I,m running Lansuite 2003 25 user license on xp pro. Been up and running since June 2k3 9 users 19 aliases.
 use smtp, pop3, and webserver on port 8081 for webmail access. worked perfectly until 9-28-2003. It crashed with the following log entry: Faulting application lansuite.exe, version 2003.0.0.328, faulting module ws2_32.dll, version 5.1.2600.0, fault address 0x00008d72.

restarted it ran for a while (functioned normally) crashed ,
restart crash.... couldn't fix it

restored the hard drive using Ghost to a known good configuration from 3 weeks prior.
ran it for a while and it crashed (same message)

I've switched nics, moved it to another machine, reinstalled a fresh copy with no accounts configured, tried latest version, tried compatability modes, all crashed with same error.

it seems to not crash if I route the traffic to another machine but that doesn't solve my problem

all my troubleshooting leads me to believe it may be caused by somekind of packet header coruption or attack or something. so I reset the dsl modem , router and hubs incase there was an error from them.....same crash no matter what I try...

Any Thoughts?

lansuite.exe faulting module ws2_32.dll
by David Sullo
0 Tue Sep 30 2003
11:03:18 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anyone has any idea on how to clear the Send messages log in the outbox of the webmail?

There are 14 pages of send messages log todate in my LS2002 webmail outbox and the list is growing.

Clearing "Send messages" log in the webmail outbox
by Jason Michael
0 Tue Sep 23 2003
11:01:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi!

I'm facing the following problem on several computers (works perfectly on most of them) : i installed ls_sf2003 client to send fax. Restarted the computer, configured server and username.. When trying to send a fax, i have the first page wich ask me several setting (ommit blank page, preview before send, etc). But when i try to send or preview i have an error message : 'Cannot run [3 weirds characters]  program to send fax. Fax is stored as c:\windows\temp\fax[smth].

As anyone ever faced (and solved :) this problem? Thanks for your help! Cannot run program to send fax
by Catherine Vivier
1 Tue Sep 23 2003
11:37:54 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, someone must be able to help me with this problem.

I am running LS 2002 on a Windows 2k pro machine with an ISDN dial-up connection to the internet. My dial-up settings in LS are as follws: connect every 60 mins for 10 mins from Monday to Friday from 5:00 to 19:00; upon client request on proxy server, disconnect 5 mins after last request from Monday to Friday from 5:00 to 22:30; when at least 3 msgs are pending or a msg has been pending for at least 30 mins from Monday to Friday from 5:00 to 19:00.

But for some strange reason the connection stays connected for long periods of time(example connection stayed connected for one day at a time). Any solutions on this problem would be greatly appreciated as it is costing my client a whole lot of money.

I don't want the connection to be connected for such long periods. I want it to connect and then disconnect when needed.

Eddie ISDN dial-up problem
by Pieter Doorewward
1 Thu Oct 16 2003
5:53:39 AM (EST)
Topic is Open When a client computer try to connect to the the service indicates that there is a connection problem, but when I connect in the computer where lansuite itís installed there is no problem to access this chat, then my guess is that lansuite itís not letting the connection, but I already tried to map the most common port for the chat services but none itís working, anybody knows what to do to connect to this chat trough lansuite. user
by Carlos Salazar
0 Fri Sep 19 2003
10:04:31 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I have shutting down problem with Lan Suite 2002. 
My OS it's Win XP Pro.

I appreciate for your help


Antonis Shutting down Problem on Win XP
by Antonis Kokkalas
1 Fri Sep 19 2003
5:04:12 AM (EST)


by Robert Dorr
1 Sat Sep 13 2003
1:43:23 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there any way to add granularity for Anti-Spam to the next version of Lan Suite (2004 Perhaps?)

Specifically, I'm looking for two things:

1.  The ability to filter and/or block specific IP Addresses & IP Ranges.

2.  The ability to filter and/or block based on URLs contained within an email (MIME).

Adding Anti-SPAM Granularity
by Charles Clark
0 Mon Sep 8 2003
3:30:59 PM (EST)
Topic is Open After authenticate i get a connection timed out on the serverīs log. It happends every time I try to browse any site, but I can borwse perfectly using the server. I set up a rule to allow acces to all my network to any ip address under ip filtering tab. 
DCHP is disabled, proxy runs on a Windows 2000 Pro.

Any comment will be appreciated Connection Timed out
by Gonzalo Varela
1 Mon Sep 8 2003
11:12:42 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Using LS2002, Build 2002.0.03.0212 Real player on client PC cann't connect to server. Any hints? 
Thanks for help! Real audio proxy doesnt work
by Christian Lotze
4 Fri Aug 22 2003
9:12:27 AM (EST)
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