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Topic is Open Can i run the mailbox folder from a mapped drive? i am installing a Storage Box and i want to put the mailboxes there. Mailbox Backup
by Antony Mbogo
1 Wed Sep 12 2007
9:51:33 AM (EST)
Topic is Open 1- Where are the individual user Spam lists stored?
2- Is it possible for all emails sent to junk@junk to be stored in the main Spam list, so it effects all users?
Thanks. Spam lists storage
by Sam Streger
0 Mon Sep 10 2007
11:20:32 AM (EST)
Topic is Open My Lansuite is hosting several domains by having either full email addresses as the user name or using the default domain.   Works just great.

Is it possible to have the SMTP server send the correct HELO or EHLO response depending on the email address sending email out.
Thanks. HELO and EHLO
by Sam Streger
0 Mon Sep 10 2007
11:17:06 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I've seen the posts about ISP's giving you dynamic IP addresses, but i have a fixed IP address and can access the admin screens but not the webmail. however - i can access webmail from my local network - are there any ports other than 80 that i need to have open? Your IP address has changed from your last access
by Angus Adigun
7 Mon Sep 10 2007
1:27:07 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I keep getting spam mails with viagra, boyfriends, fuck etc.. and even after creating a spam account and making bayesian learn all junk, they are still going through. Please help because we get a flood of spammail. SPAM Control
by Antony Mbogo
1 Mon Aug 27 2007
2:45:24 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I used 602 all working. Then i Activated the tab for Ldap and now it starts up then close down again , what to do to rectivy this. I am in South africa so I add the ZA in the suffix C=ZA 

How do i fix my lansuite Ldap adress book
by . .
0 Wed Aug 22 2007
4:41:31 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I recently purchased Content Filter to add to our existing LanSuite installation, but try as I might I cannot get it to actually filter any content!  I have enabled Proxy Authentication Required & Check HTTP Proxy Requests with Content Filter.  I have set up a Rule to filter 22 catagories, turned up the sensitivity to maximum, and added myself as the user it applies to (as well as my static IP address for good measure).  I have added specific URL's to the Blacklist and added my username and IP address there too.  I then open IE6 on my client pc and get a login prompt - so far so good. However, I then watch Lansuite's status screen as all the bad URL's scroll past as they are served up to my client pc.

I have read and re-read the manual, Knowledge base, and User Forum and tried out most of the suggestions relating to similar problems but without success.

NAT is off (unchecked) and client IE settings are manually set to use the Proxy.  All client IP addresses are static.

Any suggestions as to where to look next?  I saw a comment about re-installing Lansuite (it is currently on the latest version) - but I do not relish having to re-configure it for our 25 users if this will not definitly solve the problem. Content Filter not working
by Derek Neil
5 Wed Sep 12 2007
7:00:36 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I Using lansuite 602 ver 4 4 and recently I got that when look at my queuing side that there is message in i did not send, example 

Can I block that we donít send mail like this 

awaiting your replay
Lan620software keep sending mail I did not send
by . .
4 Thu Sep 20 2007
6:19:33 AM (EST)
Topic is Open What are these file extensions?


they are all extensions in the mail queue, but I was wondering what they are and what are thier differances.

Thanks lansuite file extensions
by robert guerra
0 Thu Jul 12 2007
5:08:08 PM (EST)
Topic is Open What is this folder for



lansuite mail folder - odlozeno
by robert guerra
1 Fri Aug 10 2007
5:06:18 PM (EST)
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