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Topic is Open Every time I go to print something to the PDF driver I get the following message.
Your file could not be Printed to PDF2PDF due to an error on NE00:  System has worked great for many years. I have tried a re-install of PDF driver no better!!

Any thoughts? Wont Print
by Harvey Sommerfeld
0 Wed Feb 18 2009
9:47:08 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Every time if any user start Microsoft Outlook2003 or Word2003, the System istalling the print2pdf software. The Install-Box from Print2PDF signs Please wait while windows configures Print2PDF. How can i fix these problem?
Print2PDF Server install every time by starting Word or Outlook
by Johann-georg Röhm
3 Wed Feb 20 2008
2:31:18 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Dear all,

we recognize a hick-up everytime we print2pdf from lotus notes: as soon as the save as dialog opens, you can't push any button in that dialog, can't insert a filename, etc. 
what you have to do is (e.g. via alt-tab) change the application/focus e.g. to explorer, internet explorer, whatever.
Then changing back to lotus notes the dialog is normal again.

what can we do to avoid this strange behaviour? Print2PDF from Lotus Notes - Hick-ups?
by Peter Buesch
2 Wed Feb 20 2008
3:52:45 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Using Build of print2pdf server edition. Vista users seem unable to add the print2pdf printer.

any hints? Add print2pdf on Vista
by Ebel Kemeling
4 Mon Sep 29 2008
3:45:27 AM (EST)
Topic is Open G'Day,

We have been operating Print2PDF 5.0 Server Edition for approximately 12 months. I have recently replaced a workststation and installed Print2PDF.
However, when the user attempts a pdf conversion he is greeted with the following: The trial version of Print2PDF Server Edition has expired! To continue using the program you need to purchase a registration key.
Unfortunately when I enter our Licence ID (copied & pasted from the notification email received after registration) it is not accepted and a message indicates that the number is incorrect.

I've looked in the Registration Manager and resent the Licence ID and it is identical. Do I need to deactivate the registration and go through the whole process again?

Has anyone experienced this? Is there another solution?


Michael New Client - SE Trial Version Expired?!
by Michael Green
2 Thu Jul 26 2007
11:29:51 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Can the Fast Web View option be turned on when generating a PDF using Print2PDF SE 6.1? Have a Federal agency that requires any PDFs sent to them have this feature enabled.

The same agency also requires the PDF Version be at least 1.5. We're able to meet this by selecting JPEG2000 under compression, but was wondering if there was an easier way
Fast Web View?
by Timothy Walsh
2 Wed Jul 11 2007
11:27:30 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Has anyone tried merging documents with the new version released April 19 2007.  I tried and it is just overwriting the current file, not merging. Merge feature in new update
by Alan Greig
4 Mon May 14 2007
1:08:30 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I recently had to redo the server that I had Print2PDF loaded on and when I came back to the website to download my software again it had been updated.  Does anyone know where I can get the version 5 installation because that is what I am licensed for?


Rita Reinstallation of version 5
by Rita Ramey
0 Tue Mar 27 2007
3:39:59 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have changed the setting in the printer preferences for the location where the pdf should go to, but it continues to save the pdf's on my desktop.  I am using 6.1 Server Edition on Terminal Server.  Also, is there a way to name the pdf before printing it? Choosing the path where the pdf is saved to
by Larry Klein
1 Tue Jun 12 2007
12:16:03 PM (EST)
Topic is Open hi,
when we convert file to pdf, we want index page also. so when we click on particular line on index page it should take me to that part in the file. for eg. in index page chapter 2 is written, when i click on chapter 2, it should take me to chapter 2 page.


sanjay how to indexing?
by Sanjay Shah
2 Thu May 17 2007
6:32:43 AM (EST)
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