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Topic is Open A new beta was announced. The mail also contained a release date and pricing information.
The lowest price is $299.95 for a 10-user version.

Ive been using Lansuite for a couple of years now, in a Home/small office situation. Ive been very satisfied with the 5-user version, and paying the price for the anti-virus version has never bothered me.

A 10 user version for $299.95 is overkill for me. I would be willing to pay $150.00 for a 5-user version. Even though I like the new functionality, Im seriously considering switching to a cheaper alternative. Groupware pricing
by Rik Vanderschalie
1 Thu Oct 18 2007
4:11:42 AM (EST)
Topic is Open We are experiencing various issues with LanSuite 2004 running in Windows 2003 Server Std.  It hangs, uses 100% cpu, runs more than 350MB RAM usage, etc.  25 user config. LanSuite 2004 problem in Windows 2003 Server Std
by Jan duPlessis
0 Tue Oct 16 2007
3:29:39 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi I work at a boys high school and is using Lansuit pro with content filter. The filter works fine with blocking porn sites but the boys have now find out that if they go to googel images thy can still see the photos of those blocked porn sites is there a way of blocking them from googel images? Content filter not blocking googel images
by Eric Matthee
0 Fri Oct 12 2007
4:51:25 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello,
the proxy server stops me browsing and requires authentication again. Can i change the expiration time of proxy server?


Fabio Lancini Proxy Authentication
by Fabio Lancini
1 Fri Oct 5 2007
12:33:20 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi I have installed the new lan beta , got it up and runnig on my iis server , what is the first user name and password to use to loging and setup 

Please help New Lansuite
by . .
1 Sun Oct 7 2007
5:02:43 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have recently implemented GreyListing using SMTP Preprocessor (freeware). This has allowed me to reduce the number of SPAM messages hitting LanSuite from in excess of 1000 per day to just 77 over a 2 day period. Initial configuration requires a little work, but once set up it works beautifully. The developer was extremely helpful. GreyListing Add-on for LanSuite
by Dean Watson
2 Mon Sep 24 2007
10:01:45 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hello, does anyone help me to configure proxy server?
When i navigate with my proxy server, after few minute that i have inserted my user and password the server ask me enter password again. Can I set the time before the server ask me again the password?


Fabio Lancini Proxy Password
by Fabio Lancini
0 Fri Sep 21 2007
5:49:55 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I have LS2004 Running and if a client sends us a mail and sends it to more than one person listed in the LS2004 mail users it duplicates the mail for every user. Please can some one suggesta fix/workaround Ie i will receive an additional email for every user listed in the initial email Multiple emails received
by Carric Shepherd
7 Tue Nov 13 2007
6:33:53 AM (EST)
Topic is Open how can we setup anti spam filter by email subject ? or is that made by the content filter  ? 

by Vincent Zuffour
0 Sun Sep 16 2007
1:02:04 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I have been using 602LS2004 for quite some time now and have not encountered this problem previously. I have LS (ver. 2004.0.07.0305) installed on my workstation and use it as a mail server only - mostly in conjunction with MS Outlook but occasionally want to access e-mails using the built-in web mail server. Recently, I have been unable to access the log-in page for web mails (I am able to access the remote administration page). This is regardless of which browser I use (MS IEX6, Opera, Firefox) - the result is the same in each case: Page not found. I have been all through the configuration settings and cannot see any problem there. I have also tried checking the user forum and knowledge base for similar problems - without success so far.

Any advice would be welcomed, thanks. Cannot access webmail login page
by MichaelJ.H. Davies
3 Mon Sep 24 2007
7:37:03 AM (EST)
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