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Topic is Open I know this is a long shot since there's no mention of it in What's new, but the Default File Name in one of the screen shots got my hopes up a little.

Does version 6 by any chance allow merging into a particular pdf as a default behavior?

ec merge as a default option
by Erich Cranor
2 Sat Nov 4 2006
6:20:42 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Welcome to the all-new Print2PDF 6.0 user forum. Please post your questions and comments in this forum. Welcome
by brandon sturgeon
0 Tue Sep 19 2006
1:57:40 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am looking for an option to convert pdf files and scaned files and edit & fill in the word. Is any software is suitable for this feature with 602software? convert PDF files to editable word format
by Thacheri Nesamany
1 Wed Sep 20 2006
2:30:01 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have read in the developer guide various ways that options can be passed to Print2PDF.  But I cannot find mention of the merge functionality.

How would one go about setting up print2PDF so that a series of print jobs could be merged into a document without a user having to manually select 'merge after the last page' for each print request?

Many thanks

ec Automate merging
by Erich Cranor
1 Wed Sep 20 2006
8:04:00 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I sent a password-protected e-mail to a client who used Preview (comes installed on OSX) on a Mac computer to simply double click on the file and it opened -- with no password!

Is this a bug? Has it been corrected? If this is a bug, this security feature in the software is rendered useless as anyone with a Mac can simply open all files -- password protected or otherwise -- by just double-clicking.

Please reply! This is a huge issue!

(I believe I am using the most current version of Print2pdf) Encryption broken by using "Preview" on a Mac?
by Werner Tars
0 Thu Aug 31 2006
6:34:39 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi there,

i need a hint / idea for the following problem:

On one Desktop PC (Windows XP), the Print2PDF installation has been crashed by user (don't ask me how she did this). So i've uninstalled / deleted the Print2PDF printer driver on this machine, rebooting. While reinstalling the driver, i get an error message printer spooler memory error.... After this error message, ALL installed printers wont work anymore - i had to restart the printer spooler manually to have them back in business. The Print2PDF driver still not works. Later on, i've checked the registry and removed all Print2PDF related entries, rebooting the PC, reinstalling the driver, same thing as before. Installing the Print2PDF driver on other machines works without any problems. Is there a tool for a complete Print2PDF-cleanup (registry, installed drivers, etc.) or anything else which could help? Unable to install Print2PDF on a client
by HansJ. Albert
0 Thu Aug 31 2006
5:21:10 AM (EST)
Topic is Open We have an issue regarding printing a PDF from a Terminal Server Client session.  The details below have been repeated on Windows XP and Windows 2000 clients.  This has also been tested with the client user having Administrator rights on the server and it still does not work.

If a remote user logs into my Terminal Server, and that users environment settings in Terminal Server are set to run a specific program, that user CANNOT print to PDF while using that application.  Depending on the application, diferent print errors appear, but they don't seem to be generated by the system, they are generated by the application.

If a remote user logs into my Terminal Server, and that user is presented with a desktop with icons, that user CAN print to PDF while using applications locally or on the server.

Unfortunately, most of my remote users use one or two specific programs, their environment settings are set to run only that application, so when a user exits that application, the session ends.

I tried to create a batch file that runs the print2pdf executable, then the application my user needs, did NOT work!

Please Help...The reason we purchased this software was so my users can print PDF's locally. Printing from Terminal Server Client
by Barry Kucher
2 Mon Aug 28 2006
10:42:29 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I use Print2PDF SE on an application server through a com+ application. Since the com+ application is setup to run with a a service account, everything is running on an invisible desktop.

And now the conversion processes hang for html to pdf conversions and doc to pdf conversions. I see iexplore.exe and/or winword.exe being started but they never finish. Conversion by using Convert2PDF in a contextmenu on the same files and from the same (service) account gives no problems whatsoever.

Any thoughts? Appserver conversion hangs
by Pim-jan Veenendaal
2 Tue Sep 19 2006
3:36:30 AM (EST)
Topic is Open We had to rebuild our server.  We re-installed print2pdf.  We registered and can print a test print on the server itself.  The server is running Windows Server 2003 R2.  When we install the printer on a workstation (we just double click on the print2pdf printer share) and restart the PC the prnpack.exe /server helper application gives us an error Print2PDF error code 80040154.  Class not registered.  How do we fix this?  Has anyone seen this error? Reinstalled Print2PDF but cannot use from a client
by Esther Kogan
0 Mon Jun 19 2006
4:52:28 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When sending a pdf as e-mail two errors occur:
1) MapiLogon not found in mapi32.dll
2) Mail intialization error
(Windows 2003 server)
Can anyone help me, please? Mapi errors
by Søren Mortensen
2 Tue Sep 19 2006
5:47:33 AM (EST)
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