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Topic is Open When using the send by email, I was wondering how one gets the file name to be the subject of the email?

Is there any one macro to use in this case? Subject Line (File Name)
by Gregory VanHorn
0 Fri Oct 12 2007
12:16:19 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a word doc with an embeded Visio. When I do a Print to PDF, the text on the visio is just colored boxes. Visio embedded in Word
by Mark Kaczorowski
2 Sun Oct 7 2007
10:18:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a bunch of excel files i would like to convert to pdf.

The problem is that using the Print2Pdf tool, it only converts 1 page of each excel file, whereas i have several pages in my workbooks.

So my question: how can i configure the program to print each page in an excel workbook instead of only 1 page per excelfile? batch-convert .xls to .pdf
by Regi Liekens
2 Sun Oct 7 2007
8:21:11 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Does anyone have any example code for programing Print2PDF in Microsoft Access? Automate Print2PDF for Microsoft Access
by Matt Campbell
0 Fri Aug 31 2007
8:27:37 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Having installed PtP 7, now when I go to Printer Properties or Printing Preferences I get an About screen. I cannot adjust properties once I enter a Printing dialogue box. There is no option to adjust the proportional size of printing - ie 100%, 90% etc.

The previos version did have this as do most printers. It is now useless for me and I will have to get rid of it. Print to Pdf 7 printing preferences
by Michael Colantoni
4 Fri Aug 8 2008
6:58:31 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi!

Im having the same problem... no printing after the instalation...

After the instalation the printer was configured to print to LPT1, ive changed it to the print2pdf port, but it still doesnt work..

When ive tried to convert a file to pdf using the print2pdf utility instaled on the print2pdf program folder, it gives me an error related to:
no startdocprinter defined.

I hope that anyone can help me with this issue,

best regards,
claudia silva

P.S: The operating system is Windows2000 (portuguese version) Print2PDF Wont print after registration completed
by 44a 44a
1 Wed Aug 1 2007
12:23:00 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello

So, short
1) Print2PDF will 3 times ask for key and then it prints;
2) if I try to open that file, Adobe Reader hangs and will not open the document - I have to kill the process from taskmanager;
3) Foxit will open it, but there are symbols here and there (usually rectangles) instead of words , what sould not be there - so the document is useless.

Why ... did You change the pdf-printer core? In ver.6 it worked like a charm. Digital signature
by Eva Kaheksa
1 Wed Jul 25 2007
9:00:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open If I have hyperlinks in my document that I want reflected in my PDF do I need to run the macro?

I had a document with a hyperlink description that ended with a - sign; this failed to be picked up by the Macro.
Audio Technica ATM33a -  is the Link Description. Word Macro that does something with bookmarks etc
by Ken Starnes
3 Fri Jul 6 2007
1:19:54 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello

Since registering V7 (yesterday) I cannot print from Print2PDF. I've only tried it with Word using the Macro. 

I have a feeling I've seen this issue logged but havent been able to find it again.

Any help gratefully received.


Ken Print2PDF Wont print after registration completed
by Ken Starnes
1 Thu Jul 5 2007
12:00:02 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Welcome to the all-new Print2PDF 7.0 user forum. Please post your questions and comments here.

New features for the 7.0 include: PDF/A-1b support for compliance with standards for long term archive, 64-bit support for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition, Windows Vista x64 Edition and Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, web linearization (fast web view), integration with the Windows Certificate store, custom profiles, embedding of PostScript (Type 1) fonts, CCITT image compression, and more. Welcome
by brandon sturgeon
0 Thu Jun 28 2007
3:47:58 PM (EST)
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