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Topic is Open I heard back from the Software602 Sales Department today that LanSuite Groupware 6 will be discontinued in the next 2 to 3 months. The parent company in Czech Republic is discontinuing Groupware worldwide. You will be able to renew your Anti-Virus subscription for the next 2 - 3 months.

He also told me that they are preparing an upgrade campaign to allow owners of LanSuite 2004, Groupware 5 and Groupware 6 to change over to Merak / IceWarp Server.

Their USA website is

I still have to check them out. If anyone knows anything about the IceWarp software, please reply to this post.

Thanks Groupware Server 6.0 being discontinued?
by Michael Hanscom
2 Tue Dec 8 2009
1:16:15 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have used 602photo and 602text for years, paying for new revisions.
This month I had occasion to reformat the C: drive and lost the programs, in particular the Registration numbers.
Now you tell me I cannot re-install because you have withdrawn the 602LAN suite from circulation. You took my money and shut down.
I would be most appreciative if you could do whatever is necessary to get my 602Photo program running again. It is an unusual program because it allows scanning of a document or photo.
Thank you.
Peter Vaughan.
by Peter Vaughan
2 Sat Nov 21 2009
10:23:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Many of my users use Outlook or Incredimail to collect their email from the Groupware Server.

When I set up the users email client I go to the advanced tab and specify that emails should be removed after 7 days.  This way my users can access recent email if they are away from their computer.

Unfortunately, Groupware keeps all sent mail the user sends no matter what settings you set on the client.

Is there a setting within Groupware to either not save the sent messages or better yet, remove them after a set amount of time?

We upgraded from 2004 at the end of January of many of my users are approaching 1 gig in size, mostly due to sent messages with PDF attachments.

I created a mail rule to delete sent messages for myself, but I would have to access each users account thru their web client to recreate it, so this is not feasable.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Barry Kucher Sent Messages Using Up Storage Space
by Barry Kucher
2 Mon Apr 19 2010
11:40:44 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Anyone got this working on Windows 7 as yet either server install or outlook connector ?

Steve Windows 7
by Steven Walker
3 Tue Oct 13 2009
11:09:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have an employee who cannot print out a full month's calendar. I can't find this addressed in the knowledge base or anywhere else for that matter. Has anyone had any experience with printing shared calendars? If so, can you provide some guidance on how to successfully print out a full month's calendar?

Thank you! Problems printing calendar in Groupware
by Cecil Yount
1 Wed Sep 2 2009
11:20:18 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Any idea how to fix this and why,  Software is accepting email addressed to webmaster@ even though this is not a valid user.  How do I stop this?? Accepting email for an invalid user
by Sam Streger
1 Mon Oct 5 2009
6:48:06 AM (EST)
Topic is Open We are currently using the built in BitDefender AV engine in Groupware. Despite being updated regularly, it appears to be allowing in malware (infamous UPS non-delivery msg) in the form of zipped attachments which is easily caught by Mcafee and NOD32.

Is there any possibility of using another AV instead? I am growing tired of the Bitdefender's poor performance. Alternative Anti Virus
by Ch Chan
1 Mon Oct 5 2009
6:31:42 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a problem with my software, in that it's not allowing my email software (outlook) to download from the mail server.
I did a webmail login, and it doesn't show any mail in my inbox.
I can send email messages, so I suspect that some file has corrupted.
I have a feeling that I had this problem some years ago, and got it solved, though I can't remember what I did.

Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards,

Brian 602 LAN Suite 2004 not connecting with Outlook
by Brian Leslie
0 Tue Jul 21 2009
1:56:30 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Recently in the development of e-commerce system, we noticed that in the page of How to buy, earlier link of Find Local Partner is missing. 

Over period of time, Software602 has developed large amount of partners. Even there has been ceritification programmes of partners. The partners provided Sales and Support activities for various products of Software602.

Prospective customers not being able to know about local partner would affect their sale.

In the recent change it observer that all sales would get channelised thry e-commerce system and will leave nothing for the partners to sell.

We suggest you to look again in the change in policy and provide balanced playing field for all.

Manish Ashar
PiXEL WebWare

New website is missing "Find Local Partner" link
by Manish Ashar
1 Tue Jun 30 2009
12:08:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open i had ti reformat mu computer and lost 602 . i need to know how to reinstall it but i cant find it. 
i need help please... 602 suite 4.2
by Reece Byrd
0 Wed Jun 10 2009
3:59:46 AM (EST)
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