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Topic is Open Ever since I've upgraded to XP sp1 on my client machine, I can't use the fax print driver from applications (like Word). When I try to print I get the following error message:

Cannot run os=windows_nt program For sendng fax! Fax File is stored as File C:\windows\TEMP\~fax602.fax

I tried the suggestions in the knowledge base article regarding this issue, with no luck. I downloaded the client installlation file again, removed and re-installed the software - still nothing.

I've noticed that the tray icon isn't available anymore. I can open The fax client settings dialog from the desktop icon, and it sees the server, but when I close the settings dialog, the tray icon only flashes in the tray and disappears. Does this mean the program is'nt running? I would appreciate any help. SendFax Client Problem with XP
by Ralph M
2 Mon May 5 2003
7:24:21 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is anyone aware of any security vulnerabilities associated with the webserver provided by Lansuite.  I want to give my users web access but am fearful of opening up a pinhole in my firewall to the internal server.  I looked on CERT but found no references.  I suspect that the webserver is not a direct LanSuite code but OEM. Web Server Security Vulnerabilities
by Ross Utting
1 Mon May 5 2003
1:08:01 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi
I would like to use an external Spam filter (i.e. SpamWeasel, SpamPal) as LS's spamfilter does not allow to define a friends list. Browsing this forum I found the following thread:
Posted by Peter Wolter  on 4/22/2003 at 3:08:04 AM 
just to be clear - from my understanding, LS will only check outing mails, i.e. mails sent to its SMTP port ... not incoming mails you gather via POP. I use SpamWeasel as proxy in front of LS for the latter.
Unfortunately there is no way to find out Peter Wolter's email address to ask him how to do that. Is there anybody else unsing a similar configuration?
Thanks for any help!
Bernard / New Zealand LS and in conjunction with SpamWeasel
by Bernard Burger
4 Sun May 11 2003
8:14:13 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,
What's the command line option to start up lansuite in full screen mode under Win98?
thank you. Command line options?
by Giuseppe Avella
0 Sat May 3 2003
5:28:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anybody know how to get MSN Messenger working on any of the Client Machines? I can get it running on the server machine without a problem and I got Yahoo Messenger working on clients by setting Firewall/Proxy as follows.

HTTP Proxy
Name:   (server name)
Port:   80

but when I tried to do the same with MSN (Windows) Messenger it just says it can't find the internet.  I have already tried it as above (Yahoo settings), SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, SOCKS 5 (with user and password), and with no settings at all. NOTHING seems to work. MSN MESSENGER with LanSuite 2002
by Anthony Lloyd
2 Sat May 17 2003
4:54:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Can anybody tell me if it is possible to disable the fax confirmation e-mail, and if yes, how to do this???

Thank you. Disable fax confirmation
by - -
0 Sat May 3 2003
4:59:54 AM (EST)
Topic is Open is there a way to completely turn off the webserver? instead of showing that www disabled or whatever? because i like the email server this product has but i use a different web server. any help? Complete disable webserver
by Ronald Bow
2 Mon May 5 2003
2:50:11 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm experiencing a periodic problem with the smtp server.  It appears as if the server attempts to use the wrong smtp server to deliver mail.  

ie the server has attempted to deliver mail bound to through

here's 2 traces from the log file - in one instance the message was sent successfully, in another instance the delivery failed.

mail sent successfully
08:01:01 am SMTP: Requesting MX records for domain ''...
08:01:01 am SMTP: MX records for domain '' found.
08:01:01 am SMTP: [0] Connecting to '' ( ...
08:01:01 am SMTP: [0] Connection to '' ( established.
08:01:01 am SMTP: [0] Waiting for identification...
08:01:01 am SMTP: [0] SMTP connection to '' established.
08:01:02 am SMTP: [0] Sending message (1251 B)...
08:01:02 am SMTP: [0] Message sent.
08:01:02 am SMTP: [0] SMTP connection to '' terminated.
08:01:02 am SMTP: 2e7c8fa1.xq message sent.

unsuccessful attempt
02:14:03 pm SMTP: Processing 2e7c8f96.xq message...
02:14:03 pm SMTP: Requesting MX records for domain ''...
02:14:03 pm SMTP: MX records for domain '' found.
02:14:03 pm SMTP: [2] Connecting to '' ( ...
02:14:03 pm SMTP: [2] Connection to '' ( established.
02:14:03 pm SMTP: [2] Waiting for identification...
02:14:03 pm SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to '' established.
02:14:04 pm SMTP: [2] 554 <>: Recipient address rejected: Relay access denied
02:14:05 pm SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to '' terminated.
02:14:05 pm SMTP: 2e7c8f96.xq message cannot be delivered to 1 addressees.
02:14:29 pm SMTP: Processing 2e7c8f97.xq message...
02:14:29 pm SMTP: Processing message '2e7c8f98.x'/'2e7c8f98.d'
02:14:29 pm SMTP: 2e7c8f97.xq message sent.
02:14:29 pm SMTP: Message delivered to 1 local users.

-lindy smtp configuration issue or other problem?
by Lindy Nakaerts
1 Sat May 3 2003
6:16:23 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Currently we are reciving a 

MAP  S0_Linger  message on the proxy, about when this happens people on the network cannout access their email or interent.  The problem cannot be recreated, it happens every now and then.  The only solution I have found is, each time it happens repair the TCP/IP protocol on the server.  I would however like to know what is causing this.  Thanks in advance! S0_linger?
by Dovena Akins
0 Fri May 2 2003
9:51:02 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is it possible to have XP client machines logon to a Network with Lan Suite 2002? Eg the Machine running Lan Suite requires connecting machines to logon with user accounts that are compatible with more than one user profile on the XP clent machine.

Thanks in advance Domain Logons Possible?
by Alan Sparkes
0 Fri May 2 2003
8:20:35 AM (EST)
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