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Topic is Open I just tried making a pdf file from a newletter created in MS Publisher (booklet, legal size paper).  I wanted to see if I could use this to get my publication to a printer.  When viewed in Acrobat Reader the right part of my text is cut off - not how it appears in Publisher.

Victoria Hipkiss Margins wrong from MS Publisher
by Victoria e. Hipkiss
0 Thu Aug 30 2001
3:59:00 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How do I edit the dictionary?
I have some misspellings I placed in it, and I would like to delete them.
I have search the 602 folder and do not find any entries which look like a dictionary! Dictionary
by Steve Anderson
1 Sun Mar 21 2004
9:48:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open How do I enter my registration for Plus Pack? I was able to obtain and enter registration for Print Pack. Plus Pack still starts up as Trial Version. I have a Registration Key. How/where do I enter it?
by Hugh Coyle
1 Fri Aug 10 2001
10:44:46 PM (EST)
Topic is Open The software has tied up my scanner.  I tried to delete the 602 program but PDF Driver 95/98, 602 Photo Driver 95/98 and Fax 602 is not deleted.  I've tried almost everything.  Help Software Problem
by John Burbridge
0 Tue Jul 10 2001
5:28:55 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am trying to install the Plus Pack to have the added features of spell check and print to PDF.

When I install to a Windows NT machine, the PDF driver is not getting installed.  The PDF driver works just fine with Windows 95 and 98 machines.

Administrative rights are used when installing onto NT.

Anyone else having this problem? PDF Driver not installing on NT
by Derek Shetlar
2 Mon Jul 9 2001
3:42:05 PM (EST)
Topic is Closed I saw the install file run this text-to-speech...does anybody know how to use it?

Ron How does the text to speech work?
by Ron Lizardo
1 Fri Jun 1 2001
10:55:57 AM (EST)
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