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Topic is Open I'm migrating all information from 602Pro Lan 2002.  Users and email migrated great.  I'm trying to figure out how to import the contact lists from individual users' Outlook Express accounts into Groupware 6.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Don Importing Contacts From Outlook Express?
by Don Raake
1 Sun Mar 8 2009
10:35:34 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi

Is there a faster way to import large .PST files into GW6 apart from using the Outlook Connector and doing an Import in Outlook itself?

Thank you

David Importing large .PST files into GW 6
by Roy Floyd
0 Wed Mar 4 2009
2:17:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I cannot believe there are only 10 posts in the user forums since the new year.

Unfortunately, I have posted 40% of them.  Is GW6 that bug free that no one has issues?

Compared to LS2004, GW6 is such a massive upgrade for my users, they are just learning all the new features.  So am I.

GW6 is a great product.  I just wish I understood Sharepoint and IIS better.  Well I guess it's time to get some books.

That's one thing about LS2004 and I hope it's the same with GW6.

It just runs and runs.  It doesn't complain, it just does it's job.  Yes, LS2004 did hiccup every once in a while.  All it took was some house cleaning and it started working again.

Great job developers.  Now get your sales team moving and sell this product the way it deserves.

Barry Kucher GW6 User Forum Usage
by Barry Kucher
0 Sat Feb 28 2009
1:06:38 AM (EST)
Topic is Open hi  , i would like to get yr advice on how to get following:

1/ In  the current connections , how  to see which ip or users are doing  pop3/ or smtp or imap ? on the real time log its too fast 

2/ when deleting an account we can delegate the objects and data to another account but why does the archive dissapear ? any luck to get it back 

3/ also how to make an account receiving all in and out emails like in 602 2004 

4/ any way to retrieve  missing  emails from the system backup ? 

thanks and regards practical issues to be added to GW6
by Vincent Zuffour
1 Sat Feb 28 2009
2:51:55 AM (EST)
Topic is Open One of the last features added to LS2004 was the bucket email account.  This account, when activated allowed for ALL emails sent & received to be sent to this account.

We then used a machine with outlook 2003 to collect these emails.  This was how we archived all emails sent and received by the company.  We used it to monitor users email usage to make sure they conformed to company guidelines.

I can't seem to find this feature in GW6.  I understand all emails are now archived, but it was very easy to monitor certain users using LS2004.

Is the Bucket EMail account available in GW6?  If it is not explicitly included, has anyone figured out a kludge to add it?

Barry Kucher Bucket EMail Account
by Barry Kucher
6 Wed May 6 2009
10:52:26 PM (EST)
Topic is Open We have enabled the Jabber IM Service.  Unfortunately when we imported in the over 100 users from LS2004, the IM membership as well as the Outlook connecter were not enabled.

Is there a way to change all users memberships at once?  I really don't want to go into EVERY user to change the memberships.

In the template we have changed which memberships are given to NEW users, but current users are not affected by this change to the template.

Barry Kucher Adding membership to ALL users
by Barry Kucher
1 Fri Feb 27 2009
10:46:27 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Instead of using the widgets for Google Desktop which my users do not have installed, is there a version of the LNS Infopanel for GW6?

My users only have 17 monitors so I don't want to waste the real estate.  They just want a pop up when they get new mail.

Is the version for GW5 compatible with GW6? INFOPANEL FOR GW6
by Barry Kucher
2 Fri Feb 27 2009
11:32:39 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am finding that messages that get moved to junk email automatically (by setting in webmail settings/spam page)also get copied to the sent mail folder.  How can this be prevented?  I have no need or desire to keep spam messages as sent mail. messages marked as spam end up in sent mail folder
by Doug Scott
0 Tue Feb 10 2009
10:50:48 AM (EST)
Topic is Open We are having an issue using GW6 with IIS 7.  Currently we are using the internal webserver because we have not been able to get it to work with IIS.

The main issue using the internal webserver is that some users did not see the left most column with the folder listings.  By forcing SSL access, all users are currently able to connect.

We want to use IIS, but Groupware was not added as a website in IIS.  We assumed it would be added automatically during the install, but that was not the case.  We tried installing on another system with the same results.

We tried adding it manually but we have not gotten any positive results.

Can someone please give us instructions on how to add groupware to IIS.  You would think the instructions would be in the manual, but the install manual did not have it. IIS Configuration for GW6
by Barry Kucher
2 Sun Feb 15 2009
6:55:46 PM (EST)
Topic is Open hi all
is there a recommended webdav client to work with gw 6 ? 
also some further documentation  since we have mixed systems of xp sp2 .sp3, vista ,ubuntu. also we have  lots of  users abrod  who will not bother gng for FTP  ... 
any good suggestions ? 
vincent webdav client
by Vincent Zuffour
1 Fri Jan 23 2009
12:01:14 PM (EST)
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