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Topic is Open I can no longer connect to, neither from the server nor from the client computers. I can ping this site from the server, not the clients. It seems the proxy does nothing for 20 secs and then times out:

02:37:04 pm PROXY: 2544 Connection has arrived.

02:37:04 pm PROXY: 2544 Request:

02:37:04 pm PROXY: 2544 Proxy.

02:37:25 pm PROXY: 2544 connect - Connection timed out

02:37:40 pm PROXY: 2544 Connection closed.
Proxy problem?
by Roel Vanderheide
0 Sun Dec 28 2003
8:56:15 AM (EST)
Topic is Open The funny part about this situation is that I know that the program is good, but cannot set it up. I'm behind a router and I have dynamic dns. I can send e-mails to myself or any other mailbox in L.S. But when I send to an external e-mail like yahoo I get Lcating doman yahoo...found, then Sending e-mail...failed, E-mail resending in 300s. What have I missed. I also cannot seem to be able to set up the webmail. Could someone give me a whole list of ports the software uses so I can allow them in my router. I have disabled the L.S. firewall and disabled the fax. My website is being hosted by IIS, so I disabled the Webserver component of L.S. MX Records
by Vuyisile Tshuma
2 Sun Jan 11 2004
10:28:55 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, I just downloaded the LAN suite and trying to learn how to use it. I read the manual - it was not too helpful. Here is my question:
I am looking to use the software to utilize the internet sharing capability. i have several users and only one network connection. I want them all to be independent of my server and get/send the e-mail using our organization’s smpt/pop servers. In other work i want to use my LAN 2003 machine as internet gateway. However, it seems to me that all pop and smtp traffic from clients is blocked. I am not using LAN 2003 as POP or SMTP server ( the checkboxes are cleared). Can any one suggest what i am doing wrong?
Do i have to set the users up if i am not using any advanced functionality of the software? I tested on one of the clients - http works fine as is!

Mail from clients
by Gennadiy Saenko
3 Mon Jan 5 2004
10:59:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open how can I create a send mail rule for local user. I mean, 
I want to forward all sending e-mails by local user to administrator.
mail rules
by Senol Kural
0 Sat Nov 22 2003
4:07:18 AM (EST)
Topic is Open 
I wonder if any one have done migration from LS to MS Exchange. 
I would like to migrate my mailboxes and not loose any email items.

Any directions or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Migrating LS mailboxes to MS Exchange
by Abdulghani Abdo
0 Fri Nov 21 2003
10:42:06 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello! Lan Suite 2002 is setup on both of my computers. I have file access between them but when I open up the browser and try to access a site online with the client computer I get a message saying: Message - 602Pro Lan Suite 2002 is limited to 5 users. But there is only 2 computers on the network! It also says (5 Users) in the title bar of Lan Suite, but yet again only 2 computers, Can anyone help me please? Help Please!
by Terri Aigner
0 Wed Nov 19 2003
5:31:32 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I can't use the 'Lan send Fax' on the same PC that is running the Fax server in the background.....
please advise if this is possible Fax Server & Send Fax application
by Grant Cleaver
0 Tue Nov 18 2003
11:13:38 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have no problem with analogue dial-up modem and the Fax server feature....however recently upgraded to ISDN line with USB ISDN dial-up modem.....the Fax server can't seem to use ISDN modem? Fax server using ISDN dial-up modem?
by Grant Cleaver
0 Tue Nov 18 2003
11:09:14 AM (EST)
Topic is Open 
I have a customer that has been running 602 Lan Suite Pro 2002 at their HQ for some time now. Now they have expanded to 4(four) extra branches and we would like to implement 602 LS at the 4 new branches. Is it possible to have one Registered Domain but “split” it into Post Offices so that just certain specified mail addresses on this domain are delivered at each branch.
More info:
The company has one registered domain and the current server at HQ connects to the internet and downloads all the mail for that domain using a dialup modem(POP3). Every user located anywhere other than on the local LAN then has to dial in to this server to download his own mail(pop3). How can I configure the other four servers to download only their specified user’s mail from the HQ server(also dialup modem)? Is it possible or are there another solution?!?
One Domain with multiple "Post Offices"?
by Heinrich Vanzijl
1 Fri Nov 14 2003
3:50:16 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am using LS2003 on an XP PC with a Multitech ZDX modem.
When a fax is received or sent the modem won't hang up the line so is permanently engaged until the modem is rebooted.
I have installed the proper multitech drivers.
I am expecting the string is wrong but not sure where to change it or what to change it to.

Anyone have any ideas? Modem wont hang up line
by Paul Maber
2 Wed Nov 12 2003
8:55:20 AM (EST)
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