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Topic is Open I am running LS 2004 on W2k Server. Sometimes the server crashes an reboots when a user on the LAN tries to pick its e-mail with POP3. The only solution is to delete some message on the LS server, either with webmail or manually by manually removing the corresponding file in the LS servers filesystem. 
My experience is that this behaviour is associated to exactly some specific e-mails. All other e-mails can be transferred to the client and the reboot behaviour is reproducible with the bad e-mails (i checked this by manually copying the corresponding files in the mbox on the LS server and transferring them several times).
I read in the forum that this behaviour has already occured with LS 2002 and the assumption was that it is linked to the NIC you are using to connect the client to the LS server. Indded did I change the NIC recently and I didn't have this problem before. On the other hand the NIC is working perfectly in all other cases so it must at least be the combination of NIC and LS POP3 and some special e-mail property.
Has anybody experienced this problem, too and are there any solutions available?
Any help is highly appreciated. LS crashes server reboots when picking POP3 e-mail
by Ralf Altmeyer
0 Wed Oct 13 2004
3:27:45 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a big problems receiving e-mails. I created 1 user with 4 aliases (e-mail addesses).

My user receive 4 times every e-mail sended to 1 of these addresses/alias, although the mail have just 1 of them as destination.

I tried to work in different ways with the SMTP, POP3 and user properties, but i always get this mail duplication.

Have anyone idea on how to set LS2004 properly for not to duplicate e-mails ? User with aliases receive duplicated mails
by Luciano Zanin
0 Mon Jun 14 2004
12:41:37 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm just configure a new POP account on a remote computer (to check mail on a LS server) and i'm getting an 521 - mail rejected error only when sending the message.
I configured thois account on another computer and had no problems.
What may be wrong?
Thanks 521 mail rejected
by Antonio Mouallem
0 Sun Jun 6 2004
11:38:05 PM (EST)
Topic is Open hey!
maybe someone can help me!
I have a dsl connention but i must establish it with a vpn (think it ppp). how can i config that? tryed allready dial up this connention with and without pwd etc.... 

pls help !

thx pk dsl vpn dial up ppp
by Wert Gertwer
0 Thu Jun 3 2004
7:55:46 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Installed 10 user 2004 today.  Have 2 x domains, and 2 x pop3 accounts to collect from, and  Have configured aliases (fred@pop1, barney@pop2 etc), and I'm not using default domain.  Does this look right so far?

Problem arose when email came in addressed to fred@pop1, but finished up in postmaster@pop1 (who is also postmaster for pop2), who then did the decent thing and forwarded to the intended recipient, but the message didn't arrive at Fred - it appeared again with postmaster.

My question is - what happens to email sent from 1 user to another user's alias, and why did fred's mail not arrive there?  I tested with other external email messages, and they seemed to go through to fred just fine, so its not consistant.

Chris S.
2 domains and aliases
by C Stevens
0 Wed May 26 2004
1:17:13 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi!

There must be something wrong with my setup here. I can successfully send email, for example to my yahoo account. But if I reply that email from yahoo I do not receive that reply?!?!

Of course, I have defined the user account in 602LanSuite.

Thanks in advance. Can send but not receive email?!?!
by Tommy Svensson
0 Tue May 18 2004
4:40:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hey,

I used the free version of 602LAN Suite. The limit is 5 users, what does it really means?

Means that only 5 computers can get a IP Adress from a dhcp server?

Only 5 computers can share internet line?

Or only 5 users can use this program?

And so on? Max Users?
by Erlends. Nicolaysen
1 Thu Jul 22 2004
10:44:29 AM (EST)
Topic is Open hello,

is there anyway to set the size of email a user can send in lansuite?

users are sending emails with large attachments and i'd like to stop them if possible.


ian email size
by Ian Whitfield
0 Thu Mar 25 2004
8:59:23 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is there any reason to purchase AVG since I already have virus scanning through 602LAN Suite?  

Is the virus scanning more robust with AVG?   Or is it 99.9% redundant? AVG vs Built-in anti-virus??
by William Halper
0 Mon Mar 22 2004
1:19:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How I can use Lan suite as a SSL footbridge for convert in secure server web an aplication web server.

Thanks ssl web server
by Jose Fdez
0 Fri Feb 20 2004
8:20:09 PM (EST)
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