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Topic is Open How do I transfer my print2pdf software from my old computer to my new computer? Transfer 601 to a different computer
by Patrick Tschirn
0 Mon Mar 26 2007
4:06:20 PM (EST)
Topic is Open So my problem is that all of sudden one of my citrix servers print2pdf stops working. So I try to reload it and still doesnt work. when I try to print a test page it gives me an error that it couldnt print and thats it.
what a nice support
by Francois Yang
1 Wed Aug 23 2006
12:28:56 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I just upgraded from PrinterPack 4 to PrintPack 5, and now I'm not getting my options menu when I print.

With PrintPack 4, a window came up where I can choose to either SAVE or EMAIL what I'm printing.  With v5, it's forcing me to save every time.  I went to the printer properties and I can't set it up so it prompts me to either save or email on every print job.  Am I missing something here?

Is there a way to get the old v4 menu options so I can choose which way I want the PDF file to go?


Dean Penderghast Wheres the interface?
by Dean Penderghast
0 Mon Mar 27 2006
12:13:52 PM (EST)
Topic is Open When using print2mail, Outlook opens with two attachments. The gif file is a copy of the document I had selected to print, but the htm file is a copy of an earlier documet I had selected to send the same way.  Can't seem to get the htm file to be the same as the (selected) gif file.  What's wrong? PRINT2MAIL
by Charles Pickett
0 Mon Mar 13 2006
1:32:29 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I showed a client how to turn on and use the Watermark feature.  However she's complaining that the watermark is too dark and it's printing ON TOP of data, not behind data.

Is there a way to fix this?


Dean Penderghast Watermark Problem
by Dean Penderghast
2 Tue Feb 7 2006
1:23:49 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have a client using a Japanese windows xp pro. If he save his document's name in english => ok.
however in Japanese => pp5 ( print2pdf will hang!

Please help
pp5 hang when saving
by Alex Lim
0 Thu Oct 27 2005
2:46:25 PM (EST)
Topic is Open After upgrade, I find the print pack is not working. How to make it work. Mr.
by Gopalakrishna Rao
0 Mon Sep 26 2005
1:26:48 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Anybody else.  When you save, is the default folder that you select in the configuration popping up or in my case My Documents, not my default.  This is only happening since upgraded from V 4.1 A
by Alan Greig
1 Thu Oct 20 2005
8:55:38 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I bought PP5 for 3 users to install on my 3 PC's networked on a home server.  Tried to install but I get a message stating I need the server edition.  It's on 3 PC's on a home-network.  I don't want to pay for server edition.  Please advise. 3 user PP5
by James Pellegrini
1 Tue Sep 13 2005
1:27:55 PM (EST)
Topic is Open How can I merge existing PDF files without having to reprint them? Merging PDF files
by Julie Whelan
1 Thu Jul 28 2005
4:38:54 PM (EST)
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