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Topic is Open Hi,

I've just started the DHCP service, but I've got this problem: when one of my clients try to obtain an IP address, in the log of 602LanSuite I can see the DHCPDISCOVER from my client mac address and the DHCPOFFER from the LanSuite machine, but none of my clients (both WinXP pro and Win2000 pro)
receive the IP.

Any idea?

Thanx for help

Maxx DHCP lease
by Maxx Monopoli
1 Wed Aug 8 2007
10:00:52 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Is it possible to open the these 2 files.  I would like to view the contents and can't find a program to open it. 

Thanks in advance! Opening words.db and mail.db
by Nick Shortridge
1 Wed Jul 11 2007
3:10:31 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi 
I just upgraded from the free 5-user version to the 10-user Anti-virus version of Lansuite 2004 and have some problems with this new version.
My network consists of one server and two workstations and I currently have only 5 users defined in Lansuite.
At irregular intervals the workstations cannot browse the internet in the browser a page is shown stating that Lansuite reach its limit of 10 users.
I don't get it since there are only 5 users defined in Lansuite and the same setup worked fine for years with the free Lansuite version.

Here's a piece of the log:
15:52:39 PROXY: 2160 Connection has arrived.
15:52:40 PROXY: 2160 602LAN SUITE is limited to 10

Can anyone help me getting rid of this annoying bug? False message Lansuite is limited to 10 users
by J.h. Roza
6 Fri Aug 17 2007
3:11:48 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,

I can access my lansuite mail via the WebMail window on my LAN however I have problems viewing the mail across the internet.

the Lansuite (2004) Log shows no errors and reports the same as if I had accessed this feature internally.

at work I have tried both IE 6 and FireFox 2.0.  both provide the same results:- which is that most times the screen partially redraws by splitting in 3.  sometimes I get the icons at the top but never anything else.  if i click on the icons everything works (ie: new mail message, help, addresses) except my INBOX.

In a previous email someone did mention about some sort of rotating proxy that might be affecting this.  I have noticed that when I try again to re-login I can see a different ip address in the Lansuite Log.  

My wife can access our Webmail from her place of work fine.

does this mean I'm screwed?  if not, is there a solution aside from requesting my organisation change this?

also, I can use Logmein to access my home server without issue.

so many questions!


John. WebMail external access - not refreshing browser
by John Anderson
3 Fri Aug 17 2007
8:28:27 PM (EST)
Topic is Open SSL Layer Problem - no mails still now send. 

We had configured in the local mail server not outgoing thru' lan suite.

From our web based interface, Outgoing probably quite good.

Please send us solution asap


Fr. Selva ssl Layer initialisation failed
by Js Shekhar
4 Thu Jun 14 2007
9:55:36 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Dear Friend,

I am facing the problem in sending  the mail by using lansuite,

The problem is that  gmail and hotmail rejects all the mail sent through 602lansuite. Secondly it takes lot of time while sending messages to some of the email address like today it happened while sending the message to yahoo user. 

I received email on my personnel yahoo account after 3 hours, while I sent the same mail using other SMTP server  the mail was received immediately with out any delay.

I am not using ISP SMTP server option for sending the messages. So, how should i work out this problem.

Secondly can i use other SMTP server instead of ISP SMTP server,as i could not find 602software providing the option for sending the messages other then ISP SMTP server.

I need this  because, i want to use SMTP server for sending mails because SMTP server does not have attachment restriction upto 1GB or i can even use SMTP server provided by my web hosting company where i have notice that the mail is immediately delivered to the recipient.

How to work out this problem !!!! Can I use SMTP server other then ISP SMTP server
by Nishith Desai
1 Tue Jun 12 2007
6:45:54 PM (EST)
Topic is Open We have upgraded to an Uncapped ADSL line with a fixed IP address but My ISP did not informed me that they will not relay my e-mails as they did with the dial up account so know I have to setup LAN Suit pro to be my mail box (still battling with it) but the e-mail have queue up too such an extend that when I try to open the Queue Management LAN Suit Pro will hang. How do I clear the e-mail in the queue so that I can get in and see why the e-mail is not getting send?

Thanks How do I clear the Queue Management?
by Eric Matthee
3 Thu Jun 14 2007
4:44:57 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hey I am still trying to figure out Active Reports and I came across something I didn't know what was.  Under Active Reports, after clicking on Administration it brings up Unassigned sender SMTP addresses: with a list of 100 or more email addresses that I do not recognize.  I have three questions.

What are these addresses?

Should I be worried?

If this is an issue how do I resolve these addresses?
What is Unassigned sender SMTP addresses
by Rita Ramey
1 Thu Jun 14 2007
11:32:09 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi I have a problem that just starting to happen some of my user were complaining that the e-mail they send out is not reaching there recipients so when I want to have a look in the Queue management Lansiut hangs the problem is that every body can receive e-mail but it doesnít look like the e-mail being send gets out (except internally) it was working perfectly for years with the setting I got and didnít chanced any thing Sending Mail and Queue management
by Eric Matthee
1 Fri Jun 8 2007
7:35:44 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I use LanSuite strictly for sending out an email newsletter to a small group using a blaster mailer.  Recently, my ISP (SBCGlobal) was changed to AT&T, and they just sent out a new security policy, which is as follows:

We recently contacted you about some important security improvements we're making to your AT&T Yahoo! service. These changes will affect members who send or receive email from a desktop or mobile client program, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Eudora, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird. 

To help us ensure the security of your email, you will need to change the settings on your desktop or mobile email client program. Please choose one of the three options: 


Alternatively, you may take the following steps to change the settings on your desktop or mobile email client program: 
Open your email client program. 
Locate the email account settings for your particular client. 
Change the POP server to 
Change the SMTP server to 
Check the option labeled Use an encrypted connection (SSL) and change the SMTP port to 465. 
Check the option labeled Use an encrypted connection (SSL) and change the POP3 port to 995. 
Confirm the above settings then click OK. 

My question is... exactly where do I set the SMTP port to 465.  I tried that on the SMTP tab page of the advanced configuration, and my mailer would not talk to LanSuite.


John AT&T Yahoo Changes - How to configure
by John Hendry
1 Fri Jun 8 2007
10:19:06 AM (EST)
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