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Topic is Open Hi there,

Something's up with outbound mail on my install of LAN Suite 2004 (2004.0.05.0803).

Outbound mail only seems to be processed on startup? If I restart the LAN Suite service outbound mail goes out fine but soon after the outbound queue begins to fill with mail that just sits there.

Any ideas where things might be going wrong? I can't seem to find a setting for sending interval?

Does LAN Suite just send when it's not doing other tasks? I'm wondering whether there is so much inbound mail that it's not getting the time to send?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Andy Trump Outbound E-Mails Only Go Out on Startup?
by Andy Trump
6 Thu Nov 3 2005
5:44:29 AM (EST)
Topic is Open This morning looking at Lansuite Log files we noted as follows:

3.45.51 SMTP: [2] '' [] connected.
3.45.51 SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to '' established.
3.45.55 SMTP: Change of user's address(es) detected.
3.45.55 SMTP: Internet addresses read - total of 14 addresses (aliases) for 11 users.
3.45.55 SMTP: [2] Receiving message to 'C:\Program Files\LANSUITE\io\internet\2eeeb6d8.d'.
3.45.56 SMTP: [2] Message received (1870 B).
3.45.57 SMTP: [2] SMTP connection to '' properly terminated.
3.46.45 SMTP: Processing message '2eeeb6d8.x'/'2eeeb6d8.d'
3.46.45 SMTP: Change of user's address(es) detected.
3.46.45 SMTP: Internet addresses read - total of 14 addresses (aliases) for 11 users.
3.46.45 SMTP: Anti-virus checking of incoming message 2eeeb6d8: message is clean.
3.46.45 SMTP: Message delivered to 1 local users.
3.46.45 SMTP: Total processed 1 RFC-822 messages

Wath is exactly happened?
Wath means Change of user's address(es) detected. ???


Mario Nava
Change address detected in log file
by Mario Nava
0 Tue Nov 1 2005
4:55:58 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Can someone explain to me what WWW Aliases are used for in 602LAN SUITE? WWW Aliases
by Matthew Klein
1 Tue Nov 1 2005
11:30:55 AM (EST)
Topic is Open i need to know how to do a formula for the following
for each month gives me a figure how do i get a % increase or decrease for each year,
i am new to this so forgive me if i sound thick


Paul I Need Help With A Formula
by Paul Higgs
1 Tue Nov 1 2005
6:48:45 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am having a very similar problem to
.  I have users with PDAs with WIFI built in.  When they are out side the local subnet (at an Internet Café for example) they get an undeliverable message error and in the LanSuite logs I see: 

12:21:10 PM POP3: [4] '' [xx.xx.xx.xx] connected.
12:21:11 PM POP3: [4] POP3 connection to '' established.
12:21:14 PM POP3: [4] POP3 access to mailbox 'MyBox' started.
12:21:18 PM POP3: [4] POP3 connection to '' properly terminated.
12:21:50 PM SMTP: [4] '' [xx.xx.xx.xx] connected.
12:21:50 PM SMTP: [4] SMTP connection to '' established.
12:21:55 PM SMTP: [4] Rejecting message from for We do not relay
12:21:55 PM SMTP: [4] (Host doesn't conform to IP Filter settings)
12:21:56 PM SMTP: [4] SMTP connection to '' properly terminated.

I have tried checking/unchecking the box for ‘Relay for 602LAN Suite users only’ and ‘Verify sender by previous POP3 access’.  I have not unchecked the ‘IP filter defines access to SMTP relay’ since I have other things like Listserv setup to use this box as it’s SMTP gateway.  I don’t know what IP address the portable device will have since they are off site using any number of WIFI hotspots or even cellular connections.

They are able to read new messages via POP3 but not able to send messages via SMTP.

My question is: how do I allow my portable users the ability to send SMTP email with out opening my system up to an ‘open relay’?
WIFI Hotspots and SMTP
by Robert Freeborn
9 Tue Nov 29 2005
5:06:42 PM (EST)
Topic is Open I am new to this mail server stuff. I want to run the mail server on my system with Apache....I have tried several things but no JOY....anyone can guide me or show me what to read?

Thanks 602suite and Apache server
by Brian Mcarton
1 Tue Nov 1 2005
10:10:45 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Can any one advice on settings for reverse DNS record.

for example:

my domain:
server network id:


What should I inform the ISP for the reverse dns FQDN name.

Is it or or something else?

Please help!

What is the FQDN for PTR record?
by Alex Lim
1 Fri Oct 28 2005
2:07:30 PM (EST)
Topic is Open Hi,

I have some problem with the us robotics 56K modemFax.

The problem is in the reiceved fax. Do not work.
Picked up th eline ..and stop...nothing.

I try to change the response ring to 1 but do not work.

Can you tel me some modem fax that 602suite lan fax server don't have problem or work very well.

Thank you

Michele Fax Modem
by Michele Costa
1 Fri Oct 28 2005
6:30:08 AM (EST)
Topic is Open Can someone explain me why LanSuite doesn't seem to recognize 'localhost' as local traffic.
Let me explain:

When opening a browser on the server itself I want to check my 602 mailboxes so in the addressbar I type in 'http//:' but the browser won't show the mail logon screen.
When I do the same but now with my external ip-address in the url 'http://<ext. ip addr.>/Mail' then the Lansuite Mail login screen is shown at once.

Maybe if I can make Lansuite recognize 'localhost' and '' correctly that will also solve my problems with not being able to connect to MySQL (see my other message a couple of days ago).

Any help/explanation would be much appreciated.

Jan Roza How does Lansuite see Localhost
by J.h. Roza
7 Sun Nov 6 2005
2:13:44 AM (EST)
Topic is Open I installed 602 not long ago. I try to configure it to be able to retrieve the message from a Iwon Mailbox. It doesn't work.
What configuration do I have to set ?

Any help will be very appreciated

Thanks Retrieve message form Iwon mailbox
by Olivier Debande
2 Fri Oct 28 2005
10:33:22 PM (EST)
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