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Topic is Open I downloaded the free trial version today, tested it, and was pleased. I paid and registered for the full version, downloaded it again and installed it over the free trial version but the image quality is HORRIBLE. I have tried uninstalling the registered version and reinstalling the free version but when I do NOTHING works. What should I do? I was very pleased with the quality the free trial version was giving me. Inferior image quality
by Jeff Lenburg
0 Thu Aug 12 2004
5:49:22 PM (EST)
Topic is Open A year or so ago, I purchased the 602 version 2002 and it worked fine. Recently, I installed the trial version for 4.0. Now, I can't produce a document without the 602 blurb at the bottom of the page, besides blocking some of the information on the document, it looks bad. I am afraid to uninstall 4.0 for fear I will lose my original 2002 version. Anyone have any suggestions, besides buying the version 4.0? Trial upgrade to 4.0 - Unhappy
by Rob Brown
1 Fri Aug 6 2004
1:37:45 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I only have the trial version but my question is - Can you suppress the file name at the bottom of the pdf document. I cannot find a setting to do this

Also, it seems you must make a document into landscape mode from the initial Print dialogue box and PrintPak doesn't tell you it will clip the page if you don't Supress file name and settings
by Gordon Barber
4 Tue Aug 3 2004
9:21:05 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Print Pack 4.0 is NICE! Finally we have character level conversion that works great with everything I've thrown at it so far.. Even a 500 pg document! 

One thing I've noticed is that there's a little TSR running called prnpack.exe, and this must be running in order to get the conversion process to work. I found this out the hard way because one of my clients was running into a problem not caused by Printpack or anything, but I disabled it through msconfig and print pack stopped working. :)

Great job, Software602! Wow!
by Robert Smith
0 Fri Jul 30 2004
2:06:14 PM (EST)
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