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Topic is Open Hello,

I want to protect the homepages of the users. If possible I want to use the procedure that's used for logging into webmail and of course with the same name / password.

Can somebody help me with some easy to understand html code? I'm a nitwit with html <grin>

Thanx! Harry Webpage with mail logon
by Harry Vandenbrink
0 Sun Jun 8 2003
11:01:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi, dear helper!

I had installed a 602 LAN on a WinXP machine with external Acorp 56EMS
The machine(& Win) has no problems to connect to internet, but has problems with 602 FAX. I had install 602 LAN server app and can't print to the fax. When I try this the returnet window contain:
Cannot run x program for sending fax!
Fax file is stored as file D:\WINDOWS\TEMP\~FAX602.FAX
Can You help me?!

Thank You for devoted time!
P.M. Configuring 602 FAX
by Peter Marinov
1 Mon Jun 9 2003
8:34:29 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Has anyone had issues with the fax server providing only the first 1k or so of the fax?  602 receives a fax as should however the received tif file only contains the first 5-10% of the page. Fax recieved issues
by Sam Streger
0 Sat Jun 7 2003
10:33:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Does LAN SUITE work with Oulook Express?

Jodi Outlook Configuration
by Jodi Schaffer
2 Sun Jun 8 2003
6:59:21 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I can seldom successfully load an .asp page from thru the proxy.  It works perfectly every time if I try to access the site from the proxy machine with browser bypassing the proxy.  The part of the page that doesn't load is somekind of a script.... the page displays okay, but the calculated fields don't work when enter information.

Any ideas how I can fix this?

Thanx in Advance,
TFehr Page not completely loading
by Terry Fehr
0 Fri Jun 6 2003
3:08:24 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

how does lansuite deal with smtp errors like bad address, no MX records and so on ?

I have tried to send some mails to bad addresses. It processes them, naturally fails to send and retries until the mails are discarded (setting in working intervals). But it doesn't send me any notification back that it failed to send the mails.
How can I fix it ?

patrice Bounced mails ...
by Patrice Decafmeyer
0 Fri Jun 6 2003
10:21:08 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I went to the Czech version of this site ( and downloaded the trial version of Lan Suite 2003. I was disappointed to see the that the number one feature I was wanting, the ability to have fax cover pages, was not included :(.....Oh well. Lan Suite 2003
by Patrick Ford
6 Mon Jun 9 2003
12:31:35 PM (EST)
Topic is Open My customer uses a banking programm which uses FTP to transfer its data to and from the bank. It worked fine till a few days ago. After a reset services.exe was using port 1080 so proxy wasn't starting. After a reboot everything worked again but I can't ftp from anywhere on the network. I can FTP from the server.
I have proxy and socks enabled.


Roger Unable to use FTP
by Roger Berger
3 Fri Jun 6 2003
10:25:37 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I 'm running LS SMTP server behind a NAT router over ADSL, using dynamic DNS. The dynamic DNS provider is responsible for the MX records of my domain. I don't not relay emails to my ISP's SMTP server. Ports 25 and 110 are mapped to LS SMTP server.

I am able to send email to any public user (, but I cannot receive any email sent by yahoo or any other public smtp server. However, the emails are not returned back to the senders.

Is anybody aware about a similar situation ? What do I have to check in LS ?
Cant receive emails using dynamic DNS
by George Kapelios
5 Thu Jun 5 2003
7:52:08 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have this message appearing in the log when the server tries to send something. There does not seem to be any problems, however has anyone seen it?

501 <<>> missing or malformed local part Missing or Malformed Local Part
by James Pinamonti
2 Fri Jun 6 2003
10:45:17 PM (EST)
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