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Topic is Open I want to pring multiple reports from a server aplication to a merged pdf file while unattended.  I have tried with the trial version, but with no luck.  It is a DOS type application that I have no problems printing to a windows file printer, but I was unsure if this is a limitation on the registered version or if the trial nag is the problem. PDF print merge
by Kevin Moore
1 Fri Apr 18 2008
11:49:43 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I am attempting to install the Print2Pdf7 printer on a Vista machine and followed the instructions found at:

However, the Install.exe program mentioned cannot be found.  Any thoughts on where this is at or how to install the printer driver within a Vista machine?

Thanks. Vista Client Installation - Install.exe not found
by Andre Hazelwood
2 Mon Sep 29 2008
7:12:28 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

After installing the 7.0 version on the server i'm having trouble with new installation on my citrix servers.

I try to print from notepad and get an error saying Your file waiting to be printed was deleted

If i try from Word nothing happens. Don't even get an error.

Printing works fine on the server where i have installed the Print2PDF software.
I uninstalled the old driver on the citrix server and reconnected the Print2PDF printer with no luck. Citrix server has been restarted.
When i go into print properties for the Print2PDF printer on the Citrix server i just get the about tab and nothing else.

I havent registered the new version yet cause i haven't gotten the new license info yet. Can that be the problem? Problem after upgrading to 7.0
by Kimmorganellis Fiva
2 Tue Oct 7 2008
2:32:40 PM (EST)
Topic is Open i updated print2pdf server edition 7. how can i uninstall old version driver from clients and install new version to clients using a script or using active directory? or is there an another central solution?
thanks how can i install new version of print2pdf server
by Abdullah Besirli
1 Thu Feb 28 2008
8:39:32 AM (EST)
Topic is Open When I print file to PDF the pdf file is big.
for example i print an Office Publisher file sizi 317kb
the PDF file is 17,5 MB !!!
Anybody meet this problem?

József Szita pdf file is too big!
by Jozsef Szita
1 Tue Feb 19 2008
11:38:52 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I just purchased Print2pdf 7.0.  At first I downloaded the trial ver. and it looked good.  So purhcased the real thing.  Went through the Reg process got my Reg Key and License Key.  When I enter the License Key there is error message saying incorrect #.???  Any help.  

by Richard Harris
2 Mon Sep 29 2008
12:15:06 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have been using Build with Windows XP Pro since November without any problems, until recently.

Within the last few weeks I have encountered various problems, and now whenever I try to use Print2PDF from any program, including the Windows print test page routine, I get the error message:  Digital ID key is inaccessible.

Does anyone have any suggestions?  Will I have to reinstall?  If so, will this cause registration problems?

Oliver Digital ID Key Error Message
by Oliver E. Seikel
6 Sun Aug 10 2008
2:51:24 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am unable to print a QuickBooks statement or invoice. Get Unable to open printer. To make sure the statement printer has been set up, choose Printer Setup from the File menu. I did, and the set up is fine. 

What is happening? Print to PDF a QuickBooks statement/invoice
by Karen Harry
3 Fri Feb 1 2008
3:59:56 PM (EST)
Topic is Open XP service pack 2.
My MS Word 2003 displays Macro Security Warning    Cerificate expired Oct.25.2007

When will Software602 renew it, & what do I do when they have.

Meanwhile I just have to keep closing the warning messages, which is a bit annoying
Print2PDF7 and Word 2003
by Donald Baxter
1 Thu Nov 1 2007
11:56:02 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I previously had an Icon in Word that would allow conversion straight to pdf but it is no longer there. I checked the Toolbar menu and it is not there. I do not want to just send the file to print (pdf) because that does not preserve all the hyperlinks that I have in the Word document. Does anyone know how you get the pdf icon back in Word? Thanks! PDF Toolbar Icon in Word Disappeared?
by Darrell Stripling
4 Mon Nov 5 2007
11:05:56 AM (EST)
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