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Topic is Open Has anyone been able to integrate Macromedia ColdFusion Server into Lan Suite 2002? Cold Fusion Server
by Chris Scott
1 Tue May 27 2003
4:29:58 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,
I Use 602Pro Lan Suite 2002 on a WindowsNT4 machine. It runs as a service. The AVG software is also running (and working fine capturing virusses). The automatic update does not seem to work. I get nothing in the logfile and when I try to update manually; AVG wants me to stop Lansuite service during the update.I did so; and manual updating succeeded (but nothing in the log file).  After that Lansuite service was restarted, and works fine.
My question: Is it possible to autoupdate AVG when Lansuite runs? Is there a way to know (or receive a mail) if autoupdate sheduler is working?
Thank you for your time and effort.
AVG updated or not; how to know
by Stefaan Goddaer
10 Sat May 31 2003
2:45:22 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, When some person in my LAN sent a message to the 602LS Server and the userid does not exist, this meesage is sent to the unsorted messages user defined. 
I need to change this , so the LSuite answer to the original user, The user does not exist, try again or whatever.
Javier How can I do "User does not exist"
by Javier Hidalgo
3 Fri Jun 27 2003
3:30:52 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anyone know how to password protect directories in the LS2002 WWW diretory structure so that when you go to that folder it prompts for a user name and password? Protected Directories
by Mike Clark
1 Mon May 19 2003
2:10:25 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi! Me again. 
Faxes are sending fine, and 602 is accepting incoming faxes, but that's where it stops. Am I right in thinking the faxes should go to the users mailboxes?
At the moment, they seem to be in the Messages Queue, (messages to be sent) and marked as status disabled. When I try and enable them, I get the error: error enabling message; unable to write message.

Can someone point out where I've gone wrong? Please? :)

Oh, and does anyone know what this is?

04:12:06 pm FAX: [0] Disabling C:\LANSUITE\io\vystupni\2eb37cf2.zas (The destination office is not in the list of external offices.)

Jo Fax --> mailbox problems?
by Joanna Roach
5 Wed May 21 2003
12:04:10 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I can't find the possibility to block certain type of attachments. I want to block *.PIF, *.VBS and *.SCR but i don't know where. 

Isn't this possible? Is attachment blocking possible?
by Michel Vanderheijden
2 Tue May 20 2003
8:08:03 AM (EST)
Topic is Open when i try to fax a multipage-tif as mail-attachment, LS always faxes 1 page and ends the connection. Problems faxing multipage-tiff
by Willi Ufer
1 Mon May 19 2003
5:24:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open During the installation I am getting the following error msg:

Invalid Input

Cannot write to SOCKSDLL.INI

OS = Windows XP Pro
Running using administrator privs.

Help Please. Cannot write to Socksdll.ini using Windows XP Pro
by Paulo Fantozzi
0 Sun May 18 2003
10:04:47 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I installed Windows XP in mine computer and now I don't get to save the configurations of Lan Suite 2002. The error message is exhibited and it doesn't allow to save the users of POP3 and to collect their messages.  
Why does this mistake happen??? Error writing to configuration file
by Paulo Fantozzi
0 Sun May 18 2003
8:51:57 PM (EST)
Topic is Open ello

i am having problems with Dns
on my client machine [ Laptop ] 
i cannot ping the outside world

when i ping in command - ms-dos


i keep geting Request Timed Out


Main Pc :
client  :

i have config all network opions to
direct to

both machines can see each other and ping each other but when i try to ping the outside world i get request timed out issue.

- i have check all possables options

Main Machine & Client Machine

- Win xp pro = Main Machine
- win 98 se  = Client Machine

you can contact me on DNS forwardin Problems !!!!!
by J Singh
2 Fri May 16 2003
7:05:56 AM (EST)
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