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Topic is Open How to open in MSN Messenger version 6 How to open ports..
by Bong Esguerra
0 Mon Nov 10 2003
3:55:34 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anybody knows how to configure Yahoo Messenger on Lansuite 2002? I would appreciate your help. Thanks. How to Setup Yahoo Messenger
by Marvene Molina
1 Sun Jan 18 2004
6:55:24 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I recently installed LS 2003 Anti Virus and am trying to get the @fax system working.  My Outlook 2000 is set up to create mail as Rich Text format and my test message does not include any graphics. 

Reviewing the log shows that the message is going to LanSuite and seems to hang up in the conversion process.  I have found error messages that the page size is not set up properly.  Is this a setting in LanSuite or Outlook?  I can't find where to change the configuration in either place.

Any suggestions?

Brian @fax problem with MS Outlook 2000
by Brian Girling
1 Tue Nov 11 2003
9:12:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am a home user with 2 pc's using a broadband connection and Win98.
Lansuite seems to be constantly trying to send messages - some get sent, others 'cannot be delivered' but I don't know where these messages are coming from and where they are going to.
I have only recently ticked  'relay for 602 pro users only'. Before this time, no relay options were ticked.
When I occasionally had problems like this before I used to go into queue management and delete everything in the queue (there were no messages I had sent in here - all seem to be spam-like, and they didn't build up over time - they all seemed to arrive suddenly together).
Now, lansuite hangs when I try to access queue management. Is there a way I can clear the queue through a backdoor? And what, where and how are these messages being sent? Can I view them - to see where they are going to, coming from?
Is it a virus? I have a fully up to date Norton antivirus installed and it has not detected anything.
I am very confused...
Thank you. Always sending messages.
by Ray Carter
0 Sat Nov 1 2003
6:48:23 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello, 
I'm using PHP with Lansuite, but there is always a delay of 3..5 seconds, when opening or processing a PHP page. Server is not too busy. 
I've checked all the PHP settings, without results.
Any other hints?

Thanks for help, 
Christian slow reaction of PHP pages
by Christian Lotze
2 Tue Nov 11 2003
8:40:50 AM (EST)
Topic is Open My customer keeps getting up to 8 copies of the same email this is company wide 25 user licence.

Anyone got any idea

I reinstalled 2002 over the top still thew same.
Multiples of the same email
by David Addy
1 Wed Oct 22 2003
9:27:45 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

We have our server set up to run ProLansuite. Each end user terminal then connects to that to receive their mail. However, one of our users HD recently corrupted beyond repair and no data can be retrieved. My question is how do I establish which folder contains that users mail on the server i.e. C:\Program Files\ProLanSuite\mbox\xxxxx

I know on Outlook Express I would simply right mouse click the users inbox and go to properties, that would then show me to the path to the folder on the users computer. I want to know how to do this on ProLanSuite. Can anyone shed some light? path to user mail
by Martin R.
4 Sun Nov 23 2003
2:36:51 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I've made an Access application which sends faxes by using Outlook Express. The fax is attached as an RTF-file and being send to LanSuite 2003. It all seems to work fine, LanSuite is even sending the fax, but it is never received. Before actually sending, LanSuite is showing an error Create OLE object error (2804). What is going wrong??? Creating OLE Object error (2804)
by Guido Dekorte
2 Tue Oct 7 2003
7:26:59 AM (EST)
Topic is Open We wish to be able to send email to one of our users who has a separate email box with our domain host that is not bundled in with the rest of our domain mail as he uses mail from home. Ie we want 602 to recognise his address as an external address and not try to deliver it locally. Changing his email address to a non domain one is not something we want to do.

Is this possible? Ignore local user and send message externally
by Ross Houghton
3 Wed Oct 22 2003
5:00:47 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello!
If I try to download(Save file as...) a .exe-file through my web browser the download does not start. Instead it triggers the .exe to execute on my server. Downloading a .zip-file goes right.
See the difference of downloading the .zip and .exe in the log script. 
Varasto is an alias for d:\downloads\.

16:36:51 PROXY: 0844 Connection has arrived.
16:36:51 WWW: 0844 Request: /varasto/Asus/
16:36:51 WWW: 0844 Sending: d:\downloads\Asus\index.htm
16:36:51 WWW: 0844 Connection closed.

16:36:57 PROXY: 1112 Connection has arrived.
16:36:57 WWW: 1112 Request: /varasto/Asus/
16:36:57 WWW: 1112 Sending: d:\downloads\Asus\
16:37:00 WWW: 1112 Connection closed.

16:37:12 PROXY: 1104 Connection has arrived.
16:37:12 WWW: 1104 Request: /varasto/Apache
16:37:12 WWW: 1104 Connection closed.

16:37:16 PROXY: 0852 Connection has arrived.
16:37:16 WWW: 0852 Request: /varasto/Apache/TrustToolbar.exe
16:37:16 WWW: 0852 CGI: d:\downloads\Apache\TrustToolbar.exe
16:37:16 WWW: 0852 CGI: exist 
16:37:16 WWW: 0852 CGI: content
16:37:16 WWW: 0852 CGI: command d:\downloads\Apache\TrustToolbar.exe
16:37:19 WWW: 0852 Connection closed.

Download problem from 602 webserver
by Kai Rankio
4 Wed Oct 1 2003
10:58:32 AM (EST)
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