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Topic is Open My screen display this message at the very top of the webmail login screen.  602Pro WWW LoginServer is not running on WWW server ! 
Does anyone know what the loginserver is??  Please help
Web Mail Error
by Robert Dorr
0 Tue Feb 17 2004
11:30:21 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,
I have lan suite running on my win2K server and can send/get emails from/to my outlook client in and from the internet. What I can not do is use webmail. When I send a webmail into the internet it is relayed over my ISP SMTP server. Only in case of sending  webmail Lan Suite responses with Host does't support authentization methods available to this program:  502 command is localy disabled 
My question is what does this means and how is this related to the fact that the relay function when I sen mail from my oulook client does work.
Please send solutions to Your support is appreciated
Regards 502 command is localy disabled
by Oscar Goos
5 Wed Feb 18 2004
7:55:57 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have had lan suite 2003 running at our workplace for about 6 months now and I still can not get LDAP to work correctly.  As a result none of my users can see each other through outloook and  use the calendar bookings.  It has become quite frustrating as outlook help cant really assist as it is based on exchange running in the background and the 602 software help only have basic assistance as they say it must be the mail software.  Have tried differents ports, loging on differently, all sorts of fixes but continue to get the same error, cant contact LDAP directory server (81). Dont know if it is the way my 2000 server is set up ? Unsure, Can any one help, very frustrated.  Thanks LDAP set up
by Jason Cuolahan
2 Mon Mar 29 2004
4:48:02 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,
Does anybody know if it is possible for Webmail to show the actual email address in the header of the mail, without switching on Full headers. I normally use Basic headers..but I need something in between Basic and Full.

Is there a workaround or a change I can do to the webmail html templates or something, to see the To: CC: and BB: email addresses from the original email instead of just my LAN suite account name?

Mike Webmail Show To: Full Email address?
by Michael Felder
0 Sun Feb 8 2004
9:24:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am using LS 2002, I need to copy all emails received & sent by users to special account admininstrator so he can have all records of communications and track all mails, currenty if any users download his mail through LS Admin can not seet it, please reply if any one have solution. Sending emails to administrator
by Asif Paracha
1 Tue Feb 17 2004
9:27:04 AM (EST)
Topic is Open LanSuite2003 is installed at home. Want to send fax from outside/ work/ travel using yahoo or hotmail email. What should be entered in To: filed?

I am sure 18008008888@fax would not be accepted by Yahoo or Hotmail.

Please suggest.
Sending Fax from Yahoo
by Sk Rana
0 Sat Jan 31 2004
9:14:05 PM (EST)
Topic is Open downloaded 602ProLAN SUITE 20 today, internet explorer works great, but when try downloading all seeing eye and game spy it comes up can not find server. Ive tried the ingame browser on medal of honour to find servers but they dont show up, also tried connecting by ip address but that times out, any help would be great help
by Darren Murray
0 Thu Jan 22 2004
3:39:38 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Callwave Internet Answering Machine only works on server. No luck on clients. Anybody able to do this? Callwave Internet Answering Machine
by Hollis Morrow
0 Sun Jan 18 2004
9:35:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am abled to access to the WAP
page and reading of messages.
However I just couldn't send out
any email thru' my WAP phone.
When I checked on the Outbox status
 using Web access, it shown retry
sending 1..2..3 and so on under
Messages to be sent. Did I miss
out certain setting?
btw, when sending thru' 602 Web
mail or outlook express, no problem
 at all. Sending mail thru WAP
by Cyber Tech
2 Tue Jan 13 2004
3:52:31 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I haven't upgraded to 2003 yet, however have a 10 user system here with two users on laptops. Both these users can collect mail from our Lan Suite server, one on broadband and one on dial up, using to find the server. They can collect mail by using LS as their POP3 server, but they can't send through LS without me opening up the server for relay.

I have them both using their ISP's outgoing mail server to send mail however one of them wants to use AOL and they don't allow SMTP relay, even from their own users.

How can I configure the system so that they can both reliably SEND mail through the server (with potentially a different IP address every time).


Remotely sending through LS
by Callum Mccormick
11 Fri Jan 16 2004
8:13:03 PM (EST)
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