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Topic is Open First I am on a reuter with a firewall (if this is helpful in any way)

I want to setup the LAN Suite so i can Access the server (index.htm, and all my files) via the internet at a diferent location.

What settings do i have to configure for this to work? Remote Access
by Kerwin Carpenter
7 Sat May 17 2003
5:32:44 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Has anyone done any mods to the webserver screens..  Specifically I want to remove the 602 user and public address books (icons and access) and just allow a person to make and use private address books. WebMail mods
by Sam Streger
0 Thu May 15 2003
4:56:44 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have LS working good (win98) with 1 line exclusive for send/answer fax, but i don't receive fax with more 1 page. My faxmodem is a USRobotics 56.6 PCI.
My Fax dont receive more 1 page
by Fernando Aguirre
1 Thu May 15 2003
10:32:53 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a problem if you click on servers -> List of active connections
it says 

Connections Established:
No Connections Established at this moment

i am on a network with a reuter as well can that be a problem? 

do have to have an active to remotely view my server Cannot Establish Connection
by Kerwin Carpenter
2 Sat May 17 2003
8:49:27 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Can you explain that message as Accept Table is full in LanSuite Tracing Screen?

Because, I am trying to understand a relation between this message and LanSuite crash !

(However; I get many spam relay requests. I know and have adjusted the spam preventer and gets We don't relay message)
Thanks in advance...

My system;
-WinXP Pro
-602Pro Lan 2002 v...03.212 Accept Table is full !
by Sener Yetgin
0 Thu May 15 2003
6:04:12 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Dear Sirs,

I have Lan Suit 2002 installed on a machine with XP professional. This computer connects to the Internet throw an ADSL router, with one nic, and connects to private lan throw another nic. 

Iím using the proxy server for that all client computers can connect to the Internet. 

Wen I use the Microsoft Internet Explorer on clients machines, the access itís very slow on some sites (for example or and stays very long time with incomplete screens. Sometimes doesnít display the page at all.

If I use the Netscape browser it doesnít happen, it works very well.

This phenomenon happens on all machines connected to the lan.

There are some incompatibility between the Lan Suite proxy and the Microsoft Internet Explorer? Any one can help me how to solve this problem?

Thank you very much

Jorge Martinho
proxy to slow
by Jorge Martinho
2 Thu May 15 2003
5:33:56 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi all,
I was wondering if this would work using lan suite. I have a system which requires log in to see images over the internet (VPN sort of). Can I map the static IP address of my computer on the internet to another on an internal lan, so logging into the IP address of the internet, after successfull logging, will forward it to my internal address. (I know it works outbound). Hope this makes sence! IP ADDRESS FORWADING?
by Carl Pullen
3 Wed May 14 2003
1:13:55 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Sometimes, an incoming fax print is missing of parts.

When someone transmit to me 1 fax (2 pages), and the fax didn feel the page interruption from 1 page to the next, the result is that the page is double that A4 format (2 pages in the same TIFF page), and i cannot automatically print the 2nd part of the fax.
Any solution? Fax dont print some pages
by Fabrizio Borghi
1 Wed May 14 2003
5:04:02 AM (EST)
Topic is Open trying to connect to a hosted site that is running an apache 2.0 server, mod - rewrite & Linux - Redhat 7.2.  Nothing unusual, you can hit the site from any other machine on the internet with no problem.  When we try to hit the site throught the 602 proxy we get a connection time out.  Can't figure it out and very frustrated.  No other details on the error - that's what is so frustrating.  PLEASE HELP!!! ANY ideas are appreciated!!!!

THANKS!!! HTTP: connection time out
by Matt Mullinax
1 Tue May 13 2003
12:11:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open We are running Lansuite on a NT4 server with a US Robotics 56k External modem and we're not receiving all of our faxes.
I get alot of ?@? as faxsenders with 1 blank page. On others it's just not accepting the fax at all
The following is our configuration string: ATQ0V1E1X3S0=0
and our modem reset: ATZ
Our controlling command is autodetection. I could really use some help on this ASAP. Even More FAX Problems...
by Brian Parks
2 Tue May 13 2003
10:11:05 AM (EST)
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