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Topic is Open I have made the configuration to receive internet e-mails by pop3 account inside of the 602Pro Lan Suite, but i can't understand how I can configure to send intranet mail to other users without sending e-mails by internet. How can I do it ? Intranet mail configuration
by Rene Cantagalli
4 Thu Jun 5 2003
3:22:15 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Well, my problem continues.
LS works well as long as I am logged on as Admin to an NT Server 4.0; as soon as I log on as a regular user and start LS, I get an error that states This application was not installed correctly and LS shuts down.
I made the regular user account an Admin and everything worked great, so I figured it had to be a permissions problem.
So, I audited the files that were accessed after starting LS and gave my regular account Change permission to those files, but this had no effect.
I instaled the LS Service and allowed it to log on as my regular account but this did not help, either.

Is there a specific folder or a number of files that need some special permission for LS to work in NT ? This is a great program, but I just cannot be logged on as Admin constantly since it violates the basic premises of what NT and simple security are all about.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Why do I have to be Administrator to use LS ?
by Juan Romero
2 Wed Jun 4 2003
10:05:25 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi there,

i've got a question regarding the anti-spam-feature. Here's my configuration: 
I'm hosting a website on a private server with a fixed ip-adresse, located at an ISP datacenter. I'm using LS2002 for SMTP and POP3. I've activated several DNSbl (Known Spammer and Open Relay) to filter incomming SPAM, which works fine for round about 50% of the unwanted stuff.

When I activate a Dial-Up DNSbl to reduce the latest 50% of junk, I can not sent emails by myself: My email client connects via a dial-up connection to the SMTP server and is rejected. Well, this behaviour is not incorrect, but it's not exactly what I've expected. Any idea for a workaround?

  Achim SPAM issue
by A Ze
1 Fri Jun 27 2003
3:28:14 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I set the spam blocking and check-marked the servers, but it doesn't seem as if they are being filtered at all.  Do I need to make any other changes to enable this?  All the spam ones I selected are listed as free. Spam Blocking
by Frank Dutkiewicz
1 Tue Jun 3 2003
1:00:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I'm attemting to configure lansuite to send a copy of emails to others users on the network.

I've followed the online help of adding the mailbox name to the Alias field of all users who should receive a copy.

It isn't working for me.

Do I need a paid-for version ?, as I'm using the free (registered) 5 user version.

Andy copy of emails
by Millar Lamont
4 Fri Jun 27 2003
8:30:42 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Still having a problem giving users a cgi-bin for scripts.  Anyone have any ideas? Still wondering about cgi-bin
by Perry Smith
1 Tue Jun 3 2003
8:01:11 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi everybody!

Ive just installed Lan Suite 2002.
When trying to collect mails with Outlook 2000 from the pop3 i recieve an winsock:connection reset by peer error.
Ive already read the article in the knowledge base and shut down firewall and virus scanner. But still no improvment.
The only other network related Software running is WinVNC, could that be a problem?
The network connection itself is running perfectly, so i exclude a bad lan- adapter.
OS is Win 2000 SP3.

Can anybody help me????
Newbie-socket error
by Volker Goedde
1 Thu Jun 5 2003
4:02:05 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I dont seem to be able to use remote admin. IE returns error ' No such file or directory'. I can get to most other directories o.k. Remote Admin
by James Holliday
1 Tue Jun 3 2003
3:39:47 PM (EST)
Topic is Open ISAPI support is mentioned in the Lansuite specifications ... but I can not find any information on how to set it up.  Specifically I want to setup PHP for ISAPI.

Would appreciate any pointers in the right direction.


David ISAPI Support
by David Martin
7 Tue Jun 3 2003
10:26:56 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anyone know if it possible to create a scriptalias for the cgi-bin so that each user can have a virtual directory?

In other words I want to create a pathe such as URL/~user/cgi-bin . Cgi-Bin Problem
by Perry Smith
0 Fri May 30 2003
8:27:50 AM (EST)
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